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Thread: number lock on shen-hao 4x5's metal case

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    number lock on shen-hao 4x5's metal case

    i just got a great 4x5 shen-hao from badger graphic and it came with a metal case with 3 number wheels on the lock. does anybody know how to operate the lock?

    i received no instructions with my camera.. i emailed the contact from shen-hao and he replied with a cryptic email i couldn't understand. i asked badger graphic about the lock and got an email back saying they didn't have any cameras in stock (??) and that when they receive more they will photocopy of the information and mail it to me......... which makes me wonder what else i am missing (and why they shipped me an incomplete package without telling me).

    i was wondering if any real shen-hao owners out there know about these cases and how to operate the lock.

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    number lock on shen-hao 4x5's metal case


    I bought a Shen-Hao from Badger and it came with no instructions or documentation of any sort. I didn't expect or need any documentation. I did not buy the metal case. I would not worry about Badger, they are a reputable firm. Is the lock on the case similar to Brief case locks? They usually come with all zeros in the code, you change the code by holding the latch in the release position and then set the new numbers.

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    number lock on shen-hao 4x5's metal case

    Jason, here is how you set the combination on your case. First make sure the lock is open- the latch that locks is in the up position. Now the square button to the right, the one you push to the right to open the case, push it to the left and hold in that position. Now set your numbers to your desired combination, then release the button. Close the latch and change the numbers and it will be locked. Move numbers back to your chosen combination, push button towards the right and it should open again. I did receive a simple diagram with instructions to operate the lock but I currently don't have a scanner so I can't email you the diagram. If you have any questions on my directions just ask and I'll try to be more clear. I purchased my camera from Badger as well and have been pleased so far. It's a good camera for the price.

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    number lock on shen-hao 4x5's metal case

    awesome, thanks guys. now i can close up the case properly. cheers! jason

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    number lock on shen-hao 4x5's metal case

    Thanks from me too. I've just let the little red thingie in for the last 8 months. Paul

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