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  1. Re: Contact printing “how-to” but as a final product, not a proof.

    I just got mine too! Heavy as a phonebook though... Now just waiting on the Van Dyke kit to start. Very well written too.
  2. Re: Contact printing “how-to” but as a final product, not a proof.

    Pete, I’ve ordered that book — apparently only 3 left in Canada! Jim, thanks for the Van Dyke suggestion — I had an alternate process book that I’d been afraid of and looked up Van Dyke and it does...
  3. Re: Contact printing “how-to” but as a final product, not a proof.

    Right now I use an enlarger as a light source. Way out of focus. Grade 2 filter and then up or down -- maybe I should be starting with grade 3 then since it was pointed out that we want more...
  4. Contact printing “how-to” but as a final product, not a proof.

    I’ve done some searching on this forum, but I can’t see any how-to tips on contact printing as a final product. I love a contact print that you can stare at forever and fall into! Can you point me to...
  5. Re: 8x10 Film Holder - Stuffing Coming Out - Can I Fix?

    Thanks John and Randy! It is really just simple velvet in there? I guess that would be worth the danger or drilling the rivets out. And I will be prepared for springs jumping then.

    Thank you,
  6. 8x10 Film Holder - Stuffing Coming Out - Can I Fix?

    I have some old film holders. The Kodak and Agfa are fine, but two B&J have the stuffing coming out. The seal that the dark-slide fits into in the collar(?) at the top. I think it is stuffed with bat...
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    Re: 2x3 B&W Film in Canda?

    Thank you for the ideas -- it's nice to know they do still make it.
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    2x3 B&W Film in Canda?


    I've been out of it for a while (small child and all) and to ease back in, I found the most amazing 2x3 outfit and had a stash of outdated film in the freezer. Turns out when a freezer breaks,...
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    Soft focus lenses

    I don't know about the Cooke, but I have 2 Veritos and they are amazing. I tried the smudge, nail-polish on a filter, and mesh -- it's not the same animal at all. One is fuzzy, and the other...
  10. Graflex/Wollensak Speed-O-Scope Shutter

    I picked one of those up myself thinking it would make an auxiliary shutter. I have it on my desk at work and click it from time to time for transportation to my happy place -- now I know that...
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    W.Wegman Vancouver

    I just went to see William Wegman's prints in Vancouver (6th and Granville next to Beau). I know, some people thing dogs and dismiss. Anyhow, amazing. The portraits of the pair of dogs is amazing....
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    Toyo service - Canada

    Sorry, my question was more general, about the specific repair place -- I guess a bit OT. I hadn't heard of a place so close to me is all, and the web site looked pretty good.
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    Toyo service - Canada

    I've been looking for some place for service -- Do you recomend Brighouse. They are fairly close (Richmond only seems about 200 miles from Burnaby... but I get lost -- no mountains to find North!)
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    Pres Release from Ilford

    I liked the press release better than the translation. I guess I'll sell my gear and take up alcoholism. Agfa, Kodak iffy, and now Ilford. Dean
  15. Traditional Black and White / View Camera Magazine / Kerfuffle

    I totally miss the point of attacking SS?
  16. Traditional Black and White / View Camera Magazine / Kerfuffle

    Hi: I think that with View Camera, Camera Arts, and Lens Work one has a pretty good overview.

    I think that View Camera lost its heart a while ago, and I stopped reading it, but it's back and...
  17. Canadians, where do you buy your 8x10 film?

    Last time was Lens and Shutter -- I phoned and the guy said "I happen to have the rep here" and that was that. I don't shoot much of it though, and the place changes every day.

    I hate Leo's, but...
  18. Adams and Photoshop - Photo Techniques Jan/Feb 2004

    Mark dug up the quote I kept thinking of which leads me to believe he probably would have, but the theme of this thread seems to be:

    “Why would anyone care if Adams would use digital?”

