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  1. Re: How to avoid splotches on edges of negatives from drying

    Use PhotoFlo or other wetting agent mixed with distilled water, not tap. Mix according to the instructions on the bottle, which for PhotoFlo is usually 1+200, very dilute.
    After your final wash in...
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    Re: The art of printmaking

    I have several books on printing which I refer to all the time for techniques and inspiration:
    1. "The Photographer's Master Printing Course" by Tim Rudman
    2. "Gradient Light" by Eddie Ephraums...
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    Re: Rocks and stones

    River Rocks
    8x10 Eastman View 2D, 250/6.3 Kodak Wide-Field Ektar lens
    Ilford Delta 100, HC110 Dil B
    Scan of Contact Print

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    Re: The Setup and the Shot

    8x10 Eastman View 2D with a 250/6.3 Wide-Field Ektar lens. Good tripod and a rock-solid head are a must for pointing the 8x10 down like this.


    I love the patterns on some of these rocks,...
  5. Re: Suggest a place that can make some developing tubes

    Like Dave mentioned, it's easy (and inexpensive) to make your own tubes from ABS pipe, caps and adapters from the hardware store.
    I bought 4x5 tubes from BTZS several years ago and have been happy...
  6. Re: Strange marks on re-washed negative that won’t come out?

    Was your Photo-Flo working solution a fresh mix? I've seen residue floating in working solution that was a month or more old.
    I think the age of the concentrate itself should not be an issue, as I...
  7. Re: Removing sheet film from rotary tubes question

    Sure Dan.
    I'd been really happy with the BTZS tubes for 4x5, so I figured I could make my own slightly larger tubes for 5x7. I didn't want to pay for the 8x10 BTZS tubes, which process both 5x7 and...
  8. Re: Removing sheet film from rotary tubes question

    I process 4x5 film in BTZS tubes, and 5x7 and 8x10 in home-made tubes. I've found that by lifting the corner of the sheet with a fingernail, I can easily grasp it with my fingertips. Sometimes the...
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    Re: (possibly) taking the large jump

    As Kent mentioned, there are many great older LF cameras out there. Often you can find 4x5 or 5x7 cameras for less than five hundred dollars, sometimes including the lens.
    Many older cameras have...
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    Re: 4 x 5 Contact Printing Question

    I've been using the new Ilford MGRC (V) paper for 8x10 contact prints and have been really happy with the results. I much prefer it over the older MGIV. I alternate between the RC and FB papers,...
  11. Thread: Still Life 2020

    by jim_jm

    Re: Still Life 2020

    Thanks! The wheels spin really fast in a crosswind. Not a good design for real road riding or time-trialing, you'd get blown off the road!
  12. Thread: Still Life 2020

    by jim_jm

    Re: Still Life 2020

    8x10 Eastman View 2D, 250/6.3 Wide Field Ektar
    Ilford Delta 100, HC110 Dil:H
    Scan of contact print on Ilford MGRC
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    Re: Glass plate negative storage

    I've been using glass negative storage boxes and archival-quality negative envelopes for 5x7 and 8x10 glass negatives from the following sources:...
  14. Re: Advice for mounting a Copal 3 on Kodak 2D board

    I usually cut a recess in the back of the board so the lock ring can fully engage the threads on the back of the shutter. Some shutters don't have enough threads to clear the thickness of the 2D...
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    Re: Shutter Servicing in 2020

    Carol at Flutot's has always been excellent.
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    Re: 5x7 Eastman View No.2 Back Curiosity

    I've also got a 5x7 No.2 that has the same back design for clipped ground glass. My GG is a replacement I ordered a few years ago, but doesn't seem to be as severely clipped as yours.
    Been using it...
  17. Re: Buying large format lenses... (Newby question)

    You can use any spanner wrench that'll fit the notches in the retaining ring that holds the lens to the board. I've also found that the inexpensive wrenches can work just as well as the...
  18. Re: ChromaGraphica Double Dry Plate Holder Kickstarter - Friday 9 August 2019 Noon la

    Received my 8x10 holder yesterday. The dark slides don't feel too tight, the tape doesn't look as nice as book-binders' tape but it seems light-tight.
    One recommendation is that the holders also be...
  19. Re: Exploring offering of black glass for ambrotypes, silver gelatin ambrotype kits.

    Yeah, I'd love to try these! Currently shooting your 5x7 and (soon) 8x10 dry plates.
  20. Re: Do I need to worry about really heavy lenses causing damage?

