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  1. Re: Handheld 4x5 shooting with a wista rf and on-camera flash.

    Look for a Speed Graphic outfit on e-Bay.

    Hand-held shooting with flash is what they were designed and built for.
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    Re: I'd like to see them make . . . .

    Actually, that is the kind of thinking that can result in something innovative and useful. The Leatherman multi-tool started with something much like that and founded an industry. The israili Army...
  3. Drew Bedo Shows Work At Art Spark in 2019

    After several years away from showing my work, several of my pieces have been selected for inclusion in a charity art and craft show in Austin, sponsored by Art Spark.. I will have four framed...
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    I'd like to see them make . . . .

    A random thought generated by mass quantities of dark roasted coffee in the wee hours of the morning:

    I'd like to see an add-on contraption that would convert my ho-hum to use tablet into a view...
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    Re: Apps for Large Format

    I am a troglodyte. It would take away some of the "fun" for me to use a bunch of apps when creating images.

    I guess I can see someone using a smart phone for calculations and technical...
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    Re: Rethinking my 4x5 Field Camera choice

    I am using a little Wista-made Zone VI . It is light. It takes RToyo/Linhoff lens boards. I also have a Kodak 2D in 8x10. This is not a museum quality display piece and usually has an adapter...
  7. Re: Recommendations: Add-on pouch for spotmeter?

    I do not recall paying retail for a pouch or camera bag in the last 20-30 years. used to be that pawn shops just threw empty bags on the floor behind the counter and let them go for a few dollars...
  8. Re: Lightest & Most Compact Tripod for Wista 45SP that is Also Reasonably Priced?

    RE: Tilt-All.

    I used a later model Star-D when I first brok into LF. Used it with a pre-anniversary Speed Graphic. Packed that kit into a Jan Sport book bag filled with hand cut layers of closed...
  9. Re: Tips/Ideas For Hand Making Lens Caps For Vintage LF Lenses?

    Look at this:
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    Re: My 90mm Angulon arrived

    So a down-check for Acetone: OK, I was just guessing.

    Mike at Professionasl Casmera Repair does a great complete teardown CLA. He has my heirloom/legacy Rolliflex right now.

    Another wild-@$$...
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    Re: My 90mm Angulon arrived

    Ummm . . .Acetone? While fingernail polish remover is primarily Acetone it may have some residual additive, so check and try it first.

    Ether might also work, but agasin, check for residual...
  12. Re: Lightest & Most Compact Tripod for Wista 45SP that is Also Reasonably Priced?

    I use a Zone VI made by Wista; essentially a Wista 45DX. Under it I use a CF Velbon El Carmagne 540 tripod with a Gitzo Gi77M magnesium alloy ball head. This is a lightweight combination that is...
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    Re: Zero Centering Yardstick - where to buy

    Twenty years ago I got oe at an art supply store in a major city.

    Today: Google is your friend.
  14. Re: Seeking Clever Idea For My 8x10 Camera & Vintage Lenses

    SomerRandom thoughtsnot deeply examined yet:

    Various in-front of the lens shutters; Thornton-Pickard comes to mind. I see them on e-bay from time to time. Another option might be a front mounted...
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    Re: Shipping Container Camera

    My recollection is that this has been done before using photo paper as the sensitive medium. Not quite sure of the benefit in creating such a camera though; other than the novelty. If they would...
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    Re: Seeking Advice for 4x5 Handheld Camera

    I think that for the fluidity and grab-shot look of 35mm street photography in a larger format, you must stick with the medium formats in RF or SLR bodies.

    For a 35mm street photo look with medium...
  17. Re: Affordable 8x10: Any Other Game than Intrepid?

    Do not overlook the old Burk and James cameras as a budget camera. They are a bit clunky and were never considered to be high-end when new . . .but if it is in good shape, it will do naything you...
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    Re: 5x7 Film Holder Case?

    I like my 4x5 Cascade wrapper from PhotoBackpacker. If you csn find one in 5x7 snap it up.
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    Re: My 4x5 set up for Hiking

    Can we see the camera gear packed up with the otnere hiking gear? What pack will it all gointo?
  20. Re: Rayments Patent camera - who has one? - need some measures

    Here in the USA there are many outlets for craft grade hardwo lumber in large and small pieces, "Wood Crafter" ias one.

