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Thread: Looking for a 300 f/5.6 for 5x7

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: Looking for a 300 f/5.6 for 5x7

    Demanding 5.6 means it will be in a #3 shutter and a pretty massive clunker. But optically, there should be plenty of excellent plasmats to choose from. Yet one
    potentially sacrifices the optics if the front standard won't support that kind of weight without risk of vibration. Depends on the camera of course, and field versus
    studio use.

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    Re: Looking for a 300 f/5.6 for 5x7

    I have a Symmar-S 300 mm f5.6 mounted on a newly acquired 5X7 Kodak Clinical, made in Great Britain. The camera supports it well. I like the lens, and if anything, it's mass dampens vibration. I use it solely on a studio stand.

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