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    Re: The art of printmaking

    Excellent advice. If you learn Mortensen's "Ring Around Method" of "reading a negative" you have a real understanding of exposure and development and how they affect print quality and...
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    Re: getting glass CLEAN, how do you do it?

    An expert technician showed me years ago how an Ivory Soap solution cleaned the stubborn film off lenses that "lens cleaner" solutions couldn't get off. I have found recently, trying it on my own...
  3. Re: Thoughts About Nikkor SW 75mm F4.5 on Linhof Master Technika?

    Where are you guys getting your information about 4X5 Linhof Super and Master Technikas? Both can be easily cam-coupled to most 75s and used on the movable tracks? I first had a Super Technika IV...
  4. Re: Helicoid for Fujinon 65mm 5.6 on Linhof Technika

    Apparently you are not aware that the slide can retract as well as extend. You need to thoroughly qualify yourself on the camera, its capabilities and its limitations. If you retract the slide,...
  5. Re: Helicoid for Fujinon 65mm 5.6 on Linhof Technika

    The 4X5 Super Technika cameras can cam couple to 75mm lenses and no wide angle focusing device is needed. Linhof stated that the shortest lens that could cam couple and focus on the tracks was 75mm....
  6. Re: Helicoid for Fujinon 65mm 5.6 on Linhof Technika

    Pull the lens standard out on the track and then retract the slide. Drop the bed and tilt back the lens to be parallel with the the film back. Then open the lens and move it back on the track and...
  7. Re: Banding problems with digital copy camera and fluorescent light source

    I'll be back at work on the banding problem next week. Meanwhile, I am making a better mount for the camera to shoot up into the enlarger. I'll be looking at several approaches lighting for...
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    Re: Presence in 8x10 photography

    I was amazed upon entering a Weston exhibit at Museum of Fine Arts Boston at how the 4X5 Graflex SLR work he did of Carris Wilson seemed to pop off the wall more than fifty feet away.
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    Re: Graphic bed drop / front tilt ?

    Tilting the front places considerable demand on lens covering power, something the stock lenses found on press cameras are not generally known for. Use front tilt sparingly or you will soon exceed...
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    Re: Metering Technique...any problems here?

    First you must know the true film speed for your film/developer combination. If you do careful tests, you may be quite surprised at the results, and at other factors like reciprocity failure, for...
  11. Re: Cambo Rotating back vs non rotating back, backfocus question

    It sure is with Toyo, Horseman and others with rotating back. Toyo adds about 3/8".
  12. Re: Banding problems with digital copy camera and fluorescent light source

    I tried both mechanical and electronic shutter separately to no avail. I can't choose long shutter speeds in the cold light enlarger because the source is so bright. Adding neutral density...
  13. Banding problems with digital copy camera and fluorescent light source

    I disposed of my scanners (two monster SCSI beasts I had to give away) and set up a copy stand for prints. In the past I had digitized a few negatives and transparencies by shooting up into the...
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    Re: 4x5 Portrait lens & Chamonix F2

    Crown set up for "Big Shot" and two examples woman with horse on 210mm, woman with dog on 150mm.

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    Re: 4x5 Portrait lens & Chamonix F2

    I had that allure once, it's a Siren Song. My wallet and I are much more comfortable with TRF Crown Graphic, which is easily set up for "Big Shot" portraits with 150-210mm lenses and accurate framing.
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    Re: 4x5 Portrait lens & Chamonix F2

    Your camera does not have a very long bellows and for portraits you don't need a lot of covering power, so consider a telephoto in the 240mm to 270mm range. Some are both quite sharp and quite...
  17. Thread: Bridges

    by Neal Chaves

    Re: Bridges

    Pungo Ferry Bridge, Virginia Beach, Va. 8X10 Toyo 810M 159mm f12.5 Wollensak Ilford Hp5+

  18. Re: Diffraction. When does it really matter with LF?

    And all of this assumes a lens with a very, very flat field, something not really suitable for general photography. Dagors, for example, were kown for having a "doughnut-shaped" field if not...
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    Re: Tennessee Deardorff Video

    I saw this in the terrible video. Doing things this way is probably an indicator of what went wrong with the whole operation. The Deardorff men were real craftsmen who prided themselves on their...
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    Re: Tennessee Deardorff Video

    I used Deardorffs for several years, first an old NFS V8 that I bought as a basket case for $400 in the early 80s and completely rebuilt with new bellows from Western Bellows. I built a backboard to...
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    Re: New HC110 Liquid Same as Old HC110 Syrup?

