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  1. Re: The search of the golden bullet - Ilford FP4+/Hp5+ in ID-11 / D+76 (minimum amoun

    Indeed you would be on the safe side. I think you can go down to 25ml per sheet of 4x5 film as it is generally accepted that one 135 film is more or less equivalent to one 120 film, to one sheet of...
  2. Re: Worth fixing a Schneider Kreuznach xenar 210mm in compound shutter

    I find that fresnel lenses are a good help when using wide angle lenses, but don't add much for the longer focal lenghts. When you find your ground glass dark when using a f4.5 210mm, you might look...
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    Re: Developer in powder - Color and B&W

    Choices would also depend on the amount of film you shoot of course. In completely full and air tight containers, ID-11 keeps at least 3 months and probably a little more. It helps to get yourself 10...
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    Re: Developed Film - Vignette ?

    I am not sure what can be the cause this problem, but i struggled with it in black and white for years. Often the negatives were perfect, but frequently there were misses as well. Tried al sorts of...
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    Re: Developed Film - Vignette ?

    That doesn't look like vignetting, but like the surge patern caused by a rotation development system. My guess is that the lab used a Jobo system and for one reason or the other haven't got their...
  6. Re: Please help evaluate what happened on this test neg with new Chamonix F2

    My guess would also be with David Schaller: it looks like your bellows got in the way. If your camera has a ground glass with clipped corners, make it a routine to check if you can see the complete...
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    Re: Marks and spots on my almost dry negatives

    Use proper wetting agent and not some kind of soap. Soap might leave some nasty residues on your negatives and may lead to new issues.
  8. Re: Any telephoto (360mm or above) recommendations for a 4x5 (TK45S)?

    The Nikon 360/500/720mm Nikkor-T* ED set will fit. Especially the 360mm and 500mm configurations have a good reputation when it comes to sharpness and contrast.
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    Re: 4 x 5 Contact Printing Question

    The exposure time to reach max black also depends on the base fog of the film, which in turn depends for instance on the age of the film and the choice of developer. A second factor in play is the...
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    Re: Chemistry (again) use after time

    As LabRat already stated, fix and stop will be fine. When it comes to developer it's a different story. It depends a lot on the developer you have mixed. To name two extremes: Rodinal and it's clones...
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    Re: Rodenstock grandagon n 90 f6.8

    The one showing the Sinaron W indication is a Sinar selected one, which probably means that Sinar performed an extra test on the lens. Otherwise it is the same Grandagon N 90mm f6.8. The one i have...
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    Re: Exposure, Light Leak or Darkroom Issues?

    Because the light leaks look like an even fog along a straight line, they are probably caused when pulling or inserting the darkslide. The part that was covered my the darkslide getting the right...
  13. Re: Jobo Multitank 6 #2550 and two 2509n - volumina?

    I can't answer all your questions, but i do regularly use a 2551 to process 12 sheets of film in an inversion system. I use replenished XTOL as a developer, which leads to great results with a...
  14. Re: Nikkor 500mm Tele - any problems with tilt/swing?

    With tele-lenses the front nodal point is way in front of the lens. This makes that if you use swing or tilt on the front standard the plane of focus moves in hard to predict ways. When applying tilt...
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    Re: New Wooden Filmholder

    Looks very pretty and the would fit very well with my wooden camera. Will they be available in other sizes too?

    Did you shoot film with it already? And how do they feel when handling them when...
  16. Thread: 4x5 Starter Lens

    by Huub

    Re: 4x5 Starter Lens

    In my experience translating your preferences from 35mm and medium format lenses to large format focal lengths is only of limited value, mainly because working with a large format camera asks for...
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    Re: Back to basics - newbie developing help

    Well, these look way better already then your first shoots and it looks like you have resolved most of the issues of the first set of negatives.

    Both black and white spots could be dust, missing...
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    Re: 5 x 7 film holder confusion

    The easiest way to find out is to cut a sheet of paper of the size of 5x7 film - which should be 125x175 millimeters and which is actually a tiny bit smaller then exactly 5x7 inch - and try to put it...
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    Re: Shooting Ilford Delta and developed as iso 400

    When using wet plates and such with speeds like 6 iso and slower, it is still possible do make good portraits, even inside. When the model can be placed in a position where he or she can sit...
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    Re: Back to basics - newbie developing help

    Thanks for posting the pictures. It looks to me that there are several issues, at least.

    The easiest is the light leak on the fourth picture on post #10. This could have very well been caused...
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    Re: Back to basics - newbie developing help

    When you are using the large Jobo tanks that take two 4x5 spools, 500ml fluid is probably not enough. If i remember correctly they need 600ml to cover the films, at least my newer 2551 ones do. When...
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    Re: Back to basics - newbie developing help

    Reading your post i don't see any obvious mistakes at first hand, but some pictures of the negatives (the good ones and those with issues) might help identifying the problems.

