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    Bergger Film Developer?

    Bergger's 8X10 film is $45/box of 25 cheaper than Ilford's HP5+. At that, I'd like to try Bergger, but I don't know what developer to use. Does one of the myriad of Formulary developers work, or is...
  2. Manual for Beseler DG-1 Colorhear Needed

    I am in need of a manual---ideally a service manual with parts information--for Beseler DG-1 colorhead, Model 8145 (the blue one). Even an operators/installation manual would be a help. I was given...
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    Tripod Head Needed for 8X10

    I'm building a flatbed 8X10, mostly wood, all possible movements, primarily for landscape work. It will weigh in excess of 10 pounds: with lens and filmholder, possibly closer to 15. I am primarily...
  4. 8X10 Wood Eastman Kodak Filmholder Size?

    I am building an 8X10, and I've found a very nice ground glass/filmholder assembly from a 1903 Rochester Optical/Eastman Kodak camera. It will mount on the frame for the bellows (which I've designed...
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    Darkroom Web Site Opens

    Yesterday's email brought a message from, a brand-new worldwide registration site for folks who have darkrooms and would like to share them--or want a darkroom to use--or offer...
  6. Re: Any LF Photographers in Northern CA (Santa Rosa area)?

    I guess it's just a matter of shopping around. I have a good friend who's a member of the Palo Alto Camera Club, and loves it: great bunch of people. But he does most of his work with a group of...
  7. Re: Any LF Photographers in Northern CA (Santa Rosa area)?

    Wonderful! Thanks!! I think he's on the cover of last week's local paper!

  8. Re: Any LF Photographers in Northern CA (Santa Rosa area)?

    Thanks! I just signed up!

  9. Any LF Photographers in Northern CA (Santa Rosa area)?

    I'm new to Cotati, just south of Santa Rosa and 45 minutes north of SF. The local camera club is 100% digital. I'm also new to LF, and would be delighted to meet other LF photographers in my area.
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    Re: Betax #5 Threads

    Thanks. Sounds about right.
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    Betax #5 Threads

    I'm planning to mate a Petzval to a Betax #5 shutter, for which I need to machine an adapter ring. The Petz has a flange, so no problem affixing it to the adapter, but the Betax has female threads,...
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