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Thread: Durst 138S value

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    Durst 138S value

    Hello All, I have a Durst 138S Enlarger complete with stand,Condenser lenses: Latico 240 x2, 200,130 and 85, A Nega 130 carrier@ 5x4. and two lenses: a Schneider-Kreunach Componon-S 5.6 135 and a RodenstockRodagon 1:2.8 f=50mmnestled in a Durst Latub. All equipment is in very good shape. I am unable to set up a darkroom and am looking to sell this equipment. Does anyone have any idea as to the value of this equipment? Where would be my best bet for advertising it? I am in New Mexico.

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    Durst 138S value

    Bob Presently the market for such equipment is very low, Industry is giving this gear away and switching to digital. If you get anywhere between $1000.00 - $5000.00 I would think you did well. You may consider donating to a school or art co-op that may give you a tax write-off. This is the current reality in Toronto and may be different in your area.

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    Durst 138S value

    I agree with Bob. I tried to sell my 184 with color head for 3 months. Never got a 'sniff'. Couldn't get $1000.00 on eBay. Ended up donating it to the local high school, they gave me a tax letter (I have to establish a value). What a shame. They were an absolute workhorse, almost indestructable.

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    Durst 138S value

    An almost identical question was recently asked by someone considering buying a particular Durst 138:

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