    Internationally, e-Bay often has listings for craft lumber. Take a look,...
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    Re: Focusing Cloth r

    Umm . . .you put it on over your head with your arms in the sleeves, black side out. Arrange you tripod mounted camera and rough focus (extend bellows). Now pull the waist band or the t-shirt over...
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    Re: DIY Custom Case Foam Cutting

    Found a couple of videos
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    Re: How Do You Clean Your Lenses & Filters?

    Whatever works for you . . . My lenses never see fresh air when out of doors . . lens caps protect the filters . . . ..that seems to work for me.
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    Re: Focusing Cloth r

    No one has a heavy black T-shirt?
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    DIY Custom Case Foam Cutting

    Ran across this website and it looks interesting. They provide online tools to let you plan the cutouts for a foam insert for your case. Then they laser cut the insert and send it to you.
  26. Re: How Large Can I Print a 4x5 Drum-Scanned Negative Before The Resolution Degrades?

    I have never done this, so this idea is total speculation:

    One way to get an idea of the possible resolution might be to shoot a resolution target and put the negative, or a part of a negative...
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    Re: How Do You Clean Your Lenses & Filters?

    Clean lenses?

    I don't do it. All my lenses wear a filter, skylight or haze, perminantly. Cap goes on before dismounting and the rear cap immediately after. Any cleaning happens to the filter.
  28. Re: What camera to shoot with out in the field when using HEAVY lenses?

    I have a Wista DX45. I do not use "heavy " lenses.
  29. Re: Technika in a Domke F-2 or other shoulder bag?

    OK, "Porta Brace" is not something I have heard of before. What is that?
  30. Re: Technika in a Domke F-2 or other shoulder bag?

    AbriZzi: Don't over think this. Having read your Op, I realize that you are looking for the best bag, not the cheqapest bag. However finding what works best for you may not happen ritght awqay. ...
  31. Re: Consolidation of Darlot barrel and lens marking changes to help with dating?

    There may be another complicating dynamic at work.

    IN looking at brass lenses on e-Bay, I am seeing incomplete lenses and parts offered. It is my suspicion that there is a bit of mix-and-match...
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    Re: Atlas BackPacks for 4x5

    I now have back and joint issues.

    this bag is often moved around on a set of luggage wheels. . . .and not very far from the car. It is more compact than the ancient LowePro Trekker AW, but not as...
  33. Re: What is the largest format camera that you have seen ever?

    Reminds me of the old joke:

    "I had a bad dream where I had died and my wife sold off all of may cameras/guns/fishing gear for what I had told her I'd paid for it all"
  34. Re: What is the largest format camera that you have seen ever?

    Hi Randy . . .AND I wanted to use one or both of them. The owner was a true collector though, and couldn't imagine any scenario where light exposed film through them.

    My opportunity to get a few...
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    Re: Old(er) lens cleaning best practices?

    Back in the 1990s, when the old Houston Camera Show was big, I handled a lot of pre-War cameras and lenses. The uncoated lenses for Speed Graphics and others seemed to clean up OK by removing the...
  36. Re: Consolidation of Darlot barrel and lens marking changes to help with dating?

    Isn't there a reference book on These lenses out there?

    I found this one on Amazon:

    Havent reqad it, so don't...
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    Re: Technique: leaf Shutter and strobe

    Thanks everyone: As always, the pool of talanty and knowledge here is truly wide and deep.

    All that info was there in my head, but I had to be reminded about how to sort it out.
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    Re: Ring size for Wollensak 15" f/5.6?

    Whir-Click: Thanks!
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    Technique: leaf Shutter and strobe

    Got myself a little confused, perhaps over-thinking something.

    So I want to do a strudio shot, table-top or portrait , and use strobes with my regular LF gear. Camera will be a Zone VI 4x5 and...
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    Re: bellows factor app

    Um. . .yeah. Just pre-figure the per-inch correction for your most used lenses or the metric equivilant. Do the math once.

    When shooting in the field with the creative juices flowing and the...
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