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    Re: Help Request : Film Choice

    I use FP4 and Pyrocat-HD as well. Work with what you pick for awhile.

    Read this:
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    Re: Bender 8x10 Camera

    I built and used the 4X5 Bender back in 1996 when it was one of the only options to get into LF for little money. The 8X10 version appears to be an "upsized" version of the 4X5. Although you are...
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    Re: Forum Growth.....or not?

    I see something absolutely new and hilarious every time I watch it. Last time:

    General Ripper: "Mandrake! Get over here! The Redcoats are coming!"
    Then it dawns on me that Mandrake is a...
  4. Re: 25th Anniversary of the Large Format Photography Forum

    Unbelievable! I remember the split from - we were all dialing in on our 56k baud modems. Or sneaking a peek from the blazing fast T1 connection at work. The split from the other forums...
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    Re: Hello from another Seattlite

    Welcome Jason!

    Lots of us lurking around the area. This forum is a GREAT resource.

  6. Re: A question for our resident sensitometry experts

    Hey Rob,

    I got priced out of platinum and have a large stash of palladium to keep me going for awhile. I started with kallitypes about 15 years ago and may move back - I think it is an excellent...
  7. Re: A question for our resident sensitometry experts

    Hey Rob,

    I follow Dick Arentz's book and technique for my own work and agree it is an excellent resource. My experience is similar - to get the higher density and density range for pt/pd I am way...
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    Re: A D-76 observation---any guesses?


    - I have been mixing my own D-76H ( recipe), Pyrocat HD, and D-72 (Dektol) from scratch. Get a digital scale, some basket coffee filters, and look up Art Craft Chemicals. ...
  9. Re: Is it worth it to use the Speed Graphic handheld from time to time?

    I have been hand holding the Speed Graphic pretty much all the time. The scans are too large to post here, but if you want to see the negative detail from an El Vez performance (always entertaining...
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    Re: Service manual for Grafmatic 4x5

    I have a dead Grafmatic (broken springs) and cannibalized the septums. If you need some replacement parts off the back let me know.

  11. Re: Replacements for Edwal FG-7 & Neofin Blue

    Nothing in 3rd or 4th Edition of the Darkroom Cookbook about Edwal FG-7. There is a thread about how hard it was to manufacture Edwal FG-7:
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    Re: How wide can I go with a Bender 4x5

    I remember building a set of adapters to the front standard of my Bender to allow the lens placement to recess. I rented some really wide angle lenses and it worked fine. Let me see if I still have...
  13. Re: Developing with Jobo 2509n tanks on CPE2+ vs. SP-445 tanks

    I have used the 2509n and loader in the 2500 tanks for about 15 years with no problems. I never used the panels (wings?) until I got a pair in an auction with other Jobo stuff. I tried them but it...
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    Re: Contact Printing Using the Sun?

    The closest thing to AZO at this point is Lodima (amidol spelled backwards - which I have tried and like. There is another slow silver chloride paper in the market -Adox Lupex. Have not...
  15. Re: Just bought large quantities of powder to make PyrocatHD

    The historical consensus appears to be there are no differences in development quality between distilled water and glycol when using PyrocatHD.

    If the OP is mixing Pyrocat HD from component...
  16. Re: Where to process 8x10 color negative film in the USA?

    I use the JOBO CPP2 unit and follow the time and temperature recommendations to the letter to maintain consistency. There are members who may be rotating the drum manually - the problem is keeping...
  17. Re: Where to process 8x10 color negative film in the USA?

    I use the Tetenal C-41 kit in the JOBO. I use the 2830 print drum for 8X10 negatives, and like many others, have not had a problem developing film in this print tank.
    Others may advise the JOBO...
  18. Re: Graflex Crown 4x5 focusing scales question

    Unscrew the scales from the rail and look at the serial number on the underside - you will probably see 30881-7 or something similar.

    Go to...
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    Re: Beat place to buy SP-445 4x5 Tank?

