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  1. Re: Reveni Labs Remote Control Mechanical Shutter Release

    hmmm, 1-2 second delay is much better than the usual screw in timed releases I've got. The price is in Cdn which means it's super cheap for U.S. buyers. Might need to add this to my camera bag,...
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    Re: Any "Musts" is South Korea?

    friends have taught there, and I've never been, but this is one place I would have to visit. cheesy maybe but
  3. Re: Anyone have experience using Na2 Pt/Pd and regular Pt/Pd ?

    thanks Bob. I really should sit down with Dick Arentz's book since it's in my pile of *have to reads* haha

    While I want to stick to in camera negatives, I do see a time when I might have an image...
  4. Re: Anyone have experience using Na2 Pt/Pd and regular Pt/Pd ?

    thanks ! more reading material :)
  5. Re: Anyone have experience using Na2 Pt/Pd and regular Pt/Pd ?

    thanks Alan ! I may get the Na2 kit cuz Bostick and Sullivan can't ship Potassium Dichromate up here. Cld try and find it locally but might be easier to get the Na2 and adjust the dilution.
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    Re: Hello from Far Quebec

    Welcome to LFPF Ivana, you'll find a very accommodating and helpful community here.

    When you say northern Quebec, are we talking north like Ungava or James Bay kind of north ? ;)
  7. Anyone have experience using Na2 Pt/Pd and regular Pt/Pd ?

    I understand the Na2 is used mostly as a contrast boost, and it can be a significant increase. If I'm looking for contrast change, is it easier to control that by just adding a drop or two of Pt vs...
  8. Re: Vermonters, please chime in on Autumn color visit

    If you can squeeze more time, and thing shave loosened up by then, hop across the border into Quebec. Same beautiful scenery but your dollar will go farther. Loved driving through NH but Vermont was...
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    Re: Hello from Montreal!

    Hi from way down the T-Can and 401

    Love Mtl, home to the best bagels ! full disclosure, I'm a Fairmount Bagel superfan. and you have Argentix for darkroom supplies.
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    Re: Potassium Ferricyanide question

    thanks everyone, and thanks Merg for the Unblinkingeye's bit about Bruce Barnbaum's process, extremely helpful.
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    Potassium Ferricyanide question

    Me again.

    Been a few years since I've used potassium ferricyanide for local bleaching. I remember dabbing the print with q tips etc., and keeping a hose running nearby to clean it off, now and...
  12. Re: Which paper is closest to graded Brilliant (Guillemot version).

    hey Bob, I'm ok for now so if you still need to use the Intrepid, that's cool.
  13. Re: Which paper is closest to graded Brilliant (Guillemot version).

    thanks all. The stock I'm currently using is showing very slight bas fog so guess my next step is maybe add some benzotriazole. that or do selective bleaching on the highlight areas I want to keep...
  14. Which paper is closest to graded Brilliant (Guillemot version).

    Working on some boxes of the older Brilliant Paper (made by Guillemot) and was wondering if anyone has experience with current papers that tone the same at the Brilliant, esp the slight aubergine...
  15. Re: Traveling by Air In July: How should I handle LF Film?

    It's been a few years since I've flown with film, but when I've asked for hand inspection, they just swab the exterior and lip of the Ziplock I keep the film in. Their concern would be any residue...
  16. Re: What are these streaks on my neg - never seen before.

    used hangers way back and never seen this issue. Did the up, tilt one side, tilt other side method. very odd artifacts indeed.
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    Re: Urge of ULF Panorama

    I photograph with a 7x17 and process the film in black ABS tubes with same sized end cap. Surprisingly enough, the pour cap for the 8x10 Simma tubes fit perfectly, so it's an all daylight process....
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    Re: TF-3 Precipitate problems

    couldn't agree more with this. After years of darkroom work, I absolutely hate the smell of fixers and stop baths. TF-5 is now the only fixer I use for film and fiber.
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    Re: Lets See Your Darkroom

    anti-fatigue mats are the cat's pajamas for comfortable printing sessions. have one by my enlargers, and another by the sink.
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    Re: Lets See Your Darkroom

    Is that a 16x20 or 11x14 Brumberger safe ?
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    Re: Red & Black darkslides

    Unagi !!! mmmmm
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    Re: 5-liter Graduates for Mixing Chemistry

    I've been using plastic buckets for mixing 4 litres of Formulary 130. has a wire handle but no measurements.also use a cordless drill and paint paddle for mixing.
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    Re: HF2024,ultra large format,field camera.

