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Thread: Stoopid Human Trick

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    Stoopid Human Trick

    I allmost blinded myself tonight as I prooved again just how stoopid humans can be. I plugged in my new strobe to my copal shutter on my busch pressman. The strobe started flashing continuously right in my face! I froze like a deer for a few seconds until I disconnected the sinc cable.

    I was worried that there might be a problem with the shutter and that I would not be able to use a flash with it. I checked the shutter, which was set wide open and 'T'...

    ..wait a minute I had just finished focusing at a test target and I had not closed the shutter! Dough!

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    Yes, but why? David R Munson's Avatar
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    Stoopid Human Trick

    You'd feel even worse if it had been 4800 Ws at point blank range. That was an odd with a huge purple splotch for about 4 hours...
    So apparently my signature was full of dead links after a few years away...

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    Stoopid Human Trick

    HA! thats great!

    Jimi Hendrix must have been studying photography when he wrote 'purple haze'

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    Stoopid Human Trick

    Does anyone know anything about Bogen Tri-pods? I am having a meltdown trying to change the pin that attaches to the camera on my old Bogen Tri-pod and can't do it. I am seriously going to throw it out the window. I have not used it since photography school...

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    Stoopid Human Trick

    Deb, stay calm... Those pins often have a retaining ring (an "e" ring) to keep them from geting lost. You can pry it off with a small screwdriver or needlenose pliers. Hope that was it.

    Tracy (constantly cautiously looking up)

    PS. it's preferable to post new questions in their own new threads, that way people can find them and answer them. (but who could resist "stoopid human tricks"-BTDT )
    Tracy Storer
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