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    Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    tuco, I love the humorous juxtaposition of that sign and the porta potty! Made my day!!
  2. Re: 8x10 Field Camera which uses Sinar Lensboards?

    The Intrepid 8x10 is compatible with Sinar boards.
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    Re: BTZS Tubes in daylight

    I've only ever used the 8x10 tubes and, like others, I've always moved to stop and fix in dim light without any issues. In the fix, I'll roll the tube back-n-forth for about a minute, then removing...
  4. Re: Film and winter temperature swings going on location

    When working LF in the cold, I always considered anything down to zero as simply cold and below zero as extreme cold; especially if any wind is blowing! I once made a landscape image where the...
  5. Re: Film and winter temperature swings going on location

    As domaz said, condensation and slowing shutters are probably your biggest concerns. I haven't worked in extreme cold for over 20 years, but back when I did I kept everything in the trunk of my car...
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    Re: Video: Testing Old Polaroid Type 55


    I finished my last couple of boxes a few years ago. Had a few sheets where I was missing image area due to inconsistent chemical spread, but I didn't care! Type 55 was a truly spectacular film...
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    Re: Moving to Ilford from Kodak, begrudgingly…

    I, too, have been a long time user of Kodak films--Tri-X, in my case. I've shot Tri-X in all formats from 120 roll to 8x10 since the late '70's. I'm now down to my last 200 sheets of 4x5 and, maybe,...
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    Re: 510 Pyro 1 Hour Stand

    FWIW, I've used 510 pyro off-and-on for many years and recently tried processing 120 roll film using the Rudiger Hartung semi-stand method as championed by Zone Imaging Lab (UK). I'll be kind and say...
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    Re: Continuos Agitation?

    Yes, the Expert Drum spinning on a motor base is continuous agitation. I have a CPP-2, but I've read of many users having success with these drums and a motor base. According to Jobo, if you use a...
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    Re: Fujinon lenses - EBC coating & Shutters

    Personally, I've never noticed any visible image differences between my single coated Fuji lenses vs other multi-coated LF lenses I own; as long as one is aware of flare situations as mentioned...
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    Re: Taking film in and out of the freezer

    I've done that with sheet film for 40+ years without issue. When I'm finished loading the holders, I put the film back in the bag, run my hand from the closed end to the open end to get as much air...
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    Re: Grafmatic Back Operation

    Your sequence looks good to me. As j.e.simmons already commented, I would stress to have the camera pretty much level when you cycle the back as I've found having the camera pointed down is generally...
  13. Re: Monalog photography group looking for new members

    My sincere apologies to the group. I obviously misunderstood the wording of the original post.
  14. Re: Monalog photography group looking for new members

    Don't quite understand how you're strengthening the diversity of your group by limiting it to photographers 35 and younger.
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    Re: Using filters on LF lenses

    I, too, have used gel filters behind the lens for 40+ years. But, in this case the filter I need is very specific and can only be obtained as a glass filter. I looked at all the lenses I plan to use...
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    Re: Using filters on LF lenses

    Thank you, all. Front it is!
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    Using filters on LF lenses

    For 40+ years now, I've always held thin gel filters against the front of the lens whenever I needed a filter (don't actually use 'em all that often.) I have a need to use a glass filter because my...
  18. Re: Modified Surveying Tripod, Dutch Hill_Bolex.

    I've used the photo version of the Dutch Hill for 8x10 for many years. It's weight to performance ratio punches well above its class. I've been totally satisfied with it.
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    Re: Shanghai Film Caffenol Processing

    I've only ever developed Fomapan 100 (4x5) in Caffenol and it works fine. I've shot quite a bit of GP3 in 120 format and like the results in D-23. If you want to try a different developer, as...
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    Re: Shanghai GP3: First Impressions

    I shoot it fairly regularly in 120 format and really like the results developed in D-23. Not my "go to" film either, but when I feel like running light I toss a roll into my Zeiss folder and I'm good...
  21. Re: Arca-Swiss Lens Board Adapter and Lens Board Compatibility

    Wow, that's a lot of good info re: Arca lens board adapters. I wish I could find a 110mm 6x9 adapter that would accept a standard Technika lens board. I tried the one from Luland, but it didn't fit...
  22. Re: Printing Glass Plates: How to avoid breakage?