    I switched from HC110 which I had used since the late 60s to Ilford IlfoTec HC several years ago. I found the times at 1:31 and other dilutions were exactly the same as those I had derived for HC110.
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    Re: How to open old Gralab 450 for repair?

    I have been using the stuff for years with no problem. It's safe on whatever circuitry is inside and evaporates with no residue.
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    Re: How to open old Gralab 450 for repair?

    Buy a can of CRC QD electronic cleaner at a NAPA store and try spraying into them from the outside and working them on and off. This may well restore them, if not you will surely find it very useful...
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    Re: Norman strobe packs query

    Do you have the 4000PS now or is this something you are considering purchasing? If you have it and it is working, you can use The LH4000 head. There are two 2000WS channels and both cables are...
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    Re: Toyo back on 4X5 Graphic modification

    Three corners are quite easy to drill and tap for. The fourth corner has the lock mechanism for the revolving back and the screw has to be spaced so as not to interfere. I'm not sure exactly where...
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    Re: Show off your Large Format camera!

    I just completed restoration of this 4X5 Toyo Robos and the Quickset camera stand with Quickset Hercules Industrial Pan Head. The camera was unused but the bellows had deteriorated and was leaking. ...
  27. Re: Can I put a Polaroid viewer on a Graflex Graphic View I?

    I fit one of those Polaroid viewers, from an MP4 Camera, to a Graflok back a couple of years ago. This was for use as a vertical copy camera as I do not like reflex viewers for general view camera...
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    Re: New bellows made in the USA?

    I have had two made by Dynatect to replace deteriorated Toyo bellows. They are more expensive than imported products but far superior. If you can, send them your old bellows to duplicate, but you...
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    Re: Flash Firing Before Shutter?

    You have an X sync shutter. Aim the strobe to light up a wall with the strobe. Hold the lens in your hand and look through it at the wall while you trip the shutter 1/60 sec. at wide open aperture....
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    All Joking Aside

    It may soon be possible for even independent photographers to influence the moods and behavior of their subjects with frequencies emitted by LED lights.

  31. Re: Any telephoto (360mm or above) recommendations for a 4x5 (TK45S)?

    Doesn't the camera use Technika boards? I had a factory Linhof 360 Tele Xenar on a Technika board. The rear element was the same size as that of my 250mm Imagon.

    I just checked the Linhof...
  32. Re: Crown Graphic Top Rangefinder Plunger Cap

    Yes, you are right. Looks like the tube assembly has been stripped. I feel your best solution is to find parts from a donor camera rather than trying to machine them yourself. Good luck!
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    Re: LF Flash Sync

    Strobe sync voltage is DC. You can connect the sync cords together by various means depending on the type of connectors as long as you keep polarity the same. John Falk's book "Adventures in...
  34. Re: Crown Graphic Top Rangefinder Plunger Cap

    A forum member has all the parts you need and more for $20.
  35. Re: Lampheads, Powerpacks, & Still Life Photography

    Large power packs, likely to be used with 8X10 cameras can have flash durations as long as 1/250 second. The flash does not sync until the shutter is fully open, so using 1/250 sec. can cut off part...
  36. Re: 150mm f8 SW Nikkor is retrofocus

    My mistake! I didn't account for the recessed board the 150 SW Nikkor is in. I measured again with a Toyo recessed adapter board on the stops and get 164mm. FFD is still 5mm longer than the 159mm...
  37. 150mm f8 SW Nikkor is retrofocus (updated: not)

    I have had a 150mm f8 SW Nikkor for about ten years and use it on my Toyo 810M. I have it set up with infinity stops and although it is big, heavy and now quite costly, it gets left behind more often...
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    Re: Dynalite "factory" repairs available.

    It's very good news for studio strobe users. I invested considerable time and effort in 10" spot/Fresnel conversions to Dynalite. Unless a very slow emulsion like wet plate is being exposed, 800Ws...
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    Dynalite "factory" repairs available.

    Although Dynalite has ceased production, repairs are now available at the same location by former lead technician,
    John Prazeres. He has a large stock of original replacement parts, and the...
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    Re: Help with Toyo 45 moldy bellows

    "PS. I think that the bellows do not have light leaks. I just made my first photograph (on Fuji FP-100C) with the camera and it became out just fine."

    Do the flashlight test. A few exposures tell...
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