    I was at the Hollywood store last month. It's kind of a "this is what I remember photo supply places were like" experience. It is definitely not a "beat" place. The beatniks and their beat poetry...
  20. Re: Mickey Mouse Reversing fingers on JOBO drove me nuts long enough

    Wow! Just got out of the darkroom after dealing with an episodic issue I have with the JOBO CPP fingers and see this! I am going to give it a try Jim.
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    Re: UV exposure boxes

    Bill - Where are you located? I have a unit I built from a light table - took out the original bulbs and rewired it with a dense bank of florescent UV bulbs. Turned it upside down on 2X4s on 3 of...
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    Re: Hello from Seattle!

    Welcome to Seattle Hayden! See you around!
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    Re: Weegee fact or? 1/200 with flashbulbs?

    OK - I am game to try.

    I have the 1946 Speed Graphic with Ektar 127mm lens and Supermatic shutter (I know -too new). Flash with 7-inch polished reflector. The #50 bulbs on hand are S (slow peak)...
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    Re: Perceptol in Jobo

    Sal - Are you using a JOBO? If so, which of the settings (P,F, 1-7) translates to 45 rpm? Do you set it so it rotates in one direction or changing direction?
  25. Re: Converting Graflex 3 cell flash into electronic bare bulb flash

    Are flashbulbs dead? I purchase them by the case from ebay and use them with my Graflex 2 and 3 cell flash handles. The M2, M3B and other miniature base bulbs (with converters) work well in the...
  26. Re: Flash Bulbs, Gear Info, Images of Gear & Guide Number Data

    One thing to consider when testing is that these bulbs are 30-40-50 years old and may not give off a consistent amount of light. I do a lot of flashbulb photography with Crown and Speed Graphics and...
  27. Re: The black & white transparency process and dr5 - who's used it/them?

    I used to do this process quite a bit 5-10 years ago. The technique is not difficult, but I found it hard to get consistent results. The basic develop, bleach, clear, 2nd exposure, 2nd development,...
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    Re: Show your SPEED GRAPHICs!

    I don't have a problem with collecting Graphics... I can stop at any time....

    The Speed Graphic's serial number and lens both appear to indicate 1946:


    The side rangefinder Crown...
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    Re: Just got a Crown Graphic

    Fuji instant film with the 405 is a great way to go. I went to a couple weddings this summer with the Crown Graphic, instant film and flashbulbs. The old folks remember and really enjoy seeing...
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    Re: Sandy Kings book on carbon printing

    Bruce - I have a copy. "The Book of Carbon and Carbro - Contemporary Procedures for Monochrome Pigment Printmaking" Signed by the author! Sandy's article on his website covers a lot of it, but if...
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    Re: Platinum/Palladium printing.

    I would encourage anyone starting out to try kallitype printing. It is very similar process but with silver nitrate rather than platinum/palladium (Pt/Pd). Combining Pt/Pd will run $7.00 US per...
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    Re: Photography Locations In The Seattle Area?

    Hello Professional,

    You mentioned coming out to the Pacific Northwest a while ago. I assume you didn't make it out last year and are making new plans. I hope you get a chance to make it.
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    Re: Me and my 'dorff V8---17 years

    Built the 4X5 Bender in the fall of 1997. It was what I could afford at the time. Took it across the USA, up to Alaska, through Europe and Southeast Asia. It is simple, light, and still takes fine...
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    Re: Pacific Northwest trip help

    Hello Professional!

    You have a set of folks here who live and photograph throughout the region you are coming to. If you are coming and going from Seattle you are welcome to meet up with me,...
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    Re: Reeking film holders

    Is that the same smell that you get when you go to Harbor Freight tools? That rubber out gas smell?
  36. Re: The 10(+) most useful “tips-to-self” before taking the shot

    I feel so much better hearing someone else does this! It is my personal, chronic dumb move. I kick the tripod after the darkslide has been removed before exposure.Then I sit there and debate...
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    Re: Hey, 'Sup Everybody?

    Hi Racer X,

    Luckily we talk about Speed Graphics instead of Speed Racer. He still doesn't know that you are his brother, right?
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    Re: Just a guy seeking info on old bulbs

    A bunch of us use the old 4X5 Graphic cameras as well as flashbulbs, so you are at the right place.

    A good place to get some general info is:

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    Re: Bill Schwabs Kickstarter Project

    Sent in my pledge. Looks like it is getting close!
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    Re: Large Format in Seattle

    Adam! Shhh!
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