Recently I have been working with a nice RB Auto Graflex 4x5 camera. I have two lenses, one is a Carl Zeiss Jena 250mm f4.5 Tessar and the other is a Bausch and Lombe 210mm f4.5 Tessar Ic. Both lenses look nice and are clean with no fog or other defects. Obviously since the Graflex has a focal plane shutter, both lenses are barrel only with apertures. Both lenses are mounted to wooden lens boards that are correct for the camera and fit just fine. Neither lens came with the camera. Both were purchased after the fact from that mighty auction site in the ether but I doubt that is an issue. In addition, I do know that the standard lens was probably a 190mm, but the actual focal length is not the issue here.

The 250mm lens focuses from close up to infinity with no problem but I cannot get the 210mm lens to focus to infinity. The best I can do with the bellows fully collapsed is about 10 feet. It does produce very clear images within that range.

I am confused. What am I doing wrong with the 210mm B&L lens? I am starting to learn my way around large format but am certainly not any type of an expert so any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance,