We have made a couple of changes in an attempt to address issues with unsatisfactory transactions stemming from the For Sale sub-forum.

1. Unsatisfactory transactions from threads in the the "For Sale/Wanted" sub-forum may be reported using ONE post that states the following: "Unresolved issue with _______ on this sale." It must be reported in, and only in, the specific thread in which the item was offered, and must not provide further details.

2. A new Buyer-Seller Advisories sub-forum has been added in the Community section:

Buyer/Seller Advisories--Any reports about the outcomes of transactions with providers of products and services to large-format photographers must be made in the "Buyer/Seller Advisories" sub-forum. The purpose of this sub-forum is to provide a service to large-format photographers who need to know whom to trust in a small market. All posts in other forums complaining about specific transactions will be moved to this forum, and repeated mispostings by a person may result in moderator action. Threads in the Buyer/Seller Advisories forum must be:
-Related only to what actually happened.

Comments about the character or honesty of the person described will be deleted without notice, and repeated negative personal comments will result in moderator actions. Remember, personal attacks and abuse to other site users is not allowed on this forum. Demands for action are also not appropriate anywhere on the Large Format Photography Forum, and will be removed. The LFPF does not provide any mechanism for seeking resolution of an unsatisfactory transaction--resolution must be pursued outside the forum. This sub-forum is for simple reports of outcomes of transactions here and elsewhere. If the transaction occurred elsewhere, then it must involve transactions of products or services relevant to the large-format community.

This should provide a means of sharing issues regarding transactions here, or elsewhere, in a factual manner. Moderators will still not get involved in attempting to resolve those issues, and use of the FS/WTB sub-forum remains an at your own risk proposition for both buyers and sellers.