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Thread: Linhof Master Technika with rangefinders ?

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    Linhof Master Technika with rangefinders ?

    I have been playing with a Master Technika, and love it! I have been wondering about the usability of the rangefinder on the MT, and would appreciate comments from experienced users who have used the rangefinder on the MT. In particular:

    1. What's the cost to have lenses cammed for the rangefinder? 2. What's a good (best?) place to have that done ? Is there an alt ernative to Marflex ? 3. I assume I would need some sort of viewfinder to frame the sho ts. How good is the Linhof Multifocus Finder for this purpose (with respect to quality of viewfinder image, brightness, parallax co rrection, etc.) ? What focal lengths does it handle, and is the setting for focal lengths discrete or continuous ? Any idea why it is so expensive (I know, it's Linhof) ? 4. Any other view finder that can be used with the MT ? 5. Any other comments/suggestions on this subject ?

    Thanks in advance,

    - Phong

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    Linhof Master Technika with rangefinders ?

    Camming costs vary by focal length. The camming package includes cutting the cam, the infinity stops, the focusing scale and a calibration chart.

    Camming is only done by Marflex in the U.S. and any other repair house that may feel qualified to do camming has to buy the raw cams, infinity stops (there are different shape stops) and the scales from Marflex.

    To obtain cost call Marflex at 973 808-9626. Camming cost does NOT include the lensboard.

    The Multifocus Finder works with lenses from 75mm to 360mm. Slip-on masks are available for all common formats. The finder is supplied with a 45 mask. The masks rotate for hor, and vert. and the finder color codes focal lengths and the distance scales so all formats are parallax corrected. Each focal length is click stopped and it is very bright.

    If you had called us orginally with the questions we could have probably satisfied your curiosity much sooner. 973

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