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Thread: Finished building 4x5

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    Finished building 4x5

    Whal, I finished building my 4x5 yesterday (albeit with a temporary bellows because my commercially made bellows hasn't cleared Customs yet).

    I've got some HP5 and some E100G in the frige, so I guess I'd better load up a couple of holders and jump into these LF waters ;-)

    If anybody's interested in camera building, there's some pictures up on my Web site at

    Don't make fun of the pictures on the Web site! I just got a $100 digital camera - I expect better from my 4x5 ;-)

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    Finished building 4x5

    Whal little lady,

    It look like you've figured out a thing or two with that thar camera of yourn. I wanna see some piktures from it when you take 'em.

    Congrats. tim

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    Finished building 4x5

    Take a box of Kleenex with you. The first time your tripod tips over you can use 'em to dry your eyes.

    (meant in jest)

    Seroiusly, I wonder if you can strengthen the two square front and Rear monorail clamps? I think those will sustain alot of stress during normal use.

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    Finished building 4x5

    From those of us who can't figure out how to use a manual screwdriver when the batteries run out on our powered one, Wow! Your efforts and your new "dark" cherry wood 4 X 5 are impressive! I LIKE the look. Hope you have wonderful results.

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    Finished building 4x5

    I can't view the link, but welcome to your (our) doom.

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    Yes, but why? David R Munson's Avatar
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    Finished building 4x5

    Excellent work. Have fun using it!

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    Finished building 4x5

    A beautiful camera! Congratualtions! As a part time woodworker I truly envy you and your work. It would be nice to see more detaileed pics of the camera! And the color is wonderful, although it could use a touch of brass ;-) (sorry, I just love the looks of a dark wood + brass).

    I hope it will offer you years of service!

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    Finished building 4x5

    Hey! How much does that sucker weigh? I like your bellows. Once you get your bellows from Canadian customs (I waited for a month for some 8x10 holders to come from NY state to my home near Vancouver!) and get it on your camera, you can use that nice one you made as a backup. For fun you might even want to try and make a bag bellows for those wide angle lenses....Good work Calamity Jane!

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    Finished building 4x5

    Congratulations, Jane. It looks . . . well, cherry. ;-)

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    Finished building 4x5

    Looks great, and light as well. No doubt you'll make some finepictures with this one. Congratulations.

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