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    Re: Linhof cameras before 1945

    I spent a week with the Linhof "team" at their factory back in 2003 while they were considering my then-latest (L-1) camera design. Such a great bunch of folks...lots of lively discussions, great...
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    Re: Reciprocity and reducing development

    Very tricky issue when photographing ocean surf...with intermittent highlights due to transient zone-8 sea-foam surges. The solution involves observing the time ratio of "on surge" to "off surge" -...
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    Re: 11x14 camera build attempt - Questions

    What a nice the red anodizing! And those double-articulated rear struts - very cool!
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    Re: Recognizing dagor type G-Clarons

    When I first got into 11x14 years first lens was a 19" Eastman Anastigmat (in barrel)...followed by a 14" Schneider/Kern Dagor - which was blazingly sharp but exhibited a noticeable field...
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    Re: It is Majestic!

    Had a Quick Set "Gibralter" back in the day - so very massive...could likely have used it as a building jack (no kidding!). I think these were originally designed to use with the old, colossal,...
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    How Much Have We Accomplished?

    So…how much (or little) has everyone accomplished, photographically speaking, during this pandemic?

    OK - I’ll go first: Very little actually. Seems that I’ve been doing mostly home...
  7. Poll: Re: What's your #1 anxiety about LF (in your personal life)?

    Topic for another thread perhaps...specifically about how much or little we've accomplished photographically during the pandemic. Not quite brave enough to start this - but if nobody else does then...
  8. Re: Aspherical, Apo(chromatic) & ED (extra low dispersion) lenses - whats the differe

    This discussion is starting to make me wish that glass plates would make a comeback. Hmmm...maybe I need to connect with Jason? Panchro at ISO-2 could be limiting...or liberating? Ortho at ISO...
  9. Re: Aspherical, Apo(chromatic) & ED (extra low dispersion) lenses - whats the differe

    I will freely admit a tendency to gravitate towards utilizing an aperture of F/32, at least with my two “longer” focal length (210 and 305) lenses, as it often provides me with a good “sweet spot” in...
  10. Re: Aspherical, Apo(chromatic) & ED (extra low dispersion) lenses - whats the differe

    I once owned a 35mm asph Summilux - 2nd version with one (pressed) aspheric surface. Very stunning wide open by the way. The first version featured two aspheric surfaces...not pressed but ground. ...
  11. Poll: Re: What's your #1 anxiety about LF (in your personal life)?

    Feels like this year we've all been stuck in (our) little towns!
  12. Re: Yuletide Gift: When asked... do you list anything photography related?

    My wife never "gifts" anything to me that I want...only things that I need (thank goodness!). Result? Almost every stitch of clothing I wear (I hate shopping for clothes!) first appeared either...
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    Re: Photo Cart Based on an Old Golf Cart wheels. Better yet, actual racing bike wheels (super lightweight) mounted to a simple axle...over which an aluminum pack frame could ride. The pack frame's top tubes would have...
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    Re: Certificate Expired

    Whew...that was scary!
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    Re: Still Life 2020

    Still working on this one...but here is an iPhone snap (blows out some highlights) of the initial result ("Tomatillos", 5x7, 210mm Sironar-N, FP-4/Pyrocat-HD/Glycol):


    I think I'll darken...
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    Re: post "Something Dead"

    Here are two:


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    Re: Heathkit Darkroom timer revealed glory!

    ...could work to compensate for dry down! :rolleyes:
  18. Re: Carbon Transfer Exhibition through December 22, 2020

    Jim, your new books and exhibit look amazing! Someday...I promise - I will get out to visit! In the meantime, its good to hear that you and yours are doing well, as are Marlene and myself -...
  19. Poll: Re: What's your #1 anxiety about LF (in your personal life)?

