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    Re: F.64 Backpack

    I received mine a few days ago. The manual (scrap of paper) states that you can strap your tripod to the side...but the additional straps provided seem to be 2 flimsy shoulder straps. How do you...
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    Polaroid Processor

    I have just received my Polaroid Processor, and plugged it in to test. I have no film yet (camera also has yet to arrive).

    Having seen online videos it seems that the button needs a single short...
  3. Re: Polaroid Instant - Retain B&W (Prevent Sepia)


    I want to frame and hang the original print, so I don’t want to have to resort to making a duplicate. What I’ve always loved about instant film over digital is that the print in your hand is...
  4. Re: Polaroid Instant - Retain B&W (Prevent Sepia)


    Thank you. I wrote to PO, and they mentioned the Silica Gel gel too.
  5. Polaroid Instant - Retain B&W (Prevent Sepia)

    Hi there,

    Having just started my journey into Instant 8x10, I learned that B&W Instant film (notably PX Film from Polaroid Originals) will turn Sepia after some time. The clip below (1:45) notes...
  6. Re: Polaroid 8x10 film holders more expensive than lenses?

    I came upon this thread today. Although a few years old, I thought I might chime in. I came across what appears to be a site selling new holders. I am waiting to hear back from them on price.
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