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    Re: How Have You Made a Plastic GG

    I used 600 and 1000 grade wet dry sandpaper on Lexan. End result was quite usable and really tough.
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    Re: Better lens for my Crown Graphic?

    Unless your Xenar sample has an issue, it should be as sharp as a modern 135mm lens. Typically they are very sharp, they just have limited coverage that makes them perfectly fine for your use, but...
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    Re: Reading a Luna-Pro

    Yes, use the yellow triangle. The red and green markers are for use with the spot attachment.

    If you are using it for an incident reading, you slide the diffuser over and still use the yellow...
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    Re: Question Re Zone VI Enlarging Timer

    You mean supply power to the unit at the start of a development cycle and eliminate the reset to "000" step?
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    Re: Question Re Zone VI Enlarging Timer

    Thanks, Richard. That will make it easy.
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    Question Re Zone VI Enlarging Timer

    My original foot switch has just fallen apart after many years of use. Is this just a momentary contact switch? Make the connection by pushing down thus resetting the counter to zero or causing it...
  7. Re: Photo travel by vehicle, what's your favorite?

    I see more stuff driving it, and I am not tempted to put too much in the trunk.
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    Re: Fidelity elite 8x10 film holder question

    I think it spent too much time in a hot car trunk and got warped. I'd return it.
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    Re: Pushing TXP320 4x5... Dev Times?

    We used a lot of Accufine when we were routinely shooting at 1200 or higher with Tri-x. Control contrast with your lighting because no matter what empty shadows are going to be empty shadows.
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    Re: Fujinon SF lens Question

    Got it, thanks.
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    Fujinon SF lens Question

    I picked up the 180mm version, with a red disc. I cannot find any cogent explanation on line for how to read the red numbers and the yellow numbers on the aperture scale. They don't appear to be f...
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    Re: Schneider G-Claron 355mm


    I don't think there any multi-coated 270mm g clarons. Or any multi-coated g clarons, period. So what you are saying is that a single coated lens is too contrasty for you. Personally I...
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    Re: Colfax, Washington

    Morten Lauridsen's hometown.
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    Re: Opening top of Symmar-S 210

    What are you using to try and unscrew the retaining ring? I have yet to see one I can't take apart with the SK Grimes tool, unless the rim is dented.
  15. Re: CatLABS X film, from Freestyle - any user information?

    I'm in the process of moving the house and everything in the darkroom so didn't have time for a proper film test of the box of 4x5 I bought. But I did have a new lens to test so figured I'd shoot a...
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    Re: How sharp can I expect from 4X5

    Print a negative of a real subject on 16x20 paper. All concerns about sharpness should be gone unless your lens or technique have a problem.
  17. Re: Question re: Charmonix 045-N-2 minimum bellows draw

    It was the collision between the two bed knob wheels and the bottom of the rear standard, but I think I see how you're doing that. I thought just the bed would slide, not the knobs too. Thanks for...
  18. Question re: Charmonix 045-N-2 minimum bellows draw

    I just received one of these. I'm impressed with the quality of the build and the rigidity. But I'm stumped on one thing: How do you achieve the advertised minimum bellows draw of 52mm? The least...
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    Re: Which Chamonix 4x5?

    I haven't really thought about the image being upside down for oh, about 20 years. It becomes a non-issue pretty quickly. I just bought an N model, which arrives next week. I didn't consider a...
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    Re: Omega D2 Questions

    The head definitely says "variable condenser." The chassis just says D2.
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    Omega D2 Questions

    My only experience with Omegas is with my B22XL, now long gone. It seemed extremely well made compared to my first enlarger which was a Vivitar 66 something. I hated that one.

    I want to add a...
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    Re: What Happened to Dry Mounting Prints?

    When I was 16 or so, my photographic mentor was a well-known newspaper photographer. He dry mounted his display prints at work, trimmed to the edge with no borders. He mounted them at home on the...
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    Re: Radioactive Lenses at Airports

    I've taken repro clarons through at least 10 US airports and never had an issue. Sometimes three of them at once, a couple of those quite large.
  24. Re: Copal 0 lens repair question - index ring turns?

    Different issue. The scalloped lock ring, as he calls it, will stiffen things up, but if the chrome cam ring moves to change shutter speeds, the index ring with the numbers still moves with it. But...
  25. Copal 0 lens repair question - index ring turns?

    I picked up a new (used) lens with a Copal 0 shutter. The lens runs fine at all speeds, but when you turn the silver cam ring to change shutter speeds, the black ring with the marked speeds follows...
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    Water Spots Observation

    I'm passing this observation on in case somebody finds it helpful.

    I hate water spots, and use Edwal LFN and distilled water. It works pretty well, best results were using half the dose...
  27. Re: Malfunctioning No. 4 Acme Synchro Shutter

    Sounds like you need a basic CLA. My experience with Acmes in this size is that they can go 10+ years before needing service and they are reasonably accurate. If the lens and working shutter aren't...
  28. Re: Fixing Light Leak in Graphic Roll Film Back

    Thanks for your suggestions. I feel kind of dumb for not thinking of taking out the insert and checking it with a light in the camera. Duh. From the pattern it is definitely a leak on the long...
  29. Fixing Light Leak in Graphic Roll Film Back

    I finally got one of these, in apparently fine shape, and took a test roll with it today. All but one shot has evidence of a ruinous light leak. The one that didn't was taken in the shade, with me...
  30. Re: First Post! - How Do I Measure My Bellows Extension To Calculate Bellows Exposure

    What Jimi said. Works great for me.
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    Re: Seeking Advice for 4x5 Handheld Camera

    With a Crown with a side-mount Kalart, you can use multiple infinity stops. They fold down easily to get out of your way if you are moving the front standard out for a longer lens, or in for a...
  32. Re: Catastrophically broken Wista 45SP, any hope for repair?

    If this had happened to me I'd try JB Weld. Keep it out of the slot where parts have to slide. Use it sparingly, clamp it hard, and don't mess with it for 48 hours. If it doesn't hold then you...
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    Re: San Francisco - Monterey 10 Days

    Andrew Molero state park off hwy 1 is nice. I’d slip a little 120 mm lens or an 90 mm angulon into your kit.
  34. Re: Best way to repair small light leak in bellows?

    Apply the electrical tape with the bellows extended. Let it dry for a couple hours before you rack it in and compress it. Otherwise, it will stick to itself. For a pinhole just a dot will do it. ...
  35. Re: Best way to repair small light leak in bellows?

    I've used a dab of the liquid electrical tape and 15 years later the repair is still good.
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    Re: Developer CAPACITY question

    Given the price of film and the time you invest in each sheet of 8x10 I’d go with 3 sheets. Unless you want to experiment.
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    Re: Do you use 100% of a LF negative?

    Yes except when using Grafmatics.
  38. Re: Corner fogging and air bubbles on BW 4x5

    My thoughts:

    1. Yes, look like bubbles on the film. Pat is right, you need to give the tank a couple or three hard whacks after the chemicals go in to dislodge the bubbles. With 35 mm and metal...
  39. Re: Compatability of Aristo cold lights across Beseler 23c and 45 MXT, and questions

    I tried to get two older Aristo heads to work with modern VC paper of three different brands, using every filtering trick I could find on-line. I never got satisfactory results -- or even close. ...
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    Re: Lubricant for lens thread

    You can buy a tube of lanolin for around $6. It is particularly good on brass threads. It is the main ingredient used by ammunition reloaders to lubricate fired cases before they go into a press.
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