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    Expensive"oops" moments

    Kevin, one of the really stupid quirks of camera design is putting the sliding lock for the lensboard on top of the board. If it were on the bottom of the board, the lens wouldn't fall off if it...
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    Schneider Press-Xenar 135 f3.8 info

    Richard: The Xenar is a four element tessar design. The lenses are quite sharp, especially at the center, but have limited coverage. The 135mm just covers 4x5 and you have discovered, but gives a...
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    8x10 Enlarger Building Question

    John, THe Noba cameras, which were once quite popular as a studio camera, used a belt and pulleys for focusing. Worked quite well, and was very fast. Are you building a verticle or horizontal...
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    how old are we?

    I'm 64 and have been shooting LF, along with other formats, for 45 years, both as professional and amatuer. I current shoot 98 percent of work with LF. I spilled Viagra on my tripod and cannot get...
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    Fast Lenses

    David: There were some older lenses in the 4.5 range made for 8x10. I believe Zeiss made some tessar formula 300mm 4.5 lenses and perhaps B&L. Some of the old aerial lenses also open quite wide....
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    choice of lens

    90mm and 180mm.

  7. Strange Looking Pictures Made With Nikon 300M Lens

    Brian: I would look for a hole in the lensboard or lens mount that might be causing a pinhole image. That is assuming that the lens elements are still mounted solidly and in the proper alignment. ...
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    Negatives in the fridge?

    Fridges are notoriously damp places that promote growth of all kinds of fungi. Even in a moisture proof package I think you would be asking for trouble. For long term storage in the fridge, you...
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    Print Size and Subject Matter

    To answer your original question, there is a relationship between the subject matter and print size. Some subject matter can look quite gross in big prints, especially head shots of people and some...
  10. Which old lens would make this kind of image?

    Michael, You don't need to be asking questions, you need to be giving answers. The shots are great. You can get the same effect with single element lenses mounted in a shutter. I have had good ...
  11. Trying to find information on processing large format

    Travis: There are tons of info on processing LF in the archives of this forum. I have used about all the methods at one time or another and settled on drum processing as being the most consistant...
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    Doctor/Chemist in the house?

    Chris: Are you using enough air inlet area into your darkroom? Many times photographers will install a good exhaust fan and then no way for the air to get into the darkroom that the fan takes out....
  13. Spotone : proportion for selenium dipped prints

    Spotone has, or had, a spotting toner for selenium prints. It does not come with the three-bottle kit and has to be purchased seperately.

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    Landscape techniques

    Lee: There is an MPP users site that might be helpful. As mentioned, there is a tripod socket on the side of the camera that is helpful to get rise in some situations. The rise on my MPP is a...
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    Omega D2 Enlarger for 4x5

    I have used an ol' D-2 for years, and don't intend to change. It is a good, solid old workhorse that can turn out some beautiful work. Mine has stayed in alignment for several years, but if you get...
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    Pushing HP5+ in 8x10

    David, I pulled an old HP-5 data sheet I had hanging on the wall and they say it can pushed to 1600 with ID-11 developing 18-22 1/2 minutes at 68. They quote a figure of 12-15 minutes at 75 degrees...
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    Bits and pieces


    There is a neat trick to using a 90mm on the MPP that I discovered after a bit of anguish. As stated earlier, the 90mm ends up right at the hinge of the track. I did this to cure my...
  18. Schneider Xenar 135mm f/4.7, A Good Lens?

    J.P. is right, you will gain a slight bit of coverage at the edges, but not much. Both lenses, the Xenar and the Ektar are four element tessar designes and as such barely cover the 4x5 format. They...
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    Shot first 8x10s, having issues . . .

    Try the Beselar drum you have with fresh chemistry. I suspect that agitation, combined with old chemistry, is the problem.

