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Thread: Thomas Air Compressor

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    Re: Thomas Air Compressor

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Wiley View Post
    Bellows deodorant? Don't darkcloths get stinky too? Gosh, not many candidates for Scythian warrior horsemen here, who once they earned they leather suits, allegedly never changed them. Any candidates for the manned Mars mission and its three year round trip to the next washing machine?

    On an expedition to the Arctic, my nephew didn't even remove his boots for three months straight - couldn't. When he finally got back to the seacoast port on Baffin Island, they charged him sixty dollars for a shower. Fuel ships only got through the ice once a year. But maybe there was another reason too. He'd always laugh at me in the mountains because I bathed every evening, even if it was in ice water by moonlight. So I'd never make a good true expedition type myself to really cold places like the Arctic or Himalayas. Now I wake up smelling like a cat anyway. They always sneak in and jump on the bed. And it's really annoying when they decide to nap on the clean laundry pile. But heck - at least they know how to bathe themselves without water. Maybe they should be on the Mars mission instead of humans.
    There's a round trip planned now? The last Mars trip I looked into was "Mars One" which was a one way suicide mission.

    Honestly, humans leaving Earth is the dumbest thing ever.

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    Re: Thomas Air Compressor

    But there's GOLD in them there planerts, moony and astereeckd

    Many may be forced to get off this wastyland

    I sure hope I daid by theme thers times

    no worries

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael R View Post
    There's a round trip planned now? The last Mars trip I looked into was "Mars One" which was a one way suicide mission.

    Honestly, humans leaving Earth is the dumbest thing ever.

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    Re: Thomas Air Compressor

    Yeah, time is running out. Should start ruining other planets a thousand times faster than we ruined this one. Total Recall.

    Yes, there are some downsides, like trying to compress air that's only 1% as thick. But look at the bright side - with far less gravity you could carry a really big ULF camera. It would just need real big knobs for sake of space gloves. A grain magnifier would need to be built into your helmet visor. Dust might be a major issue. But heck, the camera could double as a solar energy screen platform, and the bellows as a landing cushion for the craft in the first place. Coming up with enough water to develop and rinse film might be an issue; but heck, what else is recycled piss good for, except drinking too? But no real pioneer like Timothy O Sullivan would carry a digital back; that would be cheating. What's the sense of going to Mars in the first place unless a real view camera is along?

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