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    Re: Fuji 90mm f8 SW or Nikon 90mm f8 SW

    No question about it . . . I would definitely prefer to be pulled apart by four horses. :)
  2. Re: Repair, Maintenance and replacement of COPAL shutters?

    If that's the case, it seems that you may not have gotten such a good deal. I have a couple of lenses like that, and they're not worth fixing. Your lens would probably be worth the repair; but...
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    Re: Insurance Questions

    Wow! Scary. (Jeepers.)
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    Re: Insurance Questions

    I have insurance with Great American through Tom Pickard Insurance Co. as the agent. It's designed for photographers, and it works out great. I don't know the total, but I have thousands of $ of...
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    Re: Photographs of Historic Buildings

    Neat. I like the way your photograph shows the grounds in context to their surroundings.
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    Re: Photographs of Historic Buildings

    What a neat assignment.
  7. Re: How do I recognize lenses that will cover an 8X10 plate with no vignetting

    The table is good; but, it's focused on modern lenses. There are many other lenses known by reputation to cover 8x10 or larger formats.

    For example, a Fujinon 250mm f6.7 covers 8x10 with decent...
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    Re: Capture 21 General Usefulness

    Like Photoshop, getting used to any photo editor of this sophistication and quality is going to take a heavy learning curve. So, there's the potential to confuse lack of ease of use with being early...
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    Re: Lousy Dagor


    I had a Goerz American Optical Co. 7" f6.8 factory coated Dagor for a while, and it was extremely sharp. I photographed Big Sur with that lens, and the resulting image is stunning. Just...
  10. Re: A quick comparison of three 135mm 4x5 lenses

    None of them!

    In my opinion, a 135mm lens is the least desirable focal length of any lens for a 4x5 camera. It has relatively little room for movements, and at best, it's a wanabe "wide" angle...
  11. Re: Question for those who have 8x10 monorails...carrying....

    I've had an Arca Swiss Model A, and I keep it in a backpack that's attached to a gold cart. Arcas break down and assemble easily and compactly.
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    Re: Peace Vans!

    And she was pregnant! :)

    I enjoyed Fargo; I've watched it often enough. It had some violence. But the mid-western humor helped to balance that out. What do ya think 'bout that. Hmm?
  13. Re: Hinge the window on the top or the side - or does it matter?

    Given the expense these days of museum board, I overmat only when framing an image. I no longer overmat for displaying an unframed photo. I also mount on two-ply.

    But, it goes a little further...
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    Re: Greetings from Melbourne (Australia)

    Nice to have you as a member.

    I use HP5+. But, I believe I recall threads on x-ray film. A search on "x-ray" might be productive.
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    Re: Zone I SET

    This was my approach early on. I think that it's also important with this approach to determine a "maximum black" exposure for your enlarger. Determine the shortest enlarger exposure time that will...
  16. Re: Getting ready to purchase enlarger lens/s

    I'm curious . . . to what kind of hands-on experience are you referring?
  17. Re: Most affordable copy stand with geared height adjustment? (Rack and pinion?)

    I have a Polaroid MP4 that, even years ago, cost me only a couple of hundred. It's not technically rack and pinion. But, I think that this would do what you want.

    An MP4 can come with it's own...
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    Re: shutters compatible with 7" Dagor?

    I had a 7" factory coated Dagor I wish I hadn't sold. It was mounted in a Wollensak Rapax shutter. Not sure what size, though. But, the size shouldn't be too difficult to determine.
  19. Re: Durst Componon and Componon. What is the difference?

    Not knowing for sure, we all recall the Linhof select Schneider lenses. I wonder if Durst did similar exercise, where they might have cherry-picked lenses that had the best performance as their...
  20. Re: Top glass in negative carrier advantages vs disadvantages.

    Glass is a hassle, so I've avoided it. Plus, I've heard stories of having to deal with Newton rings.

