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    Re: What would you do with this?

    Yeah, I guess you are probably right. Things sure have changed since your camera was made!
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    Re: What would you do with this?

    So Campy, there are a lot of tourist spots in Boston. Set the camera up at one and charge a penny a picture. You will be rich in no time! :rolleyes:
  3. Re: Helloes from Gianluca, in Italy (starting with LF)

    Well, we understand why she is your ex girlfriend! ;)

    Shooting 8x10 is a lot of fun. Composing an image on that big ground glass is a joy. Welcome to the forum. We are glad to have you!
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    Re: Assessing Dollar Value of Equipment

    If you sell enough on eBay you learn what the going prices are. Occasionally, someone will pay too much or something sells for too low but most of the times items sell for the normal "eBay" price at...
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    Re: Wobbly Ries Tripod Head

    I always tease Drew Wiley about not using his head! ;) Myself, I always use my head. Well, at least on my tripod.

    Drew prefers his Ries without a head. I like my double tilt head.
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    Re: A really nice cable release

    A really nice cable release? If buying new, try the Gepe cloth covered ones. Not cheap but worth the money.

    Prontors are also very nice but you have to find them on the used market.

    Why just...
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    Re: new (and first) 4x5 camera

    Toyo 45CF cameras are few and far between. Lately, I've seen prices higher than the Toyo 45A and 45All. The 45A and 45All are more capable but weigh more.

    If considering the metal Toyo 45A or...
  8. Re: COMPARISON: Fujinon W 250mm f6.7 & Fujinon A 240 f9

    I own the Fujinon W 250mm f/6.7 lens. I paid close to $300 for mine and I've since seen them go for as low as $250 or even less. I think this has to do with their age. They are excellent lenses and a...
  9. Re: Finding tripods for Large Format is kinda hard (daunting)? Favorite LF tripod?

    Tripods are like cameras. A personal choice. What is right for one person is wrong for the next. It's fun arguing though! ;)

    Oh, and The Rolling Stones are still better than the Beatles!
  10. Re: Finding tripods for Large Format is kinda hard (daunting)? Favorite LF tripod?

    If you are looking for wood, then I recommend Ries or Berlebach. I've owned both but prefer Ries for the leg locks and the double tilt heads. Both have excellent customer service whether you buy new...
  11. Thread: Hi from CNY

    by Alan Gales

    Re: Hi from CNY

    Welcome to the forum, Martin!

    You are going to fit right in here. There are a lot of people on the forum who do alternative process. Your input will be welcomed!

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    Re: Photo artist says hello

    Just a warning, large format pinhole can be a gateway drug. Pretty soon you will try a lens and then you will be an addict like the rest of us! ;)

    Welcome to the forum.
  13. Re: how do I use the same lenses for different cameras?

    Cambo/Calumet made lens boards that adapted to Technika style boards. I've owned some back when I was selling photo equipment on eBay. Unfortunately, I've sold them all.

    Why don't you advertise...
  14. Re: Tripods: Is Carbon Fiber worth the extra cost?

    When I started in 35mm a lot of people I knew owned tripods but left them at home or in the trunk of their car because they didn't like carrying them.

    A light tripod in the hand is worth two...
  15. Thread: Copal sizes

    by Alan Gales

    Re: Copal sizes

    You make a good point, Drew. There are lenses that are in smaller shutters that do have quite a bit of coverage. I guess like Bernice said, it all depends upon what the designer's image goal needs...
  16. Thread: Copal sizes

    by Alan Gales

    Re: Copal sizes

    Just to add to Bernice and Len...

    Besides largest maximum aperture, the amount of coverage the lens produces affects it's design too. A 300mm lens that produces a large enough image circle to...
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    Re: Ball or Pan-tilt head for 8x10?

    I use a Ries J100 with double tilt head for my Wehman 8x10. It's more like a platform than a head and is very sturdy. I wouldn't consider a ball head myself but to each their own.

    Ries is...
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    Re: Good Morning

    Welcome to the forum, Karl!

    Since you are a Nikon fan, there are some great sharp and contrasty Nikkor large format lenses available to use on your Toyo!

  19. Re: Best 75mm / 90mm lens?......totally kidding, but not on pls

    Home made chocolate chip cookies are the best. They beat store bought hands down!

    As for lenses, I'd be more concerned with max aperture or focal length over brand name.

