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    Re: Mountain Lion near Santa Cruz

    60 lb is pretty small for a mountain lion, it could have been juvenile, sick, or a runt as Drew says. Typically a healthy adult will avoid people and not attack them. State wildlife departments...
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    Re: Mountain Lion near Santa Cruz

    The park is in the Santa Cruz range, but not really that close to Santa Cruz city. Mountain lion kills (of deer, not photographers) are relatively common on the UC Santa Cruz campus, and there are...
  3. Re: Caltar II-N 210mm f5.6 aperture scale help

    f-number is focal length divided by apparent diameter of the aperture as viewed from the front. The apparent diameter can be different from the physical diameter of the aperture. Sometimes the front...
  4. Re: Check Your Ground Glass ~ Film Holders for Registration! Simple, Important and F

    The formula on the page was for the dispersion, giving the refractive index change as a function of light wavelength. That's something a lens designer needs to worry about, but...
  5. Re: Check Your Ground Glass ~ Film Holders for Registration! Simple, Important and F

    The converging beam from the lens to the focal plane converges less strongly as it travels through the glass. That means it forms an image on the back side of the glass, that is slightly farther away...
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    Re: Ansel Adam's books...what version??

    There was an "old" or original Ansel Adams photography series published in the 1940s or 50s. It was 5 books instead of 3, and the physical size of the books was smaller. It's a historical piece at...
  7. Re: 8x10 Tripod that Won't Break the Bank, But May Break my Back

    Manfrotto still makes big tripods, B&H has them in the pro video section.

    I have a 3021, it's perfectly serviceable, but it isn't super light. The leg set is almost 6 pounds. Weigh your mondo...
  8. Re: Is it worth it to use the Speed Graphic handheld from time to time?

    Thanks for that!

    Also, with reference to the Canadian Lieutenant photo posted above, it is proven that your pictures will be sharper if you can pull off wearing a snappy beret, and even if they...
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    Re: Close up lens, how do they work?

    On a fixed mount camera (like a 35mm SLR type camera), if you put a close-up lens in front of a normal lens, you can focus close-up but not at infinity.

    On a view camera, if you put a closeup lens...
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    Re: Post your signs Valley, California, 2001 by reddesert64, on Flickr
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    Re: Close up lens, how do they work?

    The close up lens adds additional power to the primary lens. You can think of this as making the combined focal length shorter - shorter focal length lenses are more strongly curved and bend light...
  12. Re: (Micro-Mark Mega Mini R8) Milling machine for fabricating parts... advice needed.

    I learned to use machine tools in a college lab class; that was a long while ago and I couldn't operate one now without a substantial refresher. Maybe youtube videos help. Nevertheless, my two cents...
  13. Re: Please Help Identify "Type Y" Caltar Lens

    I recently found one of those in the 240/6.8 form. As you found it is generally thought to be a Rodenstock Ysarex, and Ysarex appears to have been Rodenstock's trade name for Tessar-like lenses. The...
  14. Re: Need Advice Re : First ever visit to South Rim of GrandCanyon in January

    Hermit's rest road info:, says "improved in 2008."

    The Grand Canyon is great in winter, it will be cold at the rim, but you're from Toronto....
  15. Re: Suggestions for a low cost incident light meter

    The Gossen Luna Pro Digital is a nice, compact, light meter that can do incident. It uses 1xAA which is really convenient! The current version is called Sixtomat F2 and costs about $190 new, which is...
  16. Re: Travelers: New X-ray machines WILL ruin your film

    Lately, I have been getting flagged a lot when I carry food through a (US, TSA) security checkpoint. I often carry something like sandwiches or fruit through the checkpoint, and recently if it's in...
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    Re: Months-away tide prediction site or app?

    Go to
    Search for your place name, for example the Santa Cruz CA station is...
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    Re: FB Enlarging paper availability at B&H

    I haven't been there in years (I live on the other side of the country), but I'm sure there's something to look at. Although the art gallery scene in Manhattan has changed a lot, there would surely...
  19. Re: Travelers: New X-ray machines WILL ruin your film

    There's not been any evidence posted that it affects light meters. That was brought up in post #19, but the poster did not offer any reason for being concerned that the X-ray machine would affect...
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    Re: Lens board too thin

    What kind of lens board / how thick? Are you sure there is no anti-rotation pin sticking out of the back of the shutter? A Copal shutter will often fit on a fairly thin lens board, but sometimes...
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    Re: batteries for Calcu Light meter

    Search better or in a more directed fashion.
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    Re: Focus Shift For Infra-Red

    You're burning film right now without knowing the focus shift.

