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    Re: Fuji 90mm F8 filter size

    Probably not, as the rear cell is quite large.

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    Re: Fuji 90mm F8 filter size

    I have my Fujinon-SW 90/8 in Linhof Synchro-Compur shutter in front of me. The front push-on cap is 70mm, the rear is 65mm. It's in a lensboard, so hard to measure the exact length, but the overall...
  3. Re: Getting the correct lens settings for a synced strobe?

    According to the user guide:

    Guide number at 2m, 100ISO with Magnum Reflector is...
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    Re: 210 mm Fujinar - any opinions?

    I have a Fujinar 210/4.5 and a 250/4.7, both in Copal 3 shutters. Iím very happy with the results, and find myself using the 250 quite a lot. If I can tolerate the weight penalty, Iíll take the 210...
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    Re: Chamonix H-1 and Imagon 250mm

    Focal length is still 250mm, so to focus at 2500mm, itís
    1/250 - 1/2500 = 0.0036
    1/0.0036 = 277.77777

    You need to rack out 28mm from your starting point of 276mm or 304mm.

    Telephoto lenses...
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    Re: Chamonix H-1 and Imagon 250mm

    Ebony Camera, before they closed up, had a great page called "Lens Compatibility" that you can still get through the Wayback machine. Here's a good version:...
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    Re: Pricktorialism

    A couple more, this time with the Imagon without any disks, and with Rollei RPX 25.

    The first one I think turned out well:
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    Re: Large format and (living) insects!

    Thanks! It was probably still there 10 minutes after I finished. I thought it might be dead until I saw the antenna move.
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    Large format and (living) insects!

    It can be done, provided they're asleep!
    08-20-21-04 by Drew Saunders, on Flickr

    After a quick iPhone snap in case he flew away,...
  10. Thread: Ebike?

    by drew.saunders

    Re: Ebike?

    Here's an amusing video:
    Please note, the GCN target audience wears a lot of lycra and the men shave their legs, so maybe not quite the same target audience as here....
  11. Re: Still can't find a lens for the Travelwide 4x5 ◊ years later!

    Perhaps the OP is asking about the Travelwide 65? It doesn't have a focusing helicoid, so needs the Super-Angulon 65/8 (and possibly one or more of the included shims) to be preset to the desired...
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    Re: Camper Van Suggestions in 2021

    I'm surprised nobody has mention Thomas Heaton's videos of his Mitsubishi Delica camper van conversion.

    He is a...
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    Re: How about some infrared images

    I had 6 holders still loaded with Efke IR 820 Aura, probably bought in 2010 or so, that I decided to finish off last Monday. Even though I bracketed each of the 6 compositions, most of the negatives...
  14. Re: COMPARISON: Fujinon W 250mm f6.7 & Fujinon A 240 f9

    I used to own the more modern 250/6.3 CM-W and now own a Fuji 250/4.7 Fujinar for 4x5. Of those four, for your needs, I'd rank them (and why) as:

    1: 240/9: Because it's small, and fits well with...
  15. Re: Suggest a 12" (300mm) lens for portrait work on 8x10?

    Your comment made me go look at my 3 Copal-3/3S lenses, all silver ring, to count their aperture blades. They're a Fujinar 21cm/4.5, Fujinar 25cm/4.7 (optically an f/4.5, but f/4.7 in a Copal...
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    Re: Good 210 for 4x5??

    A quick check of ebay for "210 5.6 large format" gets 155 results, most under $400, a few under $200, a few for disturbingly large amounts of money, and a few with cameras attached. At least one of...
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    Re: Four Liter Jugs ?

    Apparently, Carlo Rossi sells most of their wines in 4l jugs. About $10 for some of the less expensive options. I'm sure that's quality wine!
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    Re: Pricktorialism

    Two more from yesterday's visit to my usual "sharp and spiny plants" location, the Arizona Cactus Garden at Stanford University. Both shot with the Imagon 250mm, and both rather under-exposed, which...
  19. Re: Elmar 135mm: Will it cover 4x5? LSM to Copal adapter?

    I presume most folks haven't seen a Leica/Leitz lens with removable optical group disassembled, so I took a few quick iPhone pics of my 90 Elmar, background courtesy of the USPS. Once the optical...
  20. Re: Elmar 135mm: Will it cover 4x5? LSM to Copal adapter?

