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  1. Re: Developing Time the cause or somethings else....

    Exposure controls density and development controls contrast, so it sounds like your 4x5 needs the dev time increase and perhaps the shutter on the Nikon is a bit slow. Try backing off the exposure on...
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    Re: Paths to Super Clean Sheet Film?

    Make sure ypou clean or replace the filters in your drying cabinet.
  3. Re: New Websitte: comments or Suggestions welcome

    See Photos button does not render the gallery, stays on home page. Good start.
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    Re: Tiny Format Portraits

    Trayvon Memorial
  5. Re: Comparison of Howtek 8000 Resolve to Epson V850

    Would it be possible to see a best rendition comparison of shadow and highlight areas?
  6. Re: Comparison of Howtek 8000 Resolve to Epson V850

    Nice. I can see the better separation in the shadows in the one with the higher contrast.
  7. Re: Questions about 4x5 film developed by local lab

    White dust (negatives) can also be due to embedded dirt during development, in particular the drying stage. In a test of several labs a couple of years ago we had difficulty finding one that kept a...
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    Re: New Mexico during Christmas

    The middle crane pond near the entrance to Bosque del Apache south of Socorro, around sunrise. Ideally with a bit of fog. There should be cranes and snow geese and several flights.

    The VLA can be...
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    Re: Trip to Huntsville AL

    If you go to Wheeler for the cranes the best times would be either sunrise before the flights to find food and evening when they return to roost in the water. They can't swim, so they'll be in the...
  10. Re: transporting a Sinar Standard/Norma 4x5 in the field

    When I transported my Horseman monorail I disassembled it and wrapped each component in a lens wrap, then everything went in a Kelty backpack. That was pretty compact and everything was well...
  11. Re: Travelers: New X-ray machines WILL ruin your film

    I agree. A sheet oriented orthogonal to the source and in the center of your baggage.

    Re sending film through the mail, why should that be assumed to be a safe mode?
  12. Re: Travelers: New X-ray machines WILL ruin your film

    Here is some reading material that might help. One article references possible use of periodic exposures in the CT slice method, which has some implications for film (stripes?). Looks like you can...
  13. Re: Clarence John Laughlin - Father of American Surrealism

    A few More books
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    Re: What is anti-Newton ring glass exactly

    Long ago in an inherited darkroom I found a bottle labeled Newt Dust. It was cornstrarch in a squeeze mustard container. The theory was that you would blow a puff of this magic dust in the air and...
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    Re: gas bubbles on negative mystery

    It does look like a scratch. There used to be a product called Edwal No Scratch that was handy for printing negs with scratches. I suppose mineral oil might be worth a try. *Looks like Freestyle...
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    Re: Photography log/database setup

    I wrote an app that was used for geotracking and this was a common challenge. We cached data for upload when connectivity was available. It was a very data intensive app and we queued many MB of data.
  17. Thread: Scarecrows

    by Jim Michael

    Re: Scarecrows

    There is a building in downtown Decatur GA that has highly reflective windows. They had problems with birds crashing into the windows so they have loudspeakers playing bird distress noises to keep...
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    Re: Photography log/database setup

    You could export your FM Pro data to a NoSQL database like MongoDB hosted on a cloud platform (AWS etc.) and use a web interface to access the information from any connected device.
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    Re: Professional Home film processing 4x5 neg

    When I ran film there was a little more to it than a processor and some chemicals. There was also process control. We would run a control strip daily and read it with a densitometer and plot the...
  20. Re: Recommendations for shipping flash equipment

    I once had an Omega D2 shipped Greyhound. It was the cheapest option at the time. Worth checking out.
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    Re: bellows factor app

    Just use f-stop inches. For an 8 inch lens (“f8”) open 1 stop at 11” (“f11”) and 2 stops at 16” (“f16”). Substitute f-stop cm as needed.
  22. Re: newb question - residue on hands after loading film

    I would think any moisture would be contained in the gloves. Do the gloves acquire a residue from handling the film holders?
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    Re: Developing Issue

    Rewash it, rinse in distilled water and see if the effect remains. If you use photoflo it doesn’t take much.
  24. Re: How Large Can I Print a 4x5 Drum-Scanned Negative Before The Resolution Degrades?

    My wife Marcia did the image wrangling on this project: so I would say "pretty large".
    One of the images is from a scan...
  25. Re: (Talk me out of) offering people at scenic tourist site to have their LF photo ta

    This might be more interesting as an art project. Maybe do a Kickstarter project to raise funds to travel to the sites and shoot, and for the book.
  26. Re: Pose/Metering/Setup + Tips on capturing children’s natural portraits using 4x5 or

    Where can you focus their interest? E.g. there is a small table between you and them, on which are toys or coloring book or ... etc. There is a window and they are on the other side. Create a set...
  27. Re: Mistaken Assumptions about Digital Negatives

    We used aluminized mylar tape for masking negatives and transparencies. Is there a difference in transmission between UV and visible light that might lead to less exposure with UV? Seems...
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    Re: On binning images

    It has been several years since I was introduced to the idea so I would have to find which software is currently popular with astrophotographers. I question the abililty to do this with scans vs...
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    Re: On binning images

    Has anyone tried the approach they use in astrophotography where multiple exposures are combined to remove the random noise?
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    Re: 6x17 Images

    OK just across the bay then (1976). The spot I recall was at the castle ruins. The map shows it spelled Oia now.
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    Re: 6x17 Images

    gcap the second reminds me of the view from Ia.
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    Re: Kodalith Ortho Type 3 2556 Film Question

    I think we used D-76 way back when. Something with metol instead of hydroquinone only.
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    Re: Printing with an inkjet

    No you are not overthinking it. If you keep your process in calibration you save paper, ink, and time.
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    Re: Light leak diagnosis help please.

    What manufacture of film holders where problem has occurred? Metal dark slides? Also is the edge fogged?
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    Re: Super Large Files to print

    In addition to the memory, which seems too low, when you say your printer supports 16 bit, have you verified that the driver you're using does as well? I.e. is the entire path 16 bit?
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    Re: Selling Prints Online

    Who supplies the physical prints? If it’s FAA you might actually make it up in volume.
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    Re: Develop 5x7 in a changing bag.

    Should work if you can control contamination and temperature. I would probably make a dark box and add some sleeves.
  38. Re: Aerials: 125-150mm sharp@ f/8 for 4x5 minimal vignetting

    Vibration tends to be a factor as well.
  39. Re: Aerials: 125-150mm sharp@ f/8 for 4x5 minimal vignetting

    Good luck and Merry Christmas.
  40. Re: Aerials: 125-150mm sharp@ f/8 for 4x5 minimal vignetting

    From the cockpit of a C172 I’ll suggest haze will be a factor for which a filter might come in handy, perhaps even some IR film. Try a red filter. For a lens you might consider a 135 Apo Sironar N,...
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