    You need to set up a static subject - try a yardstick (meter stick if not US) laid out at say a 45 degree angle to the camera, with...
  23. Thread: Tripod Holes

    by reddesert

    Re: Tripod Holes

    Sandstone is pretty fragile and friable. The boulder is probably in a lot of little pieces somewhere below the arch. Even granite typically breaks up during rockfall - that's where all the talus...
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    Re: Focus Shift For Infra-Red

    I don't have any direct experience with UV photography. Pretty much every lens is going to have a focus shift in the UV and IR, and the sense of the focus shift will usually be shorter focal length...
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    Re: Focus Shift For Infra-Red

    Every 35mm and medium format lens I have looked at with an IR focusing mark requires the lens to move further away from the film for the IR, ie the lens has a longer focal length in the IR. ...
  26. Re: Strategies in Cold - During and After Shoot

    You may like to read Kodak's tech publication on photography in arctic conditions: , but keep in mind that it's mostly written for conditions much colder...
  27. Re: Linhof Technika 4x5 parts... Need 2 screws... Hard to get!

    What is the thread on that screw? You may be able to get a plain screw with the same threading but not the hole as a stock item. I don't know exactly how that fits together, but I'd be concerned...
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    Re: Lens Not Focusing, What is the Cause?

    Some lenses do have smaller rear groups than front groups. Pictures of the lens, and how it is mounted and the camera setup, would be helpful in diagnosing the problem.

    You can try measuring the...
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    Re: Single Travel

    That's a fat bear!

    I've hiked and backpacked in a number of places, and outside of campgrounds, only ever seen one bear (black bear), and he ran away as they often do. In the areas of California...
  30. Re: Gitzo 1371 3-way head has two locking knobs?

    Use the smaller knob to adjust the friction on the tilt movement of the head. Depending on the weight and balance of your camera, you should be able to adjust it so it moves smoothly without tipping...
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    Re: 4x5 pinhole help

    You have an f/280 pinhole. You want to get to about f/2000. This is about a factor of 7-8 in f-number, which is about 6 stops of exposure. You need two 3-stop ND filters, or something like a red...
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    Re: Gitzo matching legs and heads (R3)

    A 3 series tripod, which will be labeled "Studex." Gray hammertone legs most probably.

    I have a similar head but the smaller R. No. 2 and series 2 (Reporter) legs. Your head has longer handles on...
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    Re: Single Travel

    I spend some time outside in national parks/forest, hiking, trail running (not with an LF camera!), and so on. The things I worry most about and carry stuff to deal with are:
    - being caught out...
  34. Re: How different are Tessars from different companies?

    Dan answered this question but I will offer a slightly different phrasing. Lens design involves optimizing some parameters that the designer can control to satisfy a set of constraints. Parameters...
  35. Re: Camera confusion: Beginner Puzzles over Chamonix et al

    I'd suggest buying and reading a book like Steve Simmons's "Using the View Camera." This will go over some of the differences between camera types, the various movements and their effects, and the...
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    Re: Odd lensboard sizes

    The SK Grimes webpages on lensboards are a good reference - go to, click on "Lens Boards" on the left, and then browse through the types.

    It matters a...
  37. Re: Focusing Issues with Nikkor T-ED 360/500/720 lens?

    The amount of motion of the circle of coverage is not the same as the motion of the focused image on the groundglass. The former is caused by the angle of the lens. The latter is caused by the...
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    Re: Photography log/database setup

    Suggest trying a spreadsheet app on your phone. Google Sheets would probably be the easiest to try: free, and meets your desire for hosting the database online with instant sync between entry and...
  39. Re: Where does one get custom ground glass from these days?

    I bought a pound of 600 grit silicon carbide for US$8 from a local lapidary and rock shop (as HMG is suggesting). That's enough grit to last a lifetime. Tried it for the first time recently, and it's...
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    Re: Minimal chem for 8x10 dev

    The datasheet that Pere posted the link to, says that the capacity of D-76 1:1 is per 1 liter: 2 8x10 sheets per liter in a tray, or 2 rolls of 135-36 or 120 in a small tank. Each roll has film area...
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