    What i also would...
  23. Re: Newb question: value of having lenses with the same filter size

    When using square filters in a holder it isn't the biggest issue i think. Just make sure they are large enough to cover the biggest lens you plan on possibly getting and use step up rings for the...
  24. Re: Simple Q for LF newby: Lens shade (trad 35mm type) vs. Compendium Lens Hood

    I use an Ambico lens shade, that clips tothe 67mm filter rings that i have standardized on. I guess it was made for something like a Mamiya RB or RZ, but it works very well on a 4x5 as it is fully...
  25. Re: Camera Selection: Tachihara, Toyo 45Aii or xxxxxx?

    Most of the "accessoires" you will need, like a lightmeter, tripod, darkcloth, cable release, filters and film cassettes are independent of the camera you buy and once you have bought them they can...
  26. Re: Pre-soak for manual 4x5 B&W development in a Jobo tank?

    Not sure the presoak is needed when doing regular inversion or when rotating. You could do a few test shots and check if it leads to different results.

    I use a presoak when doing large format for...
  27. Re: Best B&W Film/Developer combo - for big enlargements via DSLR scanning

    The Delta100 is an excellent film to shoot fine detail. I always developed it in XTOL 1+1 and on smaller formats that combo was good enough to show all the flaws in my Pentax prime lenses.

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    Re: choosing a 4x5 camera

    Congratulations on the deal! When the Horseman is in good shape, i am pretty sure that camera will suit you well.

    Be aware that quite a few of us decide on a new camera based on the experiences...
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    Re: choosing a 4x5 camera

    And i have been a very happy user of a Shenhao HZX45-IIA over the passed 10 years or so. Mine came with a universal bellows so i can use my 58mm lens on a flat lensboard and it is rigid enough to use...
  30. Re: how to avoid the lens shade / compendium in the image

    When i doubt i look into the lens from the frontside and check if i can see all the edges and corners of the ground glass. When i can see them with some margin, i know i am right.
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    Re: Print contrast issue

    I never tried it myself, but in several posts here and on photrio on the topic of printing soft negatives it is suggested to use a #47 blue filter to achieve the maximum possible contrast.
  32. Re: Thoughts About Schneider 240mm f/5.5 Tele Arton in Compur 0 Shutter?

    I think that still is a pretty big lens with 810 gr. How about lenses like the apo-ronar, g-claron, fujinon A or another process lens in shutter? They are excellent performers and weigh less then...
  33. Thread: Which lens next?

    by Huub

    Re: Which lens next?

    Why not both? A 90 - 150 - 240 is a very nice set. And I would prefer a 240mm over a 210mm, because the focal lengths spread out more evenly. But it depends a lot on your shooting style and what you...
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    Re: Rethinking my 4x5 Field Camera choice

    I use a Shenhao HZX-IIa with an universal bellows, which does all the things on your wanted list and then quite a bit more. Mine is fitted with a universal bellows, which allows the use of my 58mm...
  35. Re: Photos with Super-Angulon XL 58 vs. 72 mm Lenses?

    Some shots of mine from my holliday in France last summer. The pictures were shot in the Abbaye d'Hambye and the Abbaye de la Lucerne, both in the Normandy. Lenses were the 58mm SA XL and a 75mm...
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    Re: Kit recommendations for a complete beginner

    You should take a look at the offerings of ffordes - not in England, but at the other side of Hadrians wall. I have dealt in de past with him and his service is great.
  37. Re: Focusing Issues with Nikkor T-ED 360/500/720 lens?

    I have the same set and tilting and swinging the front standard is a pain as the nodal point is way in front of the lens. It makes that even small amounts of tilts and swings lead to massive movemens...
  38. Re: How to decide for a set of three lenses for a Linhof Technika IV

    There is a Fuji 105mm f8 that does cover 4x5 and allows for plenty of movement. You could also consider the 110mm f5.6 super symmar XL, which allows for even more movement. The Schneider lens is a...
  39. Re: What size paper do you print the most? What's the biggest print you've made?

    My darkroom is equiped for a maximum size of 16x20, but it is 8x10, at least when i print from a 4x5 negative. Every year i tend do a few bigger prints to hang on my wall or for exhibitions - often...
  40. Re: Jobo 2509n issue: rotates freely on center spindle

    Had the same issue with some of my reels. Fixed it with a layer of thin paper tape on the spindle and then carefully sliding the reel over it again. It stopped the reel from rotating around the...
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