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Thread: Wish to learn about instant film use with my Sinar P

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    Wish to learn about instant film use with my Sinar P

    Hello folks,

    I have heard that Fujifilm Canada is now handling their 4x5 instant film with more consistency. I also see instant film backs on eBay and such that supposedly will work with my Sinar. Polaroid is of course no more. So my questions are as follows, and probably simplistic. Can I use a Polaroid 545 back on the Sinar P. Ads say yes, but the members here are the experts. If so, can I use the Fuji instant film in the Polaroid back? I still consider myself a noob in the 4x5 space and while I have shot and processed my own sheet film, I'm at the level of conscious incompetence. That said, I'm having lots of fun, but want to learn more.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Wish to learn about instant film use with my Sinar P

    This should help you -

    in particular read post #7, it's most comprehensive.

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    Re: Wish to learn about instant film use with my Sinar P


    Quick 'Novice to Instant Film' answer for you Ross...

    ... Both of the Fuji Instant Film Products in 4x5 (FP-100C & FP-3000B) are 'Pack Films' (10 Sheets).
    However, the Polaroid 545 and 545i Backs were designed for 'Single Sheet' Instant Polaroid Films.

    Therefore Ross, you cannot use either of the above cited Fuji Instant Film Products easily... With a Polaroid 545(i) Film Back.
    There is of course... Still other options open to you!
    These options involve the use of a Fuji PA-45 or Polaroid 550 Backs (for 4x5) and/or Fuji Instant Film Sheet Packs -- In a slightly 'smaller' 3.25x4.25 Format.
    Hopefully, other LF Forum Members (*With more experience with Instant Films) than I... Will be able to clarify my response and/or assist you further!


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    Re: Wish to learn about instant film use with my Sinar P

    I use lots of the Fuji 100c (color ISO 100) and 3000b (B&W ISO 3000). You must have a polaroid 405 or a fuji 145 holder to use these in a 4x5 camera. I don't know how well one fits in a Sinar. The 405 fits great in a Cambo, a Alpenhause Polaroid 900, and both my the Crown Graphics that I have tried it in. It is pretty thick but it slides in under the spring loaded ground glass on all of these. It did not work in a Bender 4x5 because the dark slide hits the wood frame around the film holder area forcing the holder away from the back causing a light leak. Film is currently $8.50 for a pack of 10 at Amazon for 100c, ~$10.00 for the 3000b

    I also have reclaimed the negatives from both the color and B&W film, still working on the best methods. The polaroid 900 and the Crown are big hit at events and family functions, I give away the prints and keep the negatives.

    The larger film for the Polaroid 550 and Fuji 45 is no longer made you can buy the holders and film on ebay. The film is usually over $40.00 a pack, so I haven't bought into it.

    I also have used the Polaroid 545 to shoot and develop Fuji Instax wide film (color ISO 800). It's slightly smaller than the 100c and 3000b. I load the film holder with one sheet in the darkroom. After you shoot and develop that one piece of film, you have to go back in the darkroom to reload the 545. It currently costs ~$20.00 for a twin pack of ten exposures each. If all I had was a 545 this is what I would probably use, I think I could put together some envelopes so I could load a batch of film in individual envelopes and then shoot them one at a time like the old sheet film. I think the colors are a little brighter/saturated than the 100c.

    I do have an extra 405 holder that I'm going to sell, PM me if interested

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