    It may...
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    Learning from Prints or Hagiography

    We have a great gallery around here called Presentation House in North Van that often has shows of BC photographers and international ones. They have a show on photography of the internment camps by...
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    Building a 12 in x 12 in camera

    I recall someone saying on the pinhole forum that you can use sheets of cibachrome paper -- though after much searching, I never found the link -- if you do find it, I'd be interested myself.
  21. Which old lens would make this kind of image?

    I think the filter adapter will work, but it will not be as satisfying as the lens. Try the adapter, but it is a totally different animal.
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    "I don't know that it is "pictorialism", since that was an attempt to mimic impressionistic paintings." Steve, that was one Pictorialist's version of what it its. It is the photography of light, ...
  23. Advice Need for Aspiring Photographer's Assistant

    I apologize, I was off topic. Best of luck Sa. Dean
  24. Advice Need for Aspiring Photographer's Assistant

    I'm an amateur so I don't know about the other stuff, but this caught my attention:

    "I have NO way of getting a formal education from college"

    Now admissions is what I do, and so many people...
  25. is there any traditional photography digital can not replace?

    "technology has given the average person the ability to make CD- quality recordings in their own homes at a price anyone can afford. "

    But photographicaly, I have that now. Hey, maybe my old...
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    Old 4x5 sheet film donations?

    Ohhh, pulling the wrong darkslide, that's like bending a finger nail backwards. It's the worst. Ouch!!! Dean
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    Stand or sit

    It depends on what you are wearing, If I am wearing a white shirt and black pants, I stand, if I'm weraring a black shirt and no ... well you get the idea. Dean
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    Homebrewing A Soft Focus Lens

    I know the common answer on this site (and it always bothers me) is "Buy New Gear", so i say this most hestantly, but: Buy a soft foucs lens -- I've done a lot of experimenting, and there ain't...
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    Homebrewing A Soft Focus Lens

    I read an article in Shutterbug a couple of years ago -- probably 3 or so -- about two close-up filters and inter-sleved toilet paper tubes to make your own. I've also read about someone who left...
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    Something to think about

    Again, poping up to defend pictorialists, someone, anyone, look at a print from one. One by John Vanderpant caused an asthma atack. Don't take thoes kinds of pictures if you don't like them, but...
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    cliche in landscape photography

    I am reminded of a previous poster's coment on "epic". Thoes shots are epic. Epic comes not from WD Griffith's long movies, but from the old poems -- often the same poem. My favorite epic is Orlado...
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    Wildlife and underwater with LF

    On the pin-hole forum someone talked about using a paint can full of water, under water -- the theory being that it's OK for the film to get wet. A big sheet of film in a paint can. Maybe not what...
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    Changing Tent Material

    I tried the emergency blanket to block off a window -- it isn't light tight. Mabye I got the cheep kind though. Dean
  34. Bypassing conventional, going directly to digital.

    Rather than an audio analogy, and keeping in mind that I am an amature, I'm reminded of my old cars... not the ones I have now, I don't have one, but the ones I used to have. I would be out every ...
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    What attracts you to B&W?

    FW hit it on the head: Epic.

    If Milton, Ariosto, or Tasso were photographers, they would use LF. Milton would certianly use B&W (possibly wet plate). An LF in B&W shouts "Of man's first...
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    Why not colour?

    Here, I pipe up with the sharp people. For colour, it should be sharp -- no soft focus here. That said, the best colour pictures I've seen arn't at all documentery -- no Farm Service detail, but...
  37. Why are we so concerned about sharpness?

    I guess even for me there is an obsession to this. I don't care about sharp, but I still need a big negitive. I don't want grain, and I want the nice tone. Good pictorial work has to be almost...
  38. Why are we so concerned about sharpness?

    Neo-Pictorialist. Don't wan't noth'n in focus. Don't care. Long live the soft-focus lens!!! Verito or bust! Dean
  39. What do you think the next real revolution in photography?

    So, you're talking about one ot thoes 3-d sculpting machines like on Jurasic park III -- but colour! Dean
  40. Does large format inhibit your creativity?

    My photo's ... none of them are in focus -- worked hard to do it to. Here's the thing. If your photo is the target, you can machine gun with a 35mm and after 36 exposures get a hit, or you can use...
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