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Thread: Readyload film

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    Readyload film

    Does anyone know a good way to carry 6 or 8 readyloads on one's belt or the like?

    Sometimes I wander away from my car or backpack with my camera over my shoulder and everything I need for the next image or two hanging from my belt. I have a way to carry four film holders, or my Quickload but Readyloads, being so flexible and fragile, are a problem. In my case, they're in a large, flat food storage container (a Rubbermaid 7 cup to be exact.) A top-opening box like that with a belt loop would be perfect.

    John Hennessy

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    Readyload film


    How about a Gnass Rapid Load File? Comes in 2- and 3- pouch flavors, and will hold the Readyload/Quickload holder too. It could hang on a belt using a carabiner, or loop the strap across the tripod head and use an extra piece of velcro to hold it to one leg.

    I have one although I don't use it quite the way you propose. It's an excellent piece of gear, and I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work as above.


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    Readyload film


    I just ordered a "photo belt" from a company at they have a couple of pouches that are specifically designed to be worn on a belt system that are made to hold quick loads and holders. Look under #7 Large Format Systems

    I used a Lowepro belt system when I shot MF and loved not having to set expensive equiptment on the ground, not having to take a bag off my back to dig through it, plus being able to move about with all your equiptment on you. I think this is all carry over from my millitary days.

    Good Luck

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    Readyload film

    The Kinesis belt system has optional pouches that hold 4x5 Readyloads. I use two, one for exposed and one for unexposed film packets.

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