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    Re: 300mm lens 4x5" landscape

    How effective might this be when used with a 150mm Apo Symmar? How sharp is it with the Topcor?
  2. Re: First and hopefully only lens for landscape?

    And just to be sure, you want the 250mm with lettering inside the rim that has maximum aperture f6.7.
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    Re: Newcomers to LF: First Read The Book

    It think that there's a middle ground. For example, one could begin their venture into LF by engaging with color photography. In this case, some basic instruction in meter use, and also in camera...
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    Re: 450 mm Nikkor-M vs. Symmar-S 480 mm

    These lenses are optimized for infinity focus. How about an Apo-Ronar, a Red-Dot-Artar, or something like that? They're optimized for studio use.
  5. Re: Looking for advice/guides on digital to film (not inkjet)

    Years ago, using an "Imagesetter" enabled one to print a digital negative that had sufficient quality and resolution to contact print silver gelatin photographs. I've seen some large examples of...
  6. Re: COMPARISON: Fujinon W 250mm f6.7 & Fujinon A 240 f9

    What are you looking for in a lens? What other lenses do you have? I'm not sure about the Fuji A 240 f9, but the 240mm f6.7 is a single-coated lens. If you want multi-coating, look further. ...
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    Re: DIY Wehman Not for Profit

    In the late 90's, I saw a Kodak Master 8x10 camera at a swap meet to which this was done. Very creative and thorough. The camera was quite light-weight. I could have had the camera and both the...
  8. Re: Always go for the light stand with the heaviest weight rating?

    You might consider strobes with a power pack, versus mono-lights.

    Anymore, they're dinosaurs, so they don't cost much. The heads are light-weight, so no heed for heavy light stands. They're...
  9. Re: What is the Most Difficult Large Format Photography

    For me, definitely portraiture. I think that it all depend on one's own personality. I've done some nice portraits. But, I prefer photography where people are absent.
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    Re: Bogen/Manfrotto hex QR plates

    They are Bogen 3297 4"x4" plates. They've long been discontinued; but, they occasionally come up for sale or bid on EBay. They're an excellent option for flat bed cameras.

    I think a better...
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    Re: Monorail vs. Folding Camera Weight

    I've had my stint with 4x5 and smaller folding cameras, and I'm done with them.

    I began with a Linhof IV MF Technika. Nice camera, but some definite tradeoffs. I also had a Deardorff 5x7 camera...
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    Re: Current 4x5 enlarger options

    Craigslist is good, to avoid shipping costs. I just sold a Zone VI 5x7 enlarger, and it's a fairly heavy enlarger. But even for that sized enlarger, I was surprised to see that shipping costs are...
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    Re: Tripod for a folding 8x10

    I just sold two, excellent, heavy-duty Gitzo tripods, one on this site for $290, and one on EBay for $350. Both were the same and rated with a 33 lbs capacity. They were both cosmetically in poor...
  14. Re: Higher fog in rotary development of fiber-based paper?

    Might the same be true of film when developed in a Jobo, versus tray development?
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    Re: Tired of my ground glass

    Arca Swiss has a really excellent viewfinder experience, where they place the Fresnel lens between the ground glass and the lens. Normally, this will throw off the focus by a small amount. So, they...
  16. Re: Finding tripods for Large Format is kinda hard (daunting)? Favorite LF tripod?

    For heavier cameras like most 8x10s, that's good advice.

    But for lightweight cameras, a center column can be useful. I've used my Feisol CF tripod with it's center-column installed for Arca...
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    Re: Ilford HP5 PLUS processing

    I'll bet it could be distilled. :)
  18. Re: Is the rail on a Arca Swiss camera, the same as RRS parts? Are they interchangea

    Are you saying that Osawald rails will work well with Type II Classic F rails (that accept extensions) and clamp based brackets? I have no experience with this, so I'm curious.
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    Re: Lens Cleaner

    I have about a pint container of Kodak lens cleaner of old I purchased decades ago that s still about 3/4 full. In cleaning, I first blow off the surface. Then I moisten a micro-fiber cloth meant...
  20. Re: Is the rail on a Arca Swiss camera, the same as RRS parts? Are they interchangea

    Even Arca Swiss rails vary quite a bit. I have some Type I rails, where the function carrier will easily travel back and forth on the rail. (Using the geared focusing knob, of course.) I have...
  21. Re: Suggest a 12" (300mm) lens for portrait work on 8x10?

