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    Re: Stiff Majestic gear head - how to fix it?

    I have one of the super duty Majestic Tripods and I love the head. Works just fine with the 8 x 10 Kardan Bi although I normally use it with smaller stuff like my Fuji GX680. I think it's the only 6...
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    Re: Anyone ever repaires an iris clamp?

    I found the problem. Partially dis-assembled the clamp and I could see that a long tome ago someone else much have had the same problem because there were a couple of teeth missing from the ring gear...
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    Anyone ever repaires an iris clamp?

    I opened the clamp a bit too far and the opening "key" seems to have gotten disengaged from the iris itself so now it's completely open and the key just sort of spins around but the clamp doesn't...
  4. Re: Advice Needed - Should I ship my LF lenses to get them CLA'ed before selling them

    I've had really good luck sending my lenses to Carol at Flutot's Camera Repair. They used to be in the LA area but I think they moved to Palm Desert. I'll check tomorrow. She does really good work...
  5. Re: Can anyone recommend a sturdy tall carbon fiber tripod and ball head/pan-tilt hea

    Glad you found something you like. I have a raft of tripods and they all have plusses and minuses. I use one of the "Three legged thing" tripods (I think its the Leo) and it's OK - works well for the...
  6. Re: Harrison Jumbo Film Changing Tent - Sticky

    I have 10 - 12 years on a Harrison tent and it's fine - I leave it set up most of the time. I have plenty of space to hide it under one of my wife's full size grand pianos. (Yes, she has more than...
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    Re: Going Long on 5x7

    I use the Nikkor 360/500/720 set. I've always been in the "avoid the tele" camp - until I tried the Nikkor. Outstanding sharpness and contrast. My only quibble is that the 720 is f/16. It works well...
  8. Re: My Howtek HiResolve8000 got tough with me

    +1 on wishes for a speedy recovery. I had a new knee a few years back and for some reason (ie a lot of metal in the back where they wanted to put the nerve block) I didn't get the block - it was not...
  9. Re: Scanning 8x10 method Epson v850 super resolution lens

    Well, if you only use the middle 5 or so inches of the negative I guess that will work, but you might want to think about cutting 8 x 10 down to two 4 x 10 pieces and using a 4 x 10 film holder. You...
  10. Re: Scanning 8x10 method Epson v850 super resolution lens

    Are you stitching two scans? If not how can you use the higher resolution lens for 8 x 10 when it only covers a band a little under 6 inches wide.
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    Re: Chamonix Whole Plate Camera!

    It's a marvelous size. I often print to WP from other formats just because I like the feel of the prints in this size. I do have one WP camera and it's easier to deal with than 8 x 10.
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    Re: Going Wide on 5x7

    I use an f90mm Super Angulon with a center filter for 5 x 7. Works fine.
  13. Re: Any telephoto (360mm or above) recommendations for a 4x5 (TK45S)?

    I have the Nikon 360/500/720 set and I'm completely satisfied with the sharpness. My only complaint is that focusing an f/16 lens (the 720) is a bit hard on my 80 year old eyes. I use the 360 and 500...
  14. Re: Making separation negatives from color positive sheet film

    I once tried to make screen printing "plates" by separation. I still suffer from the induced insanity. IIRC I was using a lith film of some kind. I really had no idea WTF I was doing but it was fun...
  15. Re: Should I get a center filter for my 65mm Nikon-SW f/4 & 90mm Sinaron-W f/6.8?

    I use a center filter on my 90mm Super Angulon. But then again I mainly use it on 5 x 7. I use it on 4 x 5 as well because - well, it's already on the lens.
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    Re: IQSmart3 Driver Error

    +1 for Michael - I got my IQsmart 2 from him and he's been a great help.
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    Re: Remove Ektar 127mm from a lens board

    I think I might try some paint stripper - carefully!!!. I'd probably use an artist brush or q-tip to just run a little around the edge of the flange and maybe a bit in the holes in the flange, Then...
  18. Re: Comparison of Howtek 8000 Resolve to Epson V850

    I have a 17 inch Epson P800 so the widest I would usually print is 16". I've done 16 x 20 -ish prints from 120 film that look fine. I don't usually print super large though - some 11 X 14 and a few...
  19. Re: Comparison of Howtek 8000 Resolve to Epson V850

    I think the term "Gold Standard" in this case is irrelevant. What's important is what you think you need to get the kind of results you want with a workflow you're willing to commit to.

    For a lot...
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    Re: cable shutter release, Speed Graphic...

