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Thread: Wista 4x5 for new field... Or should I look for some other?

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    Re: Wista 4x5 for new field... Or should I look for some other?

    just found this thread, so here's my opinion: (and worth less than 2 cents)

    I love my Wista SP, and it was only after several wooden cameras that I made the switch to that system (first a 45D then a SP). After looking hard to find accessories, I managed to put together a pretty complete system including the wide angle lensboard and bellows, two extension beds and extra long bellows (as seen in the attached photos) and several roll film backs... then I got interested in studio work and then super-macro stuff and got a Sinar P for that work. I need more demanding swings and tilts and had to find a camera to make that possible... Sinar P answered that need nicely.

    If you find that after searching around you'd like to buy mine, it is going up for sale at the end of the summer, after I return from a long trip. The prices are currently below what I paid originally, for a good used model. Oddly, I just sold the wide-angle bellows and lensboard today.

    I used to own and shoot (professionally) with a Linhof baby Technika (6x9) and it was also a great camera, but I felt the 4x5 was just too heavy.
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    Re: Wista 4x5 for new field... Or should I look for some other?

    I ended up with Toyo 45A. So far it seems good choice: It allows use of 300mm lenses (not for closeups though) and on the wide end, the 65mm works really fine.

    Future will show more. If it seems that I don't need much fall on the front and I can't stand with simple friction adjustments, then it's time for Wista or Technika.
    Jukka Vuokko

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