    I would try simply laying the glass plate on the paper. I've done this for proof prints to be filed with the glass plate, but have yet to attempt a fine print from one. If some pressure becomes...
  23. Re: Over the years - sheet film holders question - your most preferred and maintenanc

    I have no particular preference other than for ones that don't leak! ;) Over the years, I've used Fidelity Elite and Toyo in 4x5 and Lisco Regal, Lisco Regal II, and Fidelity Elite in 8x10. I do...
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    Re: Wet Scan Solutions

    Don't know if it's available in your country, but I use PEC-12 and film specific wipes to clean my film when necessary.
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    Re: 210mm 4x5" ... Which one?

    IMO, you would be hard pressed to see any quality difference between any of the modern 210mm LF lenses. Nothing wrong with the Nikon 210mm. I would suggest you do a lot of shooting with it and only...
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    Re: Jobo 3005 8x10 streaks on negative

    Try to be as consistent as possible with the rotation; not too fast nor too slow. Another idea might be to spin the tank in a water bath which would provide some bobbing action as well as rotation....
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    Re: Anyone else printing smaller?

    I usually print 35mm to 5x7, square format to about 7x7, and contact print both 4x5 and 8x10. I rarely make a print as large as 10x13" and made exactly one 16x20" enlargement from an 8x10 neg. So,...
  28. Re: Foma Classic paper and higher contrasts: anyone else having issues?

    I've printed hundred of sheets of Foma Variant 111 with my Aristo V54 cold light head and, most recently, with my Aristo VCL4500 cold light head and I've never noticed any particular contrast issues...
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    Re: Piece fell out from my Grafmatic

    It's been quite awhile since I've disassembled a Grafmatic, but that piece looks like the felt light seal that sits under the septum tray where it slides in/out. Kind of hard to explain here. If you...
  30. Re: Pyrocat HD - Differences/Effects between 1:1:100 and 2:2:100

    I've also seen a couple of posts and, I think a YouTube video or two, discussing a DIY type IR thing. You might want to poke around the 'net a bit, if you're interested.
  31. Re: Pyrocat HD - Differences/Effects between 1:1:100 and 2:2:100

    It's from a UK company named Nightfox and mine is the 119V. Unfortunately, I don't think this particular model is made any longer. My primary motivation for selecting this model is that the view is...
  32. Re: So stores/ebay sell 4x5 GG protectors but not 8x10?

    If you don't want to DIY it, Keith Canham sells a very nice gg protector. Back when I bought mine, IIRC it was $40.
  33. Re: Pyrocat HD - Differences/Effects between 1:1:100 and 2:2:100

    It varies, of course, by film and development technique, but, for example, for 8x10 Foma 100 I develop with tanks & hangers for 15 mins @21C (1:1:100) for normal silver printing, and for roughly the...
  34. Re: Pyrocat HD - Differences/Effects between 1:1:100 and 2:2:100

    Please allow me to be clear with this point... I, personally, and on my calibrated densitometer have never measured a true increase in film speed with any film/developer combo I've used. Have I tried...
  35. Re: Pyrocat HD - Differences/Effects between 1:1:100 and 2:2:100

    I use it at 2:2:100 for pt/pd printing and for use on silver chloride papers such as Lodima or Adox Lupex; 1:1:100 for everything else. I've never tried it myself, but I'd guess that 2:2:100...
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    Re: Capture 21 General Usefulness

    Yes, a 30 day trial is available. And, if you don't need or want the "Pro" version, there are less expensive versions of the product available.
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    Re: Capture 21 General Usefulness

    I have used Capture One since something like version 3; currently on 21. Personally, I find the results to be much more to my liking than other raw converters. Unlike Oren, I don't find the file...
  38. Re: My experience with 20th Century Camera's 5x7 reel

    FWIW, I had similar issues with the reel for 8x10. I always use inversion agitation with all formats in a tank and, with inversion agitation of the QL81 reel, I experienced uneven development and...
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    Re: Zone VI tripod questions

    Good advice! Yeah, my 8x10 Deardorff with the 360/6.8 Schneider Symmar-S lens attached was probably pushing that poor 'ole 3047 to its limit. Honestly, I used it for many years without a thought and...
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    Re: Zone VI tripod questions

    I own both of Fred's tripods--the "lightweight" and the standard--and use both for many years until I got older and moved on to carbon fiber. The top leg lockdowns on my lightweight tripod have never...
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