    Here's my 8x10 Eastman 2D with a 15 1/2" Wollensak Velostigmat. Rear lens group is about the same size as the front and weight is around 6 lb.
    The appropriate Packard shutter is too large to fit...
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    Re: Antique Lens research

    Drew, are you familiar with this site?
    The owner hasn't updated the blog in a few years, but there's lots of good information about antique lenses.
    He also advertises a lens collector's Vade Mecum...
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    Re: Show off your Large Format camera!

    Eastman View 2D 8x10 with a 15 1/2 inch Wollensak Velostigmat lens in a Studio shutter. The shutter is only open/close (no speeds) so I fitted a #8 Packard shutter to the front which gives me the...
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    Re: Restoring my "new" Agfa Ansco 8x10.

    I found that inserting the nails as far as possible was essential to smooth function of the focusing gear along the track. Even one nail that was protruding would jam the gear. A small chisel and...
  24. Thread: Gear inventory

    by jim_jm

    Re: Gear inventory

    Excel spreadsheets. Easy to filter and sort data and link information to other worksheets.
    I also track my film and paper inventory and update whenever I use a significant amount of either, or once...
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    Re: Restoring my "new" Agfa Ansco 8x10.

    The gear tracks on my Eastman 2D were held down with about 5 or 6 tiny nails. Hard to see the heads, but try to gently pry up the track at one end, then the other, and you may see the nails start to...
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    Re: Trying to Source Gear Rack for 8x10 Kodak 2D

    Ari, I was on the lookout for a rear bed extension for my 2D for awhile, and it look about 3 months to find one on eBay. They're out there, but you may have to search for awhile.
    The Eastman View...
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    Re: Interested in 4 x 5

    Lots of good information on the LFF Home page. For starting out with 4x5, you should be able to find a variety of cameras and other needed equipment for well under your budget.
    A good book to start...
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    Re: VCCE vs Color Head (for B&W)

    I don't think there's going to be any significant difference between a color or VCCE head for B/W printing. I use a color head on my LPL, but that's what it came with. I'm sure the VCCE head would be...
  29. Thread: 8x10 Progress

    by jim_jm

    Re: 8x10 Progress

    Nice results Kent!
    I also have a 2D 8x10 and was concerned with stability using other pan/tilt heads that have otherwise worked fine for 4x5. I wouldn't be able to handle this camera attached to a...
  30. Re: Fumbling towards a correct exposure for Dry Plates

    I found that I got better results by rating Jason's "regular" plates at ISO 1, rather than 2. This was with an older batch of plates from around a year ago, but they seemed to benefit from a bit more...
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    Re: Kodak 2D Light Leaks

    I've got a later 8x10 2D (1940's) and a 5x7 Eastman View #2 from before 1920, and they both use standard film and dry plate holders without any problem. Even though they're decades apart,...
  32. Re: Camera Selection: Tachihara, Toyo 45Aii or xxxxxx?

    Shen-Hao will also fall into your price range. Takes the very common Linhof Technika lens board design, of which there are plenty of copies on eBay and elsewhere.
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    Re: Months-away tide prediction site or app?

    Back when I was surfing a lot (before the internet), I always kept a tide chart booklet in the car. Had tide predictions for the entire year. These were readily found at every surf shop in...
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    Re: LPL 4500 or a....

    I don't have the 4500, but the smaller-format C670MXL, which will handle up to 6x7 negatives. Mine is the slightly older Saunders/LPL, versus the current name LPL, or Omega/LPL. They are all very...
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    Re: Omega D2 Questions

    This link may be of some help.
  36. Re: Which shutter-speed is park-position when not in use?

    I keep mine on T or B when not in use.
  37. Thread: Wet Plate 8x10

    by jim_jm

    Re: Wet Plate 8x10

    Wow, really nice results Kent!
    I'm using an 5x7 Eastman View #2 for dry plates and film, and an 8x10 Eastman View 2D with film only (so far) but I am getting some dry plate holders for this soon....
  38. Re: Wollensak 7inch 4.5 Velostigmat looking for front barrel or measurements

    Sure. It's an Optimo 3 shutter, speeds 1 - 1/300, T, B.
    Rear shutter thread (female) that accepts the rear element and spacer (male) is ~48mm diameter. The thread depth of the rear spacer is 3.5mm....
  39. Re: Wollensak 7inch 4.5 Velostigmat looking for front barrel or measurements

    Additional images:

  40. Re: Wollensak 7inch 4.5 Velostigmat looking for front barrel or measurements

    Here's the pics of my lens. As far as I can tell, the shutter is original spec for my lens and I've always gotten good results on my 5x7 Eastman View. You appear to have all the components of the...
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