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    Re: How do sellers handle paper age?

    I'll try over on Photrio. Thought someone around here must have worked in the trade. I suppose today with fewer buying options for paper, the ease of online buying and probably tighter inventory...
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    Re: How do sellers handle paper age?

    I already known about using older papers. I have a freezer full. I was wondering if someone who works/worked in a camera store darkroom department could explain if paper age was ever considered...
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    How do sellers handle paper age?

    I was wondering how sellers handle paper as it ages. Generally paper doesn't have an expiration date like film. Is there any manufacturer or distributor standard for how long a paper can be sold as...
  4. Re: 9x12 camera and all the things that come with it

    For enlarging I just use a glass carrier with a black construction paper mask. Works Ok for me. If there is any roll film holder options for your camera you could do color easily that way.
  5. Re: Is there such as thing as a modern, fast, compact 360 for 8x10?

    If you want to pay for it there is a 355mm f8 Schneider Kern MC Gold Dot Dagor that is fairly small. Filter size of 60mm.
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    Re: Quarantine Pictures Any Format

    Haven't done much photography lately but sort of like this one. Trying to decide on a title. Either "Portals to the Universe" or "Toast on a Lightbox".

    Pentax 67 135 macro with ext tubes. Print...
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    Re: print washers?

    If you haven't read them you might want to check out this article:
    I believe there is also a 2nd part.
  8. Re: Fold-out viewing hoods for Horseman monorail.

    Toyo also makes a balloon viewer that attaches the same way. I use one on my 45A. Looks like they are no longer made:...
  9. Re: Do I need a retaining ring on my Goerz Dagor 12 inch?

    The retaining ring is used to hold the shutter on to the lens board. The front and rear lens elements would then be screwed into the shutter. The front and rear elements would not make contact with...
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    Re: Elsa Dorfman passed away this morning

    I had never heard of her when a friend lent me the Earl Morris documentary on her "The B-side". She certainly lived an interesting life and found her calling with the 20x24 camera. With only a...
  11. Thread: Congo lens

    by Chuck Pere

    Re: Congo lens

    This link seems to still work:
  12. Thread: Fred Picker

    by Chuck Pere

    Re: Fred Picker

    If you haven't seen it you should try to watch his video on camera use. I think it's call "Photographing with Fred Picker".
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    Re: Interested in 4 x 5

    Don't forget to look around YouTube for view camera information.
  14. Re: 75mm Super Angulon 5.6 - Lindhof Master Technica - SOFT EDGES

    Is the lens attached to the board using a front mounted flange instead of a rear retaining ring? Maybe you can remove the flange and try it as a rear retaining ring.
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    Re: Change of fixer

    Have you done a quick film clearing time test with the new fixer? This will at least tell you if the new fixer is working OK.
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    Re: Adaptor for Kodak AG 9x12cm to 4x5?

    I also have a 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 spring back for my Zeiss camera. I don't see how a 4x5 back would fit easily. Maybe an extended back like is used on 4x5 cameras to covert to 5x7. Or something that...
  17. Re: "Ansel Adams and Richard Wasserman: From The Mountains To The Prairies"

    Congratulations Richard. I look forward to see your show.
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    Re: Tripod Head Needed for 8X10

    Since you have a Manfrotto tripod how about a Manfrotto/Bogen 3047 head. Supports 16.5 lbs. Lots of them out in the used market. Their 3057 head is larger and supports 22 lbs but might be harder...
  19. Re: MWLFA LF Print Show January 25, Chesterton, Indiana

    I'm planning to attend once again. Don't have a lot to show but hope to finish 4-5 pictures. That's another nice thing about this show. No print minimums. You can bring 1 print if you want. ...
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    Re: Aristo 1212 Cold Light Head Images?

    I believe the picture shows the tube heater pad and temperature control. Wired to the heater plug. Should not have to change any of this for a new lamp.
  21. Re: Where does one get custom ground glass from these days?

    Checkout this thread:
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    Re: Barbara Crane

    In the early 90's I attended a workshop in SW MI put on by her and Al Weber. It went Ok if a little disorganized at times. Probably their first and last workshop together. I remember her as a nice...
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    Re: Packard shutter bulb replace???

    Some kind of lens cleaning blower with a bulb?
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    Re: Hi from the Northwest Suburbs (Chicago)

    I'm east of you in Prospect Heights. I second checking out the Midwest Large format group. I at least attend their annual portfolio review get together and it's always a fun time. Maybe we need a...
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    Re: Matting & Framing for Display

    I just used one of these wood frame kits from Archival Methods: Easy to assemble and not too costly. Are people using glass or...
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    Re: Looking for bellows.

    I had Richard Ritter ( put a new bellows on my Wista Field a few years ago. You might see if he would sell you just the part if you want to install it yourself.
  27. Re: Results: Two papers, two developers, one toner

    Seems strange that the Ilford Warmtone developer prints aren't warmer than the Dectol prints. Isn't that the main reason to use the warmtone developer. I've never tried any comparisons with the...
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    Re: 4x5 field camera with geared movements

    Wisner made (well at least had a catalog page) a Pocket Expedition with geared movements. 4x5 was 3.6 lbs. Geared front axis tilt and rise and fall. Plus rear geared axis tilt.
  29. Re: Technika in a Domke F-2 or other shoulder bag?

    I use the last generation of the Zone VI bag for my cameras. I used to strap them to a backpack frame but now use a Tamrac strap that lets me carry them like a backpack. When I don't want to put...
  30. Re: Compatability of Aristo cold lights across Beseler 23c and 45 MXT, and questions

    Here's a link to Aristo info that may help you:

    If the transformer you are talking about is for the...
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    Re: optimizing folding hood shade?

    I use this hood on my Toyo 45A:

    Works good for me. But I have the type of eyes that can focus at...
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    Re: Central Camera Chicago & Ilford NEWS

    Darkroom Aids was a fun place to look around in. I remember asking for a Beseler to Elwood lensboard adapter and the guy turned around and took one off the wall. Since I lived and worked in the NW...
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    Re: Central Camera Chicago & Ilford NEWS

    Does Ilford fix the prices on the ULF sales or does each store have it's own price?
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    Re: Tachihara 4x5

    As for price I would check Ebay for sold prices to get an idea. Large format prices may be increasing but I'd think these would sell for more like $500-600 for just the camera.
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    Re: Find dev time without enlarger

    Something fundamental I don't understand. If you're scanning the film wouldn't you just develop the film to match the scanner density range? The density range should be part of the scanner...
  36. Re: Alternative to Upper/Lower Glass Negative Carriers

    I've found that Tmax films have more of a problem with emulsion side Newton rings. For those I need to use AN glass top and bottom.
  37. Re: MIdwest Large Format Asylum 1/26- anyone going?

    I'm planning to attend from NW Chicago suburbs. The YouTube link shows what goes on. People show their work with whatever explanation they want to do and take any questions. This is more a show...
  38. Re: Modifying (time length) or Disabling the Unicolor Uniroller Bidirectional Switch?

    If I recall correctly it's just a mechanical switch that you can disable. Then you can rotate the drum 180 deg by hand every so often to vary the agitation. I actually made a 555 timer circuit to...
  39. Re: Help: Seiko shutter hole diameter for lensboard fujinon 250 f/6.7

    It was still WS in the Copal shutter model.
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    Re: Any Aristo W54 Cold Head Tips?

    I thought the new lamp is the V54 not V52. And not sure of the W54. Here is some info on the lamps:...
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