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Thread: Lens Valuation sought

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    Re: Lens Valuation sought

    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Greenberg Motamedi View Post
    I have never seen a Kodak branded Zeiss before. I guess it could have come off a Kodak folder, but usually Kodak used their own glass.
    Kodak used Tessar lenses on Nagel cameras like the Recomar although initially Nagel used Schneider lenses - I'd guess there was some friction with Zeiss as Nagel had joined Zeiss Ikon then left to found another new company.

    These are quite nice lenses I'd pay $50 for the set, quite happily as I've cameras to fit them to.


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    Re: Lens Valuation sought

    Well I already listed them on fleaby.. and someone put in a bid so I can't pull the listing. But it's starting at only 30 bucks if you want them..

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