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    LF groups

    Are there any LF groups in Colorado? Thanks, Gary Bridges

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    LF groups

    A group of one in North Park!

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    LF groups

    Hey Gary (and Eric), While not strictly LF, if nature is your thing, we've got quite a few LF folks, myself included, participating at You're more than welcome to join us.

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    LF groups

    There is a good group of us here in Aurora/Denver/Castle Rock that get out frequently. We even have a seasoned professional in the group to keep us on the straight and narrow who is a fabulous and very valuable resource and we are in the process of taking on assignments for this spring and summer. With any luck, we will be enlisting Eric shortly when we make it to North Park. The Denver metro area has a fabulous photographic community and plenty to shoot.


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    LF groups

    To All in Colorado,

    I would like to invite you all to come to Victor Colorado, over the summer to visit and have some fun. Victor School has enjoyed a long run of summer programs. And we are getting ready for a new summer. Al Weber has run the school for a number of years and we are starting it back up. I will be doing a Pt/Pd Architecture workshop on the 9th of June, so come on by. For information on Victor School (go to advisory board section Jan Pietrzak)

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