    Luis mentioned the 300mm G-Claron. A little older lens is a 300mm Repro Claron. (I recently saw one for sale on eBay.) Also, a 12" Red Dot Artar. Single coated, but very sharp at those distances....
  22. Re: Finding #3 shutter for G-Claron 355mm f/9

    My 355mm G-Claron was originally barrel mounted. Purchased from Kerry Thalmann, he mounted the front and rear elements into a Copal 3 intended for a 210mm lens. I believe this means that, to obtain...
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    Re: Wide angle lens hood?

    Which camera?
  24. Re: Popular Photogenic Sites/Locations in Yosemite NP

    Are there special rules in Ysemite for tripod photography?

    I know that this was a topic of conversation one time. But, I'm not sure how that came out.
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    Re: Mounting without a press?

    The Seal sized 201 dry mount press is a good way to go. I had one for years, and they last for years. There are ways to mount up to 16x20 or larger prints on even larger sized matte boards through...
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    Re: Refurbishing film drying cabinet

    I built my own using poplar and painting it to match my darkroom. Poplar's nice, because it comes perfectly cut with no warping, etc. Mine doesn't have any circulation, so I leave leave film in it...
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    Re: Good 210 for 4x5??

    Is this a Tessar? I think that the Nikon 200 M is a Tessar; not sure about the Fujinon L.

    If your interested in camera movements, I would not get a Tessar and would look torwards the Plasmats. ...
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    Re: Help the Architect

    Wo, I can see you're getting lots of ideas. Here are some more.

    My darkroom is a good example (I dare say) of a compact space. (See 1st photo.) The dimensions are close to 6'x8'. On the left...
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    Re: Why was 8x10 the standard for portraits?

    It was a standard for photos of movie stars displayed at theaters, because they didn't need to be enlarged. By making contact prints, they could print one right after another in rapid time.

  30. Re: 8x10 Photography Compared to 4x5 Photography?

    I'm wondering, what lenses come to mind?
  31. Re: 8x10 Photography Compared to 4x5 Photography?

    What I'm finding out in this thread, is that it isn't just about resolution. There are multiple important considerations when debating 8x10 versus other formats.
  32. Re: 8x10 Photography Compared to 4x5 Photography?

    These are all very telling observations, especially the last one. Not having photographed that much in 8x10, I was sort of dimly aware of some of them. But, Eric's comments puts them into very...
  33. Re: 8x10 Photography Compared to 4x5 Photography?

    For me, it's the different aspect ratio. I really dislike the 35mm aspect ratio of 2x3. 5x7 is only a quarter of an inch on each side away from that.

    I have thought of photographing in 5x6.25...
  34. Re: 8x10 Photography Compared to 4x5 Photography?

    That is just so cool. What a neat thing to do.
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    Re: Arca Swiss A Or B 8x10

    Something else for which I keep an eye peeled. As Arca Swiss shifted from Oschwald type cameras to Classic F cameras, they sometimes introduced intermediate models that have characteristics of both...
  36. Re: 8x10 Photography Compared to 4x5 Photography?

    That's interesting. General opinion would suggest that the larger the format, the better the photograph. But, I suspect that the differing methodologies for the two formats have their own impact on...
  37. Re: Newbie Question - Should I develop film myself or send it to a lab?

    For me, any color film goes to a lab. Black and white film never goes to a lab.

    As one gets seriously into black and white, the need grows to being able to control contrast by varying...
  38. 8x10 Photography Compared to 4x5 Photography?

    For those experienced in both 8x10 and 4x5 photography, how do the methods and the types of scenes or subject matter photographed differ between the two formats?

    I know there's been quite a bit...
  39. Re: Getting ready to purchase enlarger lens/s

    I will. :)
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    Re: Arca Swiss A Or B 8x10

    Yeah, they come along once and a while. Keep looking. I search Arca [Cameras & Photo] on EBay sorted by highest priced items first. (Brings up camera stuff first, before the tons of cheap Arca...
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