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  1. Re: TRI-X Pan TXP 518 4x5 16 Sheet Pack Film advice/TIPS?

    Filmpack is on a thinner base than regular sheet film- probably the same base as 120 roll film. So beware putting kinks in it when handling. Its dimensions are slightly larger than the equivalent...
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    Re: omega D2 4x5 to 5x7 ???

    Finding an Omega E-series enlarger in Paraguay may be difficult, but best of luck in any case!
    KHB Photographics in Toronto, Canada, has a marvelous site with all manner of information about (and...
  3. Re: The Wisner convertible classic 8X10 camera (review)

    I have, or had, Wisner's brochure for the "Convertible Classic" camera. I picked it up at his booth at one of the big Photo/East shows in NY, c.1989? Can't remember seeing the camera itself... I...
  4. Re: Ilford 908 Filter and LED Alternative for RA-4?

    The color safelights I've worked under were brown, not green. And yes, they were dim. Tomorrow I'll look in my "Kodak Filters" book to find you the correct info, unless someone else posts it first.
  5. Re: Another digital versus analog showdown

    These comparisons/arguments remind me of the Mac vs. PC flame wars of a decade or more ago. Those have died down, thankfully.
  6. Re: 75mm or 90mm based on the following....

    If you're just starting, go for a 90mm. There are many threads on this forum about which one to choose; remember that these will all be professional-quality optics.
    75mm is very wide, and the short...
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    Re: Kodak Technical Pan and PMK Pyro?

    I've found Formulary TD-3 to work well... but using TP for long-scale subjects is a losing battle. And its high resolution doesn't matter much with sheet film, unless you want to make 40" wide...
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    Re: New Dektol Mixes Dark Brown

    That has to be oxidation, not a good thing. It will be interesting to see how long the stock solution lasts. Of course we don't know to whom Kodak has outsourced their production, but it sounds like...
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    Re: Ilex No. 3 Universal Shutter ?

    "very dim, dim, medium, bright". I like that!
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    Re: Hello from Rochester NY!

    Welcome! I was born & raised in Rochester and lived there for my first 55 years... including 20+ years as an industrial photographer at that big company downtown. Glad to see that RIT is still...
  11. Re: Ilex Paragon Anastigmat 10 inch F4.5 Info

    It is a Tessar formula and should barely cover 8x10 focused at infinity. They were made for a long time and were replaced, I think, in the 1960s by the f/6.3 version. There's a thread here from a few...
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    Re: Medium Format Definition

    Since in the 19th century photos were contact printed, it was probably after people started enlarging smaller formats to make their final prints.
    35mm was once called 'miniature', as was 120 roll...
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    Re: Adox CHS100II Yay or Nay?

    to quote (once again) the late Fred Picker; "TRY IT". Not too hard or too expensive, and then you'll know.
    Other people's anecdotal experience won't do much to answer your question... and for sure,...
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    Re: Best enlarger you have used

    Much of my darkroom experience in the last 42 years has been with the Omega D-series enlargers. That would be in two custom labs as well as decades inside Eastman Kodak. My home enlarger for 30 years...
  15. Re: Advice on a spare-time project? 4x4 back and holders

    Paul Strand disliked the proportions of 5x7, so he masked both the groundglass and the film gate to his preferred format- I believe it was 5x6-1/4". That was on a 5x7 Graflex SLR, no reason why you...
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    Re: Kodak supermatic shutter?

    Yes, there are plain Supermatic shutters that pre-date the flash connection. Of course many Kodak lenses in these shutters were originally mounted on Graflex Speed Graphics (or other press cameras)...
  17. Re: Westen Photographic Historical Society annual Show and Sale

    This will be the third of these shows that i'll attend- and the first working it. I predict that there will be plenty of undiscovered photo gems to be found... even, perhaps, the Holy Grail lens-...
  18. Re: Hypo Clearing Agent = Ilford Washaid? I am confused!

    Kodak HCA has a little sodium BI-sulfite in it too... presumably for use with film. Shouldn't make much difference with prints though.
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    Re: 8x10 Portrait Lenses

    Speaking from personal experience, you'd have trouble telling the difference between a Commercial Ektar and any of the comparable Ilex lenses (Acutar, Ilex-Caltar, Orbit, etc.) Any of them will...
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    Re: Goerz Dagor SV?

