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    Re: Social Media 101

    A good starter on instagram above. I'm nowhere near pro, but I've been "raised" by people that are pro. I just decided it's a stupid game to try to attain to the massive followings.

    Don't use...
  2. Re: New to this world, looking for advice.

    I'd start w/ 4x5. It's way cheaper than 8x10. Make sure you get along with it properly before investing in 8x10.
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    Re: Director's viewfinder APP

    I use the Magic Film Viewfinder app on android. It's OK, but does the trick. You can use many 35mm, MF and up to 4x5 cameras. More may be available if you unlock premium for a price. ...
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    Re: Elsa Dorfman Movie

    It really is an excellent movie!
  5. Re: "New" Agfa Ansco 8x10 Universal Back Mounting Issue

    Thank you all for the advice and pointers! Dugan is indeed correct. I unscrewed the rear standard from the tilt hinge and can get a better view of the bottom of it. There's a crack and the wood...
  6. Re: "New" Agfa Ansco 8x10 Universal Back Mounting Issue

    Yes that looks like the version I have, or similar to it. Thank you!

    Images below (sorry it's posting them rotated -90 degrees and I can't figure out how

    empty lower support 208671

  7. "New" Agfa Ansco 8x10 Universal Back Mounting Issue

    Hello all!

    I recently took possession of a cherry wood Agfa Ansco 8x10 Universal with the brass knobs, rails, etc. So far everything looks to be in good shape - all movements, knobs, etc move...
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    Re: E-6 labs in Utah or Colorado?

    Mike's Camera in Denver and Colorado Springs also process E-6 film.
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    Re: Canon pro 1000 for digital negatives

    I've done considerable research on whether I could use my Pro-10 for digital negatives. Almost all of my research has come back with the following result from the Internet: "you can only use Epson...
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