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  1. Re: Lens Cap Preferences? Leather, Plastic, Metal?

    I like the velvet-lined stiff leather push-on caps if I can get them. Screw-in aluminum is fine but is more of a bother in the field.

    I test my OEM plastic push-on caps, and if I think that they...
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    Re: How to stack a Ebony Ground Glass?

    The Ebony fresnel/screen is a good general purpose screen and hard to beat. We have to remember that the same amount of light hits the screen (for a given lens and aperture) and the only thing...
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    Re: New chamonix 45-F1 has dim ground glass

    If the fresnel lens is behind the ground glass you can safely remove it because removing it does not change the effective focal distance. A lens in front of the GG does change the effective focal...
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    Re: New chamonix 45-F1 has dim ground glass

    A certain amount of light hits the ground glass in any given instance, and anything that you put between the GG and the lens decreases the amount of light hitting the GG. Fresnels for LF cameras work...
  5. Re: Where can I buy a ShenHao FCL57-A 5x7 camera ?

    The low end 4x5s are a different camera and a different quality IMO. It will be difficult or impossible to find a better quality 5x7 at the same price as the entry-level 4x5.

    Cheers, Steve
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    Re: 12" Dagor coverage


    I have a slew of them, from Series III (and IV) Double Anastigmat to Gold Rim and Gold Dot. What everyone has said is fairly correct given sample variation over the years. If you're...
  7. Re: C omparison: 450mm f12.5 Fuji versus 450mm f9 Nikon M

    Never had the Nikkor, but you cannot go wrong with the Fuji. Incredibly sharp, small shutter, and just a wonderful lens. One of my faves on every format.

    Cheers, Steve
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    Re: Rodenstock Apo-Ronar 360mm f9 coverage

    Yes, 5x7 has a diagonal of 210mm. 4/4 dialytes like the Artar, Ronar, Apo-Nikkor, etc cover as a rule of thumb, 45 degrees at infinity, so they have an image circle about equal to their focal length,...
  9. Re: info on 8x10 Bausch & Lomb Tessar Series Ic f4.5 Large Format Lens

    Is it in barrel or shutter, and if shutter, which one? Probably imperial if in barrel, metric if in say a Compund shutter, imperial if Betax....

    Cheers, Steve
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    Re: In praise of THINKTANK

    +1 for Think Tank.

    Cheers, Steve
  11. Re: Whole Plate film holders: expensive, nonstandard, and...available?


    Here are a couple of examples of images shot on 8x10, printed to a full 6.5x8.5, matted and framed in a standard 11x14 frame. These are not great images, but they do show the results. One of...
  12. Re: Whole Plate film holders: expensive, nonstandard, and...available?

    Another thing to consider about film is that you will have to cut to get the full range of available emulsions; not all are made in prepackaged WP formats. So if you're going to cut, you might as...
  13. Re: Whole Plate film holders: expensive, nonstandard, and...available?


    The IC of WP is 270mm and 8x10 310mm, in round numbers. For 40mm in difference, you won't find much difference in lenses, because if a lens covers WP, nearly all of them will cover 8x10 too....
  14. Re: Whole Plate film holders: expensive, nonstandard, and...available?

    I cheat. 8x10 is so much easier in terms of finding film, cheap holders, etc. I crop in printing. I have the WP frame marks on the Wehman and Ebony. And it's a full 6-1/2" x 8-1/2". The reason I do...
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    Re: Uncommon Common Lenses

    Got a link?

    Cheers, Steve
  16. Re: Cheap (yeah, I know...) Wide Angle for 5x7?

    Attached, Shell station, Fujinon 125mm CM-W on 5x7 with a few mm rise, Ilford FP4+ in pyro.

    Cheers, Steve

  17. Re: Cheap (yeah, I know...) Wide Angle for 5x7?

    Fujinon 125mm CM-W f/5.6 covers straight on, maybe up to 5mm rise.

    Fujinon 135 CM-W covers about the same (smaller angle)

    Fujinon 135mm W (single coated) covers with about an inch to spare in...
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    Uncommon Common Lenses


    O.K., I have some spare time over the holidays and was thinking about some of the lenses I've tried to find over the years that were "common" lenses, or so I assumed, but never or almost...
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    Re: Your best large format iPhone app?

    Sunseeker seems to be $8.99

    Cheers, Steve
  20. Re: Schneider Super-Symmar 80/4.5 XL problems

    I just checked mine and it's fine. I bought it shortly after the first batch that had fogging issues, and I spoke with Jeff at Badger Graphic I believe, to ensure it wasn't a gen1 lens. Checked the...
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    Re: barrel lens, need basic help

    The diaphragm is probably fine. I checked 4 barrel lenses and none closed completely. But it does need to close until the aperture ring reaches the smallest marked aperture! If it doesn't, something...
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    Re: What shutter for my old lens?