    I was waiting for the camera to slip out of his grip while he was locating the qr plate receiver. but yeah, super wobbly. could have used two supports on the back to reduce the long axis sway (yaw ?)
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    Re: Dry mount pressed prints and wrinkles

    When flattening prints in my Seal, I put the print between two sheets of acid free boards, then heat. Try to stick around 200F for a minute or so. Haven't noticed any waviness along the edges.
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    Re: Tripod Head Recommendations for 4x5

    interesting head. looks like same type of dual focusers as one would find on telescopes.
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    Re: endless Bergger paper backorder...

    hmmmmm...almost same price per 8x20 sheet. should have thought of that, thanks !
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    Re: endless Bergger paper backorder...

    Wonder if silver prices plays into this as well, or if it's just Ilford prioritizing their products first, which is understandable. But it only seems like this size is hard to get. Maybe not a big...
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    endless Bergger paper backorder...

    Man it seems like Bergger 16x20 Neutral tone has been on back order since the dawn of time. Wonder what the hold up is ? Need to make some 7x17 contacts and not sure the one box of 25 sheets I have,...
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    Re: Harrison vs Wanderer 8x10 Dark Cloth

    Wondered about Wanderer cloths, but still using Harrison. Upside to Harrisons are the weight, which is also a downside when it's breezy. The Harrisons do have velcro for cinching down the elasticized...
  30. Re: Film and winter temperature swings going on location

    those chemical hand warmer packs are very useful for keeping dew off lenses. keep a couple of rubber bands on hand to secure the warmers to the lens etc.. I've never worried about dew points in the...
  31. Re: Going to Yosemite but can't take my 4x5 or 8x10. What to do?

    If weight were a major issue, gear wise, I'd probably pack my Mamiya 6 and a couple of lenses (50 and 75). Light, folding camera and very nice 6x6 negs to print from. A Hasselblad would be next....
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    Re: Sleeves for 4 x 10 negatives.

    if there's another 4x10 user up here, maybe see if they want in and split the shipping ? or contact rob skeoch (southern Ont.) as he did a project on 4x10 format. not sure if he's a member here (he...
  33. Re: Film Developing Rant and CineStill DF96 Monobath - Am I Lazy?

    same here Ari, not biggest fan of processing film but has to be done. also prefer to save $$ if I can, vs sending everything out to a lab, and Toronto Image Works has stopped processing film so...
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    Re: Cursed image - Pyrocat-M salvage

    I sometimes open the preview lever vs the shutter cocking lever. wasted 7x17 film gets expensive when I do this haha
  35. Re: The Problem with Modern Lenses.. transfered to those new to view camera image mak

    we've already had our turkey time up here so hope everyone down there has safe travels, safe gatherings with fam and friends, and lots of dark meat and gravy :) garlic smashed taters too
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    Re: Jeff Wall's New Show in Washington, DC

    I believe the growing hassle of travelling with likely hundreds, if not thousands of rolls of film became too much to deal with, hence Salgado's switch to digital afaik. Don't blame him, even in the...
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    Re: Jobo 3005 8x10 streaks on negative

    I wonder if filling the tank fully during the pre soak is what might the problem. If the chambers are full, there's not much sloshing around, which is iirc, essential to proper development. fwiw, I...
  38. Re: Presentation of Lotus View Camera 14x17 (video)

    I really like that bail back system !
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    Re: Montreal Camera Show Sunday Sept 19

    Have always been meaning to make the drive down the 401, just hated the gridlock ;) His show was west end, kinda PierreFonds ?
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    Re: Can I Keep water in a JOBO?

    If I expect to run film, I'll keep the CPP-2 filled with water for a couple of weeks. if It's going to be more than a month, I usually drain it. Every now and then I'll take the trough off and deep...
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