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Thread: Round images on negatives.

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    Re: Round images on negatives.

    Try it out on the ground glass to see how it looks! I suspect that the rear cell will be a very long focal length though and while it will be blurry on the edges, it may also be blurry in the middle.

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    Re: Round images on negatives.

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    I went out and tested three ideas to see what one got me the closest to the visual effect I'm trying to achieve and out of the six photos I took this image of Smith Garden is the best one. The issues I ran into with this image was, I shot with the rear element only and shifted the back standard to the right and I learned from this shoot that by doing so I moved the sweet spot to the left. I also had some bad lens flare that I had to fix in Photoshop. So tomorrow I'm going to do another shoot and use a homemade lens hood and also I'll be experimenting with what it will look like if I cut a mat to put in the back of the camera in front of the film holder to get the round look I'm aiming for. Okay, I'll post the next batch best image to show how my progress is coming along. Thanks again to everyone who helped me get on the right track.

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    Re: Round images on negatives.

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Name:	rear-element-test-two-f1-co.jpg 
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    Two more test images. The round one I achieved the look by using a matte box and the other one I used just the rear element and a home made lens hood made from black poster board. Now I just have to figure out how to combine the too and enhance the soft distorted look and I'll have the style I'm trying to accomplish. Any suggestions?

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    Round images on negatives.

    Glenview camera of Chicago made a lot of 4x5 frames using a 38mm Biogon to create a round image.

    The Biogon is good because stopping down does not create greater coverage.

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