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    Re: Toyo field 810m

    ...and I always hate seeing when guys just “slam” those film holders into place! Never made sense to me. Everything about the process is thoughtful and deliberate (for me) so I fail to understand why...
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    Re: Toyo field 810m

    True and very good instruction for proper use of the bail back and holder insertion; it’s what I do every time I make a picture. I never said that’s when I have an issue.
    We both solved the problem...
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    Re: Toyo field 810m

    I've been using the 810MII for 6 months and really enjoy using it. Very intuitive to use in the field and the fine rear focus is silky smooth. I do have one small gripe: I wish there were (2) tripod...
  4. Re: Which wood for a Chamonix F1 is better ... Teak or Maple?

    I think a lot depends on what color hardware the wood will be matched with. I think the maple with black is a bit too contrasting for my taste. I have the teak with gun metal grey hardware; it's a...
  5. Re: 150mm (ish) Lens Recommendations? Graflex Super Graphic

    Fujinon 135mm is a great inexpensive lens. I keep one on my supergraphic and have no complaints as it can easily handle any movements I can dish out with the camera. I have the older "inside...
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    Re: Horseman Board on Norma?

    Could be that the Norma has the twisted fiber/ yarn like light seal. Maybe this is just enough to not allow the board to seat just right. I too have had some trouble in the past trying to fit...
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    Re: Chip Hooper has passed

    Bummer...I bought one of his books a few years back at the Weston Gallery while on an excursion in Big Sur. Very ephemeral scenes that often times captured both the quiet and powerful nature of the...
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    Re: Large Format Landscapes

    This is beautiful and very interesting; the scale is quite deceiving! The scrub brush/bushes in the foreground give way to undoubtedly large geological forms, but the intermediate gradation to this...
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    Re: Fussy lens or sharp lens for this project?

    I actually like that the car came through the frame. It forces the eye to the static building that's in focus. It also seems to convey the theme of time passing the old, out dated theater by. Maybe...
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    Re: December 2014 Portraits

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    Re: New 8x10 camera review

    What I find really great about this camera is not the features it has or its price really, it's the fact that someone in 2014 has decided that it makes good business sense (due to demand) to start...
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    Re: Cheapskating into 5x7 ?

    Doesnt look like anyone has mentioned it, but why not look into a 5x7 conversion kit (or back and bellows) for your sinar. I've a Norma and wasn't even looking delve into 5x7 when a rear standard,...
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    Re: Backpack for Toyo 810M

    I'm shooting a Calumet C1 and was having trouble finding a pack for it. I had found a cheap padded nylon bag in the bargain bin of a local camera shop that fit the camera very snuggly. Then we went...
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    Re: tripod for a sinar p outside home

    I'll second the recomendation for the Induro. I use the largest aluminum series with a Gitzo low profile three-way head with my Calumet c1 8x10. This camera extended with a 480 red dot artar is a...
  15. Re: Improving the functionality of the Green Monster

    You guys are probably right about hacking the rail off a donor and being done with it. But unless the camera is completely trashed, I just can't bring myself to cannibalize one. And a whole separate...
  16. Improving the functionality of the Green Monster

    ... Or Black Beast...or commonly known as the Calumet C1 8x10. Despite its weight, this camera is a joy to use. It's design is simple but very effective and once used to its setup and controls can be...
  17. Re: Newer Sinar focusing screen frame fit a Norma?

    I've been searching for the same thing. I've a Norma with a spring back and want to install an international back so I can use my roll film holder. I bought a metering back minus ground glass and...
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    Re: On craft and life.

    My browser brings up Jiro Dreams of Sushi. If this is the film you're referring to, then I whole heartily agree.
    There is a lot to be said for the art in taking a craft to its highest level. Even...
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    Re: Any experience w/ Toyo TPM tripod head

    I picked up a different one than the listing and am waiting for it to arrive. Since I can't find ANYTHING about it, I'm really interested in its features. My hope is that I can pull the handle for...
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    Any experience w/ Toyo TPM tripod head

    Has anyone used or have any experience with this tripod head? Looks like it could be a good cheaper alternative to the sinar head. Outside of the long handles it looks like it could be a good head!
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    Re: Sinar pan/tilt head equivalent

    I'm curious about this head as well.
  22. Thread: Sturdy 4x5?

    by speedfreak

    Re: Sturdy 4x5?

