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Thread: Help Identifying Brass and Wood Camera ?

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    Re: Help Identifying Brass and Wood Camera ?

    You should all be proud of the free appraisal you gave him, so that he can make the most money off of it. But you did get a thanks, that's unusual.

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    Re: Help Identifying Brass and Wood Camera ?

    LOL, the thanks *is* unusual--at least he didn't ask 'how much is this worth?" We obviously get a stream of these "one and done" posters and they're not hard to spot, but sometimes the exchanges lead to good information. There were tons of English half-plate cameras made and the information is fairly arcane, so I'm not sure he'll be raking in the big bucks.

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    Re: Help Identifying Brass and Wood Camera ?

    Maybe someone wants the camera

    There's disinformation, Lonsdale did sell parts and camera kits but were based in London, there's no circular lens boards in their catalogue and that is not a common feature. Vevers were based in Leeds and also sold parts.


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