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    When you move things

    I have seen the statement "photography is 90% moving furniture" attributed to several of our better known photograpers. I certainly don't have problems with moving a branch, a beer can or a...
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    Camera for landscape and architecture

    Lee: The MPP MK VII has a revolving back, swing and tilt at the back, triple extension bellows. The front has slide, rise, fall, a drop bed, swing and backward tilt. They are super cameras. They...
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    Composing on the GG, or not

    I agree with JNorman. For me, the greatest thing about LF is that it allows you to compose the image and carefully. It eliminates a lot of wasted shots. I enjoy just setting up the camera and...
  23. reasonable price for late model Linhof III and std lens

    Joe, there is no such thing as a late model Linhof Technika III. It hasn't been made for many years. The III has front lens tilt to the rear only. That said, it is a good, solid, camera if it has...
  24. Suggestions and Preferences for 4x5 Lenses

    Paul: Assuming that your LF is 4x5, you have a good selection of quality lenses. The Super Angulon is a newer and better lens than the Angulon. Symmars are good lenses. The 240 is a good...
  25. Optical Theory: FL and"compression," subjective effect on prints

    David, since you shoot several formats, why not do your own tests? Shoot a sheet of 8x10, MF and 35mm. Cut everything down to 35mm size, and the images should be close to identical, given a small...
  26. Where to sign a print? Where to write the legend?

    I sign my mount board on the front, and also the mat as the mount board is hidden. I sign the mat on the lower right hand corner, and the title is on the left hand lower corner. I hate print...
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    cleaning enlarger lens question

    David: Brush the lens gently and unless it has fingerprints or a buildup of crud leave it alone. A few dust specks will not harm performance. As to the sliding detent adjuster, you will have to ...
  28. Where to look for Kodak Series 9 filters

    Check for any photo swap meets in your area. Larger cities have them on a regular basis. Shutterbug Magazine used to publish a listing. You can find about anything photograhic at those swap meets...
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    Can't get motivated --

    Matt: There is certainly a case to be made for MF with modern emulsions. A 6x7 neg can make a print that is hard to pick out next to a 4x5 neg print in moderate enlargements. That is not the point....
  30. Stolen LF equipment. Heart broken, to say the least

    Sorry about your gear, Andy. I guess it happens to a lot of us. Did to me. Look one the bright side...maybe he will sell your camera for a good sum, buy drugs with it, OD and take himself out of...
  31. Creating opportunities for younger photographers

    Matthew: Good point. Every professional photographer I know started out as a serious amatuer with a love for photography. Most I know are willing to share their knowledge. I'm glad you found one...
  32. price of Tri-x 8x10 just went up 10%...pissed me off

    HP-5 is great stuff. I use both it and Tri-X. I develop HP-5 in either HC-110 or Ilford ID-11. Both developers give beautiful negs. I use Tri-X at asa 160, HP-5 at 250. Not much difference, but a...
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    Looking for a specific field camera....

    My Tachihara, which I bought last summer new, does not have axis tilts on the front. It is base tilt. I'm thinking about removing the little tit that slides in the slot. Anyone tried that?
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    Career Question...Management?

    There is certainly a lot to consider. Number one is, will you still have the same job security you have now? Managers are disposable these days. I was struck by one statement you made about passing...
  35. Elwood 5X7 Enlarger diffuser - Help Please

    Henry: The old Elwood is a good enlarger. I owned one years ago. The glass was ground or etched more in the middle, and tapered off toward the edges to even out the light. I don't know how to...
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    Film Holder Light Leaks

    Michael: Many photographers drape the dark cloth over the rear of the camera during exposure to avoid the problem you have. Direct sunlight should not be allowed to hit the edge of the holder with...
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    Out of focus negs from Crown Graphic

    Steve: I suspect as a couple of others have mentioned that you either don't have a Fresnel lens installed or it is on the wrong side of the ground glass. You can check that by removing the lens...
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    Focusing Question

    Ross: With the 90mm, you can focus about 12 feet in front of the camera and at f32 everything will be in focus. With wide angle lenses, you need to focus closer due to curvature of field of focus. ...
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    Residual Developer in Negatives?

    Michael: Maybe you scorched it. Seriously, it is an interesting effect. I do know that hot water will remove the emulsion. I once had a trainee wash six rolls of 120 film in hot water and left a...
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    Something to think about

    Aaron: Weston, Adams, et al were more or less rebelling against the soft focus photography that became popular in the early days as photographers were trying to imitate painting. The art of...
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