    I had the same issue - finally got a short extension (3" IIRC) and JB welded it into the shutter. Still working fine after 5 - 6 years.
  21. Re: What's considered "high altitude" when it comes to UV filters?

    How high is high? Good question. Tucson is around 2700 feet, which in and of itself isn't so high, but the amount of water vapor in the air can be really low - I think it's the skin capital center of...
  22. Re: Help in ID'ing Japanese 5X7 Wood Camera

    Pictures would help a lot - is anything on the camera written in Japanese? If so I could probably figure it out.
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    Re: Film, scanning or development issues?

    You should put them on the wall. At our ages it can't possibly hurt anything - whoops, maybe something WOULD hurt.
  24. Re: New Photoshop ‘Select Subject’ Feature Gets Even Better

    I'm just being a grump. I tried cloning over my grumpiness with the clone stamp, and fixing it with the healing tool, but I can't seem to save it...

    Maybe a few hours of meditation in your Wet...
  25. Re: Howtek 8000 Drum vs. Epson V850 flatbed scanners

    Once upon a time this used to be a great subject area - I learned a lot. Now it just makes me tired and sorry I bothered to look.
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    Re: Graflex Super Graphic problem

    Glad you got it figured out. I've never had that happen - yet! On the other hand I don't usually let other folks mess with my cameras. I can break enough stuff by myself. Anyhow, glad to know the...
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    Re: Graflex Super Graphic problem

    I'm looking at mine right now, but I don't know what you mean by the "sliding release arms"- do you have a photo??? Do you mean the back that has the ground glass in it and the flip open viewing...
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    Re: looking for repair of a Studio Shutter

    There's Carol at Flutot's in LA. I've had a few shutters repaired and she does good work.
  29. Re: Review of Linhof Heavy Duty Tripod, comments welcome.

    I have one of those heads, but mine is on top of the monster Majestic tripod with a right angle arm. I think I could use this tripod to support a car. Nowhere near as elegant as the Linhof, but -...
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    Re: Xenar 135mm f4.7 lens opinion

    This one is definitely not "Apo"

    Nice lens nevertheless depending on the result you're after. Sharpness/contrast isn't always the right metric for a given image.
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    Re: Moon lit scene with Txp 320

    Shoulder replacement mid June - probably unrealistic to think about July. Knees and shoulders are hard. I had a knee done - took a long time. One of the guys at PT had had his shoulder done and he...
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    Re: Xenar 135mm f4.7 lens opinion

    I have a 360 TeleXenar that I also think is somewhat less contrasty than (for example) the Nikkor 360 - 500- 720 set. Makes a nice photo but not sharp enough to "cut your eye" by any means. Not smart...
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    Re: Question about JOBO expert drums

    I'm in Arizona. Nothing takes much more than an hour ir so to dry.
  34. Re: Should I Drum Scan, X1 Flextight Scan, or use the Epson V850 w/Aztek Wet Mount Ki

    @ Sasquatchian

    Well said. It's exactly how I arrived at using the Creo instead of the Epson. I thought about a drum scanner and spent some time with Lenny in California and I finally concluded...
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    Re: Single Travel

    I used to live in Los Gatos before moving to Tucson - had a good friend down the street who was always telling me to not wander around in the mountains between Los Gatos and Santa Cruz. I never knew...
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    Re: endless external HD shuffle Part deaux

    I built a new system last year - 4 x 4TB drives in Raid 10. Plus backup copies on DropBox and Google Drive. And Amazon just started an "all you can store"- unlimited free photo storage so I'm trying...
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    Re: MF (6x4.5,6x6,6x7,6x9,6x12) B&W film images sharing

    A couple

    1) Hasselblad V/150mm


    Zeiss Super Ikonta that my father bought new in 1937. Taken at Shirakawa-go during our last trip to Japan a couple of years back. I lived there from...
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    Re: Question relative scanner performance

    The 700 didn't include the mounting station, the 750 did - I expect it's the same story for the 800/850 but I don't know because I upgraded to an IQsmart and the Epson is holding down a stack of...
  39. Re: Likely Very Naive Question, sheet film then scan to produce a digital print.

    I have to admit I'm thinking seriously about getting a 30 - 40 MP back for my Hasselblad V, I really like the results I get with the 645 but in the end I prefer looking at an IMAGE on a ground glass...
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    Re: lateral arm for gitzo tripod?

    I have a monster Majestic tripod with a side arm I think the tube is 2 1/4 inch - haven't actually measured it - but I've hung an 8 x 10 Linhof Kardan Bi out on the arm for a vertical shot and it was...
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