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    Re: Tilt/shift etc when doing wet plates

    I bet most LF users don't really use "a lot of movements". Some at times but seldom a lot of them and even less - extremes.

    The images of the camera tied in a knot is interesting but few would...
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    Re: Negative negatives - using SP445 Tank

    Try re-fixing to see if the mottling disappears.

    Next development cycle try a more dilute solution and a longer developing time. Use one sheet, or two with space between them in the tank.
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    Re: 300mm lens on Linhof Master Technika

    Shot with one a friend has. Master Technika and 300M Nikkor lens. He had made an extension lens board that added about 3 inches to the board from where it would normally be. He was using it for...
  4. Thread: New Xtol

    by Willie

    Re: New Xtol

    I checked with a friend who was more familiar with Sylvia Zawadski who came up with Xtol. He is familiar with it from when it first came out and tested some with Kodak at the time. Initially it was...
  5. Re: New Computer - Photoshop CS6 - install Silver Efex Pro2?

    Well, I have the disks so I "own" them. Adobe is so paranoid about "theft" they are going crazy. Most who believe anyone and everyone is stealing from them are thieves - and it shows.

    NIK has a...
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    Re: Methods For Hardening Film Emulsion?

    Maybe process one sheet at a time and double check your handling of the negatives while you have them wet?
    You give no indication as to the possible source of scratches.
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    Re: How sharp can I expect from 4X5

    Be very careful judging sharpness of your 4x5 negs in comparison to the digital crop sensor bodies. Looking at the crop sensor images close up is not really a problem but if you look at the negatives...
  8. New Computer - Photoshop CS6 - install Silver Efex Pro2?

    After battling with Adobe for hours over a few days finally got CS6 loaded and working. Even owning the disks it did not want to accept the program install - and once loaded the machine will not be...
  9. Re: CatLABS X FILM 80 now available in 4X5 and 8X10

    Anything on reciprocity characteristics? How the film works with plus and minus development? Shadow separation? (a lot of the examples don't seem to hold shadow detail) Mid Tone separation?
  10. Re: CatLABS X film, from Freestyle - any user information?

    In my third search a topic showed up. I'll check it out - maybe it will answer some of the questions.
  11. CatLABS X film, from Freestyle - any user information?

    Received this via E-mail from Freestyle Photo. Looks interesting.

    Anyone have information on how it actually performs...
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    Re: help choosing portrait lens?

    Don't know how you feel about sharpness but a 10 inch Commercial Ektar is a good lens.
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    Re: DIY darkroom sink

    Will you have it on a set of legs, the Sawhorses or another platform? Have seen some good sinks put on desks or tables that are nice and solid. A friend's darkroom has his 12 foot sink on two surplus...
  14. Re: Would you be willing to take a survey on film photography equipment?

    I took the survey. Only problem I have is that most of what I use has been tried and tested and works for me. As a result there is little I would buy. Small things, maybe - but not more than that....
  15. Re: Need Advice Re : First ever visit to South Rim of GrandCanyon in January

    Toronto, I think you misinterpret what Sal put here.
    Many of Ansel's finest were with longer than normal lenses - and elevated viewpoint.
    Sound advice on elevation differences, apparently from one...
  16. Thread: Americana

    by Willie

    Re: Americana

    You guys would complain and argue over which is better - a Bagpipe or Accordion Zydeco band.
  17. Re: Camera Selection: Tachihara, Toyo 45Aii or xxxxxx?

    Why not the tried and true Linhof Technika? Many have used them for decades. Not the lightest but in inclement weather and those accidental drops and blow overs - they don't fall apart. Sub zero to...
  18. Re: Which of my 5 LF lenses are worth keeping or worth upgrading?

    Take the lenses and use them. Having to ask on a board won't tell you how they perform with your workflow. Using them will show the character and help you decide.

    What you are asking is the...
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    Re: extreme low light from behind camera

    I got one of the lights above after...
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    Re: Winter Wonderland: Post Your Photos

    On the second one, Hill behind a sunflower field?
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    Re: Shanghai 8x10 100 Film Test

    Three questions on the film.
    Glitches and problems with the emulsion finally gone away?
    How does it compare to Ilforf FP4+ in tonal separation, especially in mid tones?
    How does it react with plus...
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    Re: George Hurrell, Documentary

    Early close up of the front shows a Goerz lens on the camera.
  23. Re: Clarence Sinclair Bull, the lesser known Hollywood Photographer.

    Any information from these on where we would see original carbon prints? Maybe even three color carbon prints?
  24. Re: Scanning 4x5: Buying an Epson Flatbed VS my current DSLR (5DII) VS Lab Scans

    Why is using a digital camera to copy a negative or slide or print called "scanning"? The Epson scanner, I understand. Doing Copy work -it's just copy work.
  25. Re: Pier 24 Photography Museum/San Francisco Faces Eviction

    The museum does not pay for what it is using and somehow is surprised to get a notice of 30 days to pay up or face legal action for eviction?
    Solution is simple, pay the rent or leave.

    Sorry to...
  26. Re: How Many Ways to Process ANY Film: List Them

    Open tray - brush development.
  27. Re: How Many Ways to Process ANY Film: List Them

    Send the film to the photo lab?
  28. Re: How to do tray processing - both regular and stand?

    When you start and are using time/temperature guides shoot a few of the same scene, same exposure. Something with good shadows and bright areas as well as mid tones - a scene with a full tonal range....
  29. Re: How to do tray processing - both regular and stand?

    Brush processing in trays works well. One sheet at a time.

    Richeson or Hake brush works well.

    Dedicated trays - or pyrex glass cooking trays - whatever you like as long as clean and smooth on...
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    Re: spooky and other slot canyons

    Noted Utah LF photographer Bill Ratcliffe did some fine work in Antelope and other slot canyons in the 1950's and into the 1970's. A friend on the Big Rez would go with him and they brought ropes and...
  31. Re: LF photogenic sites in San Francisco, Napa Valley, Muir Woods, Santa Cruz, Monter

  32. Re: LF photogenic sites in San Francisco, Napa Valley, Muir Woods, Santa Cruz, Monter

    Might be smart to concentrate on one direction only for your photo efforts. You can spend a long time at Point Reyes with so many options available. From the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin County, The...
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    Re: Alert about a possible problem batch of Xtol

    It was not just the smaller packages, it was also with the 5 litre packages. Somehow they keep leaving that part out whenever the topic comes up.
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    Re: What Happened to Dry Mounting Prints?
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    Re: Darkroom plumbing advice needed, please

    A whole house filter is good to have. At the spigot, a screw on(garden hose type of fixture) hose with a 1 micron filter in the line helps with final filtration. Easy to do and gives the added...
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    Re: In Praise of 5x7... Post'em !

    On my monitor shadow detail is pretty much gone. Is this reality in the print?
  37. Thread: Store Fronts

    by Willie

    Re: Store Fronts

    Take a look at the small, intimate book done by Paula Chamlee at...
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    Re: Photos From Nikkor 360/500/720?

    The lens is not all that heavy. A Friend has the 500 and looking to get the 720 element one of these days.
    He uses it on a 5x7 Ikeda Anba, a very lightweight wood camera. Works well. I have tried it...
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    Re: batteries for Calcu Light meter

    I called him and what he has coming is the CalcuLight XP meter. The one that reads in really low light.

    Isn't coming with a manual and he did not have luck with a search.
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    batteries for Calcu Light meter

    Friend is getting a Calcu Light meter off of eBay.

    Anyone know what batteries work with it now?

    Being an older meter, will he have problems finding the right type?
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