    The lens sounds like a pretty rare bird... someone's going to have to step up and try this one. After all, it just might be the Holy Grail of 150mm lenses!
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    Re: Mountain Lion near Santa Cruz

    Jim Andrada's comment about "Los Gatos" reminds me that there are plenty of mountain lions in the Santa Catalina mountains, which are the northern border of Tucson. They live in the east-side Rincon...
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    Re: Kodak vs. Rodenstock 135mm

    Having owned and used a 135/6.3 WF Ektar for over 30 years, and with some experience of modern Rodenstock lenses (if not this one), I'll say this.
    The Rodenstock will have more contrast, and...
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    Re: Eliot Porter exhibit in Maine

    There's nothing quite like a Porter dye-transfer print; he was truly a master. I'm sorry that I won't get to see this show... but i won't get to Maine this year. Don't miss it if you're anywhere near!
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    Re: 508mm f/7 ILEX lenses

    Dan, i think we all know that you do your homework. And I, for one, appreciate the fact that you share the hard-earned knowledge.
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    Re: 508mm f/7 ILEX lenses

    I used to have a c.1975 Calumet catalog that included this lens (Caltar branded of course). I remember that they advertised it for studio work on 8x10, to give a good perspective when shooting food...
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    Re: Bellows orientation question

    My thought has been that the 'stretchers' should be on the vertical sides. At least that's the way I've done it on two different Sinars.
  27. Re: Exhibition - Relicts: Exploring the Flora of Gondwana

    Great news. Congratulations! Wish I could see the show in person.
  28. Re: What is the difference between Type 54 and Type 55 Polaroid?

    I'll suggest that most 4x5 Polaroid was used for proofing; I know that's what I used it for. I admire artists (like Mark Klett) who shot T-55 in the field and made it work, but I never really tried...
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    Re: Sensitometer For B&W Film?

    I'm a bit confused here. A Sensitometer is a calibrated device which exposes a density step wedge onto film. They are not common and are generally used by the film manufacturer. One use is to make...
  30. Re: "Ansel Adams and Richard Wasserman: From The Mountains To The Prairies"

    Great news!
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    Re: Kodak 2D Light Leaks

    Be persistent, Kent; light leaks can be difficult to track down. You'll get there, though.
    Remember that Edward Weston suffered from similar troubles with his cameras... and overcame them to make...
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    Re: Adapter board question

    SKG will do it right, if it can be done. (I'm not familiar with the 5x7 board size.) But it won't be cheap.
    Locally? All you can do is ask. It would help to have accurate dimensions or samples. ...
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    Re: Which paper finish for landscape

    To quote the late Fred Picker, "TRY IT". The small added cost in buying several boxes of paper will pay off handsomely, once you've figured out which works best for your pictures. In addition- there...
  34. Re: The Jazz Loft according to W. Eugene Smith

    Well, Smith was badly wounded in WWII. Legend has it that for the rest of his life he existed on amphetamines, Scotch, and candy bars. There's at least a grain of truth there; he was truly a...
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    Re: Push 400 to 800 in HC110

    In general, a one-stop push requires a 50% increase in development time. You're going to have to run tests, and there's a starting point. That was the standard practice when I processed b/w film in...
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    Re: Budget wide angle lens for 8x10

    8x10 has never been an amateur format, and wide-angle lenses that cover the format have never been cheap (or common). There are several threads about the subject on this forum, some quite lengthy....
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    Re: Processing Troubles

    I've found, when developing sheet film in a tank, that a 5-minute presoak in a dilute Kodalk solution helps eliminate uneven development (like DMS206 says above).
    Agitation at less frequent...
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    Re: William Garnett Aerial Photographs

    Thanks for reminding us of Mr. Garnett. You can find a good interview and a fine portfolio of his work in the book 'Landscape: Theory', published by Ralph Gibson's Lustrum Press. (Out-of-print now,...
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    Re: Spur acurol-n

    Mr. Scudder is, as usual, knowledgable, thoughtful and sensible about darkroom practice. His advice is an articulate explanation of some concepts I couldn't quite put into words... in German or...
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    Re: Spur acurol-n

    I'll guess that one round of "lift-and-tilt" agitation, as per Kodak's instructions, should equal one round of tank inversions. And based on other highly-diluted developers I've used, I'll also...
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