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Thread: Faster and cheaper scan back for large format.

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    Re: Faster and cheaper scan back for large format.

    Quote Originally Posted by Noah A View Post
    I'm not so interested in an 80mm square sensor, especially if it is monochrome only.

    The scan back could be interesting. How long will a scan take?
    Technically, it is not a "scan" back, as it uses multi-shot stitching to produce the whole frame.
    With the sensors that are being used right now for prototyping it should take about 30 seconds to shoot the whole 4x5 frame with the shutter speed of 1 second.
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    Re: Faster and cheaper scan back for large format.

    Quote Originally Posted by alexanderfedin View Post
    Here is the thing:
    We are trying to find an LCD multitouch module for the device, and it appears that it is much easier to find the whole android kit with the built-in multitouch display then a separate module. Also, the kit shall have better resolution, colors, and shall cost up to 5 times less than the separate module! (~$100 for an android kit with a XVGA resolution vs. ~$300+ for a separate LCD module with the VGA resolution)
    Though, the android kit will have to be developed in a separate enclosure, that is connected to the scanback with a cable. So, it is a kinda bulky solution, and we prefer this to be one single device instead of two.
    The Android kit would be fine, considering the cost savings.

    With respect to size and added bulk any solution is going to add extra gear. It will save later on by eliminating the darkroom steps, right?

    And for my 4x5 camera the screen will need to be separate anyway, as the ground glass is not easily removable.

    Quote Originally Posted by alexanderfedin View Post
    Hello everybody,
    We are facing a difficult problem here, so I need you guys to help us making the right decision.
    The problem is that we've found too many options with the display screen.

    There are LCD modules of 5" size and the resolution of 480x800, that render approximately 262K colors.
    There are LCD modules of 7" size, resolution of 800x1260, and 1.6M colors.
    Which one would you prefer? The big one looks better, but consider the size of the device that has such a huge screen!
    So if you aren't going to use the Android it then a 7" screen with better resolution would be the better option.

    Quote Originally Posted by alexanderfedin View Post
    Another thing is the touch screen.
    There are two different technologies available on the market: resistive and capacitive.
    The resistive one is very difficult to find the one that supports multi-touch, but this screen should be fine to use outdoors with the gloves on.
    The capacitive shall support multi-touch for sure, but it's prone to accidental touch and impossible to work with while wearing gloves.
    Once again, what would be your choice?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.
    It appears that there are going to be tradeoffs. Resistive will be more attractive to users who wish to leave their gloves on while working in cod weather, while the multi-touch may be preferred by those who don't mind fiddling with removing their gloves frequently.


    I could go either way here.
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