    Just read the last few posts...and two things stand out - "those guys in pickup trucks," and being anxious in the middle of nowhere. As for the first...don't get me wrong - I love pickup trucks! ...
  20. Re: Seeking a newer 4x5 camera for mostly landscape

    Probably just me...but in the realm of landscape - in fact, in just about all but architectural photography - I've often found "ball and spring" detents a bit of a pain to work around...particularly...
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    Re: Good light lens for 8x10’

    My 305 G-Claron covers 11x14 at more than enough for 8x10.
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    Re: Good light lens for 8x10’

    ...or a 305 G-Claron.
  23. Poll: Re: Some Darkroom questions, mostly on enlargers

    Drew, to add to this...placing ones self onto a learning curve of a technology which is anything but mature can make one more a (willing?) slave to that curve, whereas remaining higher on a curve of...
  24. Poll: Re: Some Darkroom questions, mostly on enlargers

    Last post reminded me of the first question. A point to consider regarding "getting set up" with digital vs analog, is that of relative expense. These days, it is quite possible, in the realm of...
  25. Re: Framing a darkroom against concrete wall

    Oh...dust from the old ceiling sounds like trouble. You could "sister up" the old beams with some dimensional lumber, leveled on the bottom with some string stretched between low points - then apply...
  26. Re: Framing a darkroom against concrete wall

    What worked well for me are the Dow/Corning "Insult-Pink" rigid foam boards, the edges of which are cut in to allow for flush (surface) mounted 1/3 wood firring strips (which do not contact the...
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    Re: Use 4x5 Beseler for smaller film?

    Another advantage of using a large machine for a small negative is the larger bellows will help to minimize flare.
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    Re: Diane Arbus Tribute

    Drew...I've thought this also - and I've spoken with a number of others who feel the same. That being said...I think that there is always an extent to which we are all looking into our own mirrors...
  29. Poll: Re: Some Darkroom questions, mostly on enlargers

    IMHO...very sturdy enlarger support - anchored directly to concrete basement slab, is better than wall attachment. Why? Because walls vibrate when utilities (furnace motors, etc.) kick in. I'd...
  30. Re: Strange glass seperation / dirt inside lens element / Need help to identify

    A very naive question...but was carbon black ever used to help mitigate unwanted light ingress into the edges of these older optics? If so - perhaps some of this has migrated away from the edges? ...
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    Re: Darkroom Renovation Phase 1 looks like you've got some raw wood underneath your large yellow "sink/tray" inserts - and, if so I'd like to suggest that you apply some type of waterproof finish to this before long,...
  32. Poll: Re: What's your #1 anxiety about LF (in your personal life)?

    That...just having turned my visual/artistic/creative capacities continue to evolve, my own physical capacities (those required to keep up with the aforementioned creative evolution) are now...
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    Re: Photo Cart Based on an Old Golf Cart

    For longer walks over uneven terrain...I could imagine the golf cart/photo-backpacks pictured above with an attachable/detachable, lightweight "rickshaw" frame.
  34. Re: A DIY 5x7 conversion unit for Toho FC-45 monorial

    Joseph...who made the bellows for this project? I like what looks like a good balance between available length, good compressibility and yet not too much taper.
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    Re: Show off your Large Format camera!

    Joseph thats brilliant! (should be in DIY section?) My own version of this (once piece 5x7 back/bellows/board adapter), while very sturdy and useable, and of roughly equal weight, is very clunky...
  36. Re: Can anyone recommend a sturdy tall carbon fiber tripod and ball head/pan-tilt hea

    ...another fan of the Gitzo 1325 here which, in combo with the Gitzo 1370 magnesium pan/tilt head - has provided me with the perfect "sweet spot" in terms of sturdiness, efficiency, and portability...
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    Re: Diane Arbus Tribute

    I was so lucky to attend the Diane Arbus "Revelations" exhibit at the Met in '05...very comprehensive/inclusive - including (in addition to lots of images), Diane's darkroom setup, a few of her...
  38. Re: What small lightweight lens for 4x5 backpacking?

    I have an old wooden (1930's?) Thallhammer tripod which I do use occasionally. Smooth as silk and just works and works.
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    Re: Getting started in 11x14"

    ...amen to that!
  40. Re: When was Wisner Tech Field 4x5 #941 built?

    Two entries...six years apart. Where does the time go? Where has Ron W. gone? I met him when I presented at the LF conference in Albuquerque in 2002 - good times those. Where have they gone?
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