    I have an adapter where I can use Omega D5 carriers with my enlarger, and I have a Omega...
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    Re: New and need help

    And, Bernice isn't necessarily suggesting that you need a 5x7. You can do the same with a 4x5 F series camera. The following link shows how this can be done.
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    Re: Gitzo 1570m issues

    You can get cork that's just the right thickness. I just purchased some from our local Ace Hardware. They sell it for people to make their own gaskets. It comes in small rolls about 12" long.
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    Re: Rejuvenating Camera bellows .

    Custom Bellows (.com) in the UK makes excellent bellows. Contact them. They just gave me a quote of 99.00 for an 8x10 bellows that I plan to send them.
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    Re: Sinar F2 Vs Sinar Norma (4x5)

    I've had a lot of experience with both cameras, and I would go with the Sinar F2. Of course, there will be disagreement on this. Also, personal preference weighs into a decision like this. ...
  25. Re: anyone print 4x5 negatives with a black border?

    I have a 11x14 easel and a 16x20 easel. Both can print black borders. They each has an accordion style, expandable shade that covers the print itself as each edge is being exposed.

    I've not...
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    Re: "Somebody Photographed This"

    I have a set of glass plates stashed somewhere. I need to scan them and see what they look like.

    Now, where did I see those . . . . ?
  27. Re: Anyone else Problems with the Darkroom?

    I wonder if it could be the difference between dip and dunk, versus machine processing for roll-film?

    Roll film can be done both ways, so perhaps they switched for some reason as a result of the...
  28. Re: Getting back into 4x5 -- Need some Suggestions

    I don't know whether or not you liked the range finder on a Linhof, but you might consider the "Linhof like" Wista SP. It's much like a Wista, except that it's a little smaller. One advantage, it...
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    Re: Velvia 100 discontinued in the US

    Adept adapting. :)
  30. Re: Schneider Corp. of America (Kern) Gold Dot Dagor 14" f/8 (355/8)

    I knew it! That's why I sold mine for a price that was about double an amount, which itself was then considered a high price.
  31. Re: Schneider Corp. of America (Kern) Gold Dot Dagor 14" f/8 (355/8)

    So a

    Still, there's nothing wrong with others sharing their experiences and perceptions. The OP might get insights that would otherwise be missed. And, it gives the rest of us a chance to put...
  32. Re: Super specific question - fan compatibility on Beseler 45S computers and non-comp

    I would compare the fans, to see if they're the same. That may be likely.

    If that's the case, then it's probably a simple matter to replace one with another. Check the fans of each for any...
  33. Re: Canham MQC 57 User experiences and comparisons ?

    See the following link on the LF Home Page . . .
  34. Re: I'm not sure if it's a popular size, but can I get some 5x7 camera recommendation

    Good for landscape maybe, but not if you want to photograph architecture.

    I've owned a Deardorff 5x7, and it would be my last choice. You'll get very little rise using the bellows, for either a...
  35. Re: Why View Camera & Sheet Film Today, in our here and now?

    I photograph using black and white film, because I like a silver gelatin image that's enlarged from a medium format or larger negative. They can be absolutely beautiful! (As we all know.) I have...
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    Re: Digital Negative Printer Recommendation

    A long while back, Epson 3800 and 3880 were excellent printers for digital negatives. Other printers of that era were not so good, because printing artifacts could be seen in continuous tone areas...
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    Re: DIY 8x10 (or larger) Enlarger Chassis

    When it comes to 8x10 enlargers, not that I have that much experience with them, I'm a fan of keeping it simple . . .

    WOW! I can't imagine having a Durst 8x10 enlarger. Talk about Complicated!...
  38. Re: Using Buffered Crescent Board for Image Display

    The "Rising White Museum Board" that I use is 100% rag; it's the same on which John Sexton mounts his photos.

    I'm wondering if buffered Crescent board can have a negative effect on the silver...
  39. Using Buffered Crescent Board for Image Display

    I've always used Rising White Museum Board to mount an over-mat my black and white photographs. I mount photographs on 2-ply and over-mat with 4-ply.

    But, to save expenses, I'm wondering about...
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    Re: New Computer Time...

    IMacs can be very nice, convenient machines. But, I'm partial to external monitors.

    You mentioned that your monitor is giving off heat, is it a CRT? :)

    Back to external monitors, I want the...
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