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Thread: weight of Rittreck View

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    Re: weight of Rittreck View

    Quote Originally Posted by Feanolas View Post
    Have you tried one of these sling bags, like a Lowepro Slingshot? Could be a good option, don't know if it would fit a Rittreck though.
    I have a couple of these Slingshot bags. A Rittreck View 5x7 might fit, but there isn't much padding and it wouldn't be comfortable. I've found the Slingshot bags are GREAT for everything else though.

    My standard LF kit is a backpack with the Rittreck View camera and 4x5 or 5x7 back, dark cloth and a couple of lenses. A LowePro Slingshot is used for the light meter, cable release, filters, etc. A couple of 4x5 fit into the slingshot easily, but 5x7 and 8x10 get carried in a second Slingshot bag. If I'm using the Rittreck View with whole plate the back goes into another backpack with the WP holders. The tripod gets hand-carried.

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    Re: weight of Rittreck View

    Interesting, I have yet to use the additional backs. I have the 6x10, FP and 8x10. I ordered FP at Ilford ULF, so I will soon be able to use that one. 6x10 requires cutting an 8x10, I just got me a rotary cutter, so I will test this one. 8x10 does not seem very practical as it is very big and cumbersome.

    Coming back to the subject of the thread, I did a quick computation of what can be save by lightening the structure (i.e. boring holes!). I came up with a total weight saving of about 500g (one pound), which represents 10% of the weight of the camera. Not very promising.
    Someday in a (hopefully) not to far future, I will disassemble my ugly Rittreck and weight the different parts. I am convinced that the tubes providing the back extension are pretty heavy and replacing them with carbon tubes and removing the back focusing mechanism would be an easy way to save weight. I don't need the back extension often and a simpler system like on my Toyo-Field 45A would be enough.

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