    Most likely a Compound #4. I have a 240mm f/4.5 Xenar in one.

    Cheers, Steve
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    Re: Why no love for the 5x7?


    Well David (mdm) gave an example I've never seen...

    It's a great format. It's the smallest - to me - format that has a presence contact printed and framed on a wall. I have 4x5 contacts...
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    Re: Wobbly Korona 5x7

    Wind stabilizer from Alan Brubaker

    Also try the View Camera Store to see if they have them in stock.

    BUT, 1mm? Really? My 8x20 Korona is far worse, and...
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    Re: You think gear is expensive now?


    Interesting,thanks for posting.

    Cheers, Steve
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    Re: sharpest lense ever

    The best lens is the one you've tried and know produces the best images for the type of photography you do, with the film (or sensor) you use, and under the conditions you use it.

    Cheers, Steve
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    Re: Vintage glass getting more expensive?

    I think the Commercial Ektars have risen in price over the past 18 months - I've had this conversation about CEs with another forum member that's noticed it too. Why I don't know - there are lots of...
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    Re: Goertz Red Dot Artar lenses

    Hi jrplatinum, Kathik's post is almost 4 years old now, so I doubt she's still following the forum. The lenses were her father's IIRC, and I bought the 30" and had it mounted in a shutter. I sent her...
  29. Re: Best lens over 240mm for landscapes in 4x5...

    Fujinon 450C is definitely worth it if you can use it.

    I'm surprised no one's mentioned the Schneider 350mm f/11. Stellar lens in a Copal 1.

    Cheers, Steve
  30. Re: Difference between 150 Tessar and 150 Xenar?

    And Carl Zeiss still does! Check out the lens on the soon-to-be-released Nokia Lumina 900 - a Carl Zeiss Tessar.

  31. Re: How much should Schneideritis affect the price of a lens?

    This is almost a "troll" post. No correct answer.

    Cheers, Steve
  32. Re: 210 APO Sironar-W & 210 Fujinon W (inner lettering) = 10 Fold price Difference...

    I just put both 180mm lenses on a 7x17 and focused at infinity.

    Wide open, the early Fujinon-W has an image circle (IC) of about 315mm versus 305mm usable IC specified in the literature, the...
  33. Re: 210 APO Sironar-W & 210 Fujinon W (inner lettering) = 10 Fold price Difference...


    I also did a color comparison in sunlight between a Rodenstock 180mm Apo-Sironar-S, a Fujinon 180mm W early "inner circle" lettering, and a 8-1/2" Kodak Commercial Ektar.

    The subjects...
  34. Re: 210 APO Sironar-W & 210 Fujinon W (inner lettering) = 10 Fold price Difference...

    Pardon for not responding, but I've been on vacation at the beach (Edisto Island, SC) and taking pictures! Botany Bay is a must.

    Response to Bob Salomon: I've always been intrigued how...
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    Don Dudenbostel has one and I've shot with it....

    Don Dudenbostel has one and I've shot with it. Also consider the 78-degree CM-W, which I have. Both are super.

    Cheers, Steve
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    Some of the best 4x5s are 5x7s. Try a Chamonix,...

    Some of the best 4x5s are 5x7s. Try a Chamonix, Canham, Shen Hao knock off of the Ebony or Deardorff with a 4x5 back.

    Over budget, but my 5x7 Ebony SV57U will use lenses from 55mm on a 10mm...
  37. Re: 210 APO Sironar-W & 210 Fujinon W (inner lettering) = 10 Fold price Difference...

    I've done it on the 180mm Apo Sironar-S versus the 180mm Fuji-W (inner lettering). I didn't test coverage, but could.

    Resolution was tested by photographing a page with text in fonts from 4 to 24...
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    Re: Goerz Celor

    Thanks Dan, I was hoping you'd post.

    I have a copy. What I'm not getting out of it is that is there anything different about the Celor as opposed to the others, other than maximum aperture? For...
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    Goerz Celor


    Just curious after doing some browsing and looking at specifications and comments. I began thinking about it after reading an offhand comment that the Fuji C series was a Celor design.
  40. Re: What is the lens (with a shutter) that has the smallest depth of field

    There are uncommonly seen 360mm/36cm f:4.5 tesars (Schneider Xenars for example) in Compound #5 shutters. I also had S.K. Grimes put a 36cm f:4.5 Heliar into a Compound #5. You might post a WTB ad...
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