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Thread: 8x10 backpack

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    8x10 backpack

    Hello everyone,

    I am new with large format and I was wondering if anyone can give advice regarding backbacks for an 8x10.


    8x10 Deardorff with two to three lenses. I will probably pack film holders in a seperate film (shoulder) bag. Back support and longevity is very important.



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    8x10 backpack

    I think most of the available backpacks have been discussed here in the past, so you might find helpful information by doing a search of the archives. Criteria and personal preferences vary widely, so there is no single right answer.

    I would, however, suggest that you try to get the film holders into the pack. Remember, you'll also be carrying the tripod separately, so incorporating the holders into (or, onto) the pack will eliminate one more dangling/swinging thing that could be an annoyance or safety hazzard. You might, for example, need that hand for grabbing onto a rock or tree. ;-)

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    8x10 backpack

    I use the F64 extra large backpack for my 8X10. The main compartment will hold the camera, the top compartment will hold several lenses, the front pocket will hold three film holders, and your light meter, cable releases, and accessories can go in the removable side pockets. It's pretty comfortable, with a hip belt and sternum strap, although I wouldn't try to lug all that gear for more than a couple miles. I think Lowe Pro makes a bag that will hold an 8X10, but it's considerably more expensive. Another way to go is to buy a non-photo backpack, and wrap you camera and lenses individually to protect them- you could probably save quite a bit going that way.
    Brian Vuillemenot

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    8x10 backpack

    I use a LowePro Super-Trekker. The Deardorff goes up top, and four lenses go in individual dividers along the bottom. The fit is almost perfect. The dark cloth sits atop the Deardorff, helping to protect the ground glass. I carry three 8x10 holders in a Gnass film holder, which I lay over the other stuff before zipping the lid shut. My meter, filters, and loupe go in a separate, very small fanny pack, which I move around to the front--this stuff would also easily fit in the Super-Trekker.

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    8x10 backpack

    I second Scott's use of the super Trekker. I get my Deardorf, meter, one lens, dark cloth on the inside and 3 film holders on the outside zippered pocket. There is also room for notepad, pen pencil, exposure compensation card, shutter release and any other small stuff you might need. I carry my tripod strapped to the outside of the pack. This leave my hands free. Good luck

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    8x10 backpack

    I use the F64 BPX back pack. I carry my 8x10, 4 lenses in the top compartment. My dark cloth goes in the bottom compartment along the camera. It comes with 2 detachable small side bags that I keep my meter, filters and water bottle in. There is thin compartment that zips over the main compartment that I carry 3 film holders in. Works like a champ.

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    8x10 backpack

    Yet another vote for the f64 BPX although I no longer use it. It was perfect but I needed something that had more support when I was rock/ice climbing or doing strenuous hiking and have started to use a dana Design pack more an dmore.

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    8x10 backpack

    Does the main(bottom) compartment fit a Toyo 810 M II? I am thinking about buying the F64 BPX.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Gang Zhao

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    8x10 backpack

    Yes it will carry a Toyo 810MII.

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    8x10 backpack

    Surplus large ALICE bag with the steel frame.

    Its not fancy, but it was cheap and holds my B&J 8x10, a pile of film holders, and all the other bits and pieces. Tripod lashes onto the frame.

    And, as a bonus, you can use the same frame with a medium ALICE pack to carry your 4x5 camera.

    Or, goto war, if you'd rather.

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