    Faster lenses are...
  20. Thread: Hello!

    by Alan Gales

    Re: Hello!

    Just keep your toes out of the developer. It does funny things to your toenails. ;)

    I own a Mamiya 220f, and I used to shoot Nikon DSLR's for Fastpitch softball back when my daughter pitched. I...
  21. Re: Hello All - Perfect Sized 10x12 Trays (Freestyle) & Calumet 8x10

    Yeah, most of us are pretty decent. You just have to watch out for that Tin Can fella. ;)

    Just joking. Tin Can is cool!

    Welcome to the forum, Barrister. We're glad you decided to join. You will...
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    Re: 4x5 Portrait lens & Chamonix F2

    Boy, John, you really know how to open a can of worms. ;) Best portrait lens is so subjective. Read this from our home page to see what I mean.
  23. Re: Information about tripod for Sinar P or P2

    I used to own a Sinar P and used it on a Ries head. I had to crank it down really tight to keep the camera from spinning on the head. Drew is right about the Sinar heads. They have a pin on them to...
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    Re: Hello from Western Canada (Calgary)

    Ask all the questions you want, Steve. This is the place for it. There are a lot of knowledgeable photographers here to help. I know I've sure learned a lot since I joined. :)

    We are glad to have...
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    Re: LF Portraits of Fast Food Workers

    I'm lovin' it! ;)

    Great idea!
  26. Re: Advice Needed - Should I ship my LF lenses to get them CLA'ed before selling them

    They look great to me!
  27. Re: Advice Needed - Should I ship my LF lenses to get them CLA'ed before selling them

    After I bought my first shutter speed tester I started listing the actual speeds of my lens shutters on my eBay auctions. My lenses started selling for less money even when the shutters were accurate...
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    Re: Good light lens for 8x10

    And it's Kerry, not Terry. :)
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    Re: Good light lens for 8x10
  30. Re: Advice Needed - Should I ship my LF lenses to get them CLA'ed before selling them

    Put in the add that cosmetically the lenses look excellent with great clarity and no fog, coating marks or scratches. I have no way of professionally testing the lens shutters but they sound...
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    Re: Hello from Amsterdam

    Welcome to the forum. You will learn a lot here. I know I did! :)
  32. Re: Advice Needed - Should I ship my LF lenses to get them CLA'ed before selling them

    Do not have your lens shutters CLA'd before you sell them. You will never recoup the costs.

    Recently CLA'd lenses do bring a little more money and then only if you include the paper work from the...
  33. Thread: Avedon

    by Alan Gales

    Re: Avedon

    I'm an Avedon fan but to each their own.

    Like Ricky Nelson said, "Ya can't please everyone so you got to please yourself"! :cool:
  34. Re: Advice needed for stuck lens retaining ring, please

    PB Blaster is the go to for stuck nuts and bolts on an automobile. It works better than anything else. PB Blaster is mostly naphtha and petroleum oil.
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    Re: Hello from Spain

    Hello, Rafa.

    My wife's ex-husband met a really nice lady over the internet. They ended up getting married, so he move to Spain to live with her in Madrid. He loves it there with all the history...
  36. Re: It happened to me! What Disasters or Near-misses have you had while Shooting?

    My very first large format camera was a used Cambo SC 4x5 monorail that I found on eBay. All excited, I set the camera up in my living room to play around with and learn how it worked. I decided to...
  37. Re: Advice: Lens mounted, close camera (metal field)

    It's ok if it's sitting on a shelf. If you throw it into a backpack and go hiking I wouldn't want the lens rubbing against the focusing rails. Also accidents happen. What if you dropped your camera...
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    Re: Hello from Sam

    Welcome to the forum, Samantha! You have the same first name as my daughter. Most call her "Sam" but she has been called "Samirs" too.

    There are "Pro's" here on the forum as well as many...
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    Re: Just saying "Hello"

    Welcome to the forum! It's such a "treat" to have you as a member. ;)

    Joking aside, like Dugan says there is a wealth of information here and a lot of knowledgable members willing to help you. We...
  40. Re: Seeking guidance on pairing a Nikon 150mm W lens with a Graflex Crown Graphic 4x5

    Used Graflex lens boards were at one time, easily available on eBay. I haven't watched lately. You may have to be a little patient. I think there are people out there who are waiting for Covid 19 to...
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