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Thread: Hermagis Extra Rapid Portrait #7 lens...or is it?

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    Re: Hermagis Extra Rapid Portrait #7 lens...or is it?

    Could be he was referring to internal brass stamping or pencil/ink marks which are common on French lenses!
    The dimensions he gives are brass sleeve measurements, so Jim's glass measurements of 6cm are better to use in calculating F value.
    There is a touch of balsam breakdown, which is typical of the age of this lens.
    My comments about it being a fast CdV Petzval (perhaps just under F3) still stand.

    This is a very odd lister, who uses both a Czech and a Slovakian address. Nothing wrong with whats he lists in general, although the more perfect classy items are pushed up in price (like so many others at the moment). Talking about actual listings can be a bit suicidal as others may get interested!

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    Re: Hermagis Extra Rapid Portrait #7 lens...or is it?

    Thanks again. Steve, that was really helpful pointing out the 3rd ebay account of the Slovakian address - it listed complaints from many people stating their lens was received in complete non working order and that they were still chasing refunds with ebay - and yet in the same condition report as mine (B - a good user). I guess I sensed there was something amiss here. The seller refused to confirm that the lens worked. I will stick to legitimate sellers and perhaps take my time to find a longer focal length petzval. Ah well! Too good to be true.

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