    I have the following Leica lenses with removable optical assemblies for Visoflex (all of which I occasionally use with Visoflex bellows for fun macro work):

    90/4 LTM from the 1950's
    90/2.8 M w/o...
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    Re: Quarantine Pictures Any Format

    A neighbor likes to decorate the front of her property for every holiday. Here are some stuffed hedgehogs, holding felt hearts adorned with little eggs wishing you a Happy Easter:
  22. Re: Is it a linear progression between 90mm and 150mm?

    120 or 125mm is a perfectly fine focal length, if it suits you, but really the only way to know is to try it. When I started up with LF, I got a Tachihara 4x5 and a Schneider 120/5.6 APO-Symmar. I've...
  23. Re: Epson 4990 Scanner & Mac Catalina Driver

    Have you tried VueScan? It will probably work just fine, and you can test it out for free. If you buy it, it's lifetime, no subscriptions or re-purchases. I have it to keep my Nikon Coolscan 9000...
  24. Re: Epson 4990 Scanner & Mac Catalina Driver

    Epson Scan 2 will be in a folder called "Epson Software" in your applications folder, or it least it should be if the software installed properly.
  25. Re: Best 75mm / 90mm lens?......totally kidding, but not on pls

    Long ago, I shot Ektachrome E100VS with the 80/4.5 SSXL and, looking over those scans, I do see a bit of corner vignetting. It doesn't bother me, but, of course, if it bothers someone, they'd need...
  26. Re: Best 75mm / 90mm lens?......totally kidding, but not on pls

    The Schneider 80/4.5 SSXL is a modern lens, takes 67mm filters, isnít huge, and has a 211mm image circle @ f/22. I bought mine new many years ago, so I donít know if the used ones are in your price...
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    Re: What's your Go To LF body & lens?

    Although there are some who own very many cameras, I'd imagine most LF shooters own just one. In my case, although I have two TravelWide cameras (one set up with the 90, one previously set up with a...
  28. Re: "Camera Work" A Photographic Quarterly. Online

    A few years ago Taschen put out "Camera Work: The Complete Photographs 1903-1917" in a rather nice book that I picked up for a pretty reasonable price. They don't list it on their website now, so...
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    Re: Massive Dev app

    You don't specify your developer, but if I use the web page, and allow all developers, I notice HC 110 dilution B has both a 7.5 and 5.5 minute listing. Hopefully this URL gets the search for you:...
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    Re: A refrigerator for storage

    This may not be helpful for the EU, but a google search for "freezerless mini fridge" gets lots of hits from Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Wayfair, Best Buy, Target and others. Here's a "best...
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    Re: Teach me about Lens Design

    I have four single-coated "fast" Tessar design lenses:
    A real Zeiss 165/3.5 Tessar T
    Schneider Xenar 180/4.5
    Fujinar 210/4.5
    Fujinar 250/4.7

    They may still be too "modern and sharp" for your...
  32. Re: New Epson Scan 2 64 bit For MAC OSX Catalina

    Epson Scan 2 for Mac OS X is up to version 6.4.90, so hopefully they've fixed some of these problems. I just updated it and haven't had time to test. You need to turn the scanner on before running...
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    Re: 4x5 lenses: telephoto and portraiture

    Download this from B&H:

    Scroll to page 228 in the PDF (labeled 230 on the image). You'll see...
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    Re: Hello from Bay Area, CA

    You should start at the main web page for this forum:
    There you'll find lots of information. Some of it is 15-20 years old, but LF cameras really don't change...
  35. Thread: Portland

    by drew.saunders

    Re: Portland

    Disable javascript and the page loads pretty well. It's not super pretty, but all the text and images are there.
  36. Re: The Lens Ravings of a Quarantined Large Format Mind...

    In 2007, I was looking to get a 300mm lens for 4x5, and at the time, the Fujinon-C was cheaper than the Nikkor-M (not a lot). In addition, the Fujinon-C requires a slightly shorter flange focal...
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    Re: Quarantine Pictures Any Format

    There's a wisteria in our micro back "yard," so I took a few shots today during a break in the rain, hoping to get good droplets.

    First with the Kamlan 50/1.1 lens, and you don't buy an...
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    Re: Quarantine Pictures Any Format

    Last May, we saw a Bewick's wren taking a sudden interest in my bike shorts that I had hung to dry in our apartment's the micro back "yard." It was trying to build a nest in the shorts, so when I...
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    Re: Square filter holder/lens hood combo?

    Lee used to make a wide hood, which I use on 4x5 for lenses up to 300mm and it's just fine, which had 2 filter slots. They may be available used, but if you can find one, it might be for more than...
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    Re: Flowers Anyone?

    I found these at the Arizona Cactus Garden ( at Stanford. Anyone know what they...
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