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    HP5 processed in Pyro exhibits no grain in 16X20 prints as the Pyro developer creates a continues tone stain along with the silver image. This stain masks areas between the silver particles and creates smooth grainless highlight areas (areas where you would see grain if processed in Rodinal etc.).

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    Yup. I'm with Philippe. I also develope HP5+ in my "soup du jour" of HC-110, print 11x14 & 16x20 and see no appreciable grain. FWIW - I've been fighting grain for the last 20 years in 35mm (terrible grain in 11x14's), 120 roll film (still unacceptable grain in 11x14's). Been using 4x5 sheet film for the last three years with no visable grain in ISO 400 film. I'm never going back to smaller formats.

    What's that?

    Yes dear.

    Get out the 35mm for the Birthday photos.

    Can't I at least use B & W film?

    No - color print.

    And flash on camera too!

    Yes dear.


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