    I'll second the norma! Classic beauty in a very stout package. With all the easy to find accessories you can pretty much shoot any lens in any format pretty easily, and relatively cheaply (within...
  23. Re: Routing a precision 'ledge' for GG in mahogany, which bit type?

    Nice ride! What a great way it could have been to get the massive camera to the shooting location along a nice wide bike path :)

    In response to one of the posts above about being able to use a...
  24. Re: Routing a precision 'ledge' for GG in mahogany, which bit type?

    A few more things. Make sure that the spacer material is all the exact same thickness and the table is relatively flat and you exert even downward pressure at the cutting area, as all of these things...
  25. Re: Routing a precision 'ledge' for GG in mahogany, which bit type?

    Secure the space to the back. Double sided tape, 23ga micro nails (my favorite), brad nails, etc. Adjust router so you make a small cut into you material, don't try to take it all at once, you want...
  26. Re: Routing a precision 'ledge' for GG in mahogany, which bit type?

    You want the bearing to be sticking above the opposite surface once the router is mounted. You'll probably have to remove a bit of material on the mounting side in order to accomplish this. The...
  27. Re: Routing a precision 'ledge' for GG in mahogany, which bit type?

    I made a picture for you. This is a very simple yet effective method that will allow you to achieve the result that you want.
    First, by a decent quality trim router as even the better ones...
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    Re: Linhof Enigma?

    Oh well. The head is substantial and should serve me well. Thanks for all the help guys! Plus, I learned about Schiansky and the connection with Linhof. I hadn't known of there connection before :)
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    Re: Linhof Enigma?

    That is a linhof tripod, to be sure. In those pics, the head is mounted upside down from the way mine is mounted. I'm sure mine is mounted right.
    I've search plaubel and Schiansky and nothing that...
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    Linhof Enigma?

    So I picked this head up on the auction site. I thought it looked an awful lot like the Linhof three way head. After much searching i couldnt find any info about it, but did find a couple pics that...
  31. Re: Best MF Film Camera for LF Landscape Photographer?

    I've been going through the same dilemma recently. I looked at the GX680 pretty extensively. It seems the biggest hurdle to overcome has to do with the proprietary battery. You'd need to find the AA...
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    Re: Tripod Head Question

    Wow! This thread has been resurrected from way back, but I'll chime in anyhow :)
    When I had a TK I originally started with the Bogen 3049 head. Even though it was stout enough and priced pretty...
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    Re: Switching from Windows to Mac

    I just picked up a Mac mini and am loving it. If you went with the mid level i7 mini, through in 16gb ram (>$100), and at some point install a solid state hd, it would make a very solid machine. Mine...
  34. Re: Several Questions... Including Film Scarcity

    My two cents... LF is awesome for many reasons and I think it fits certain personalities better than others. You sound like the type that would enjoy it! I would think that investing in a light...
  35. Re: New Books on Architectural Photography Legends

    This is thread is starting to go a bit off topic, but here goes'. Is there any room, as a business, shooting architecture traditionally? I have a full time job, but have been looking to start...
  36. Re: New Books on Architectural Photography Legends

    I'm not sure how the business of architectural photography is, but am sure it's been hit in the same way other types of professional photography have. Your statement about "just sending someone out...
  37. Re: New Books on Architectural Photography Legends

    I'm in a deep architectural phase right now and am devouring everything I can get my hands on. I will be ordering these tonight!
    I'm not sure if I have it right, but was Julius Shulman the third...
  38. Re: Chinese Compendium Bellows for Linhof Technikas?

    These look pretty nice. I'm wondering if the bellows itself is able to adjust up and down, left and right in order to accommodate camera movements?
    Frank, you might check my ad in the FS section....
  39. Re: Possible Candidate for Linhof TK Universal Bellows?

    All you've got to do is store the TK with the bag bellows attached. It's a little easier to fold up as you've don't have to be super careful not to pinch a fold. Plus, I would typically leave a 150mm...
  40. Re: Any alternative Linhof bellows fit Technikardan?

    I think what is being missed here is I DONT NEED A double taper design bellows! A single taper design like 95% of the cameras out there would be damn near perfect. I have a bag bellows for all the...
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