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  1. Re: An imagined LED enlarger light source for 4x5 -- NEW INFO FOR TECHNICIANS

    It was not just an experiment. It worked and still works. I have it still.
  2. Re: An imagined LED enlarger light source for 4x5 -- NEW INFO FOR TECHNICIANS

    A long time ago (2004) this happened:

    It worked out great.
    I don’t find any trace of the maker on...
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    Re: Ilford FP4+ Developer Inquiry

    DDX is surely good and very convenient too. Xtol is good. Hard to go wrong with FP4 anyway.
  4. Re: EBay works Perfectly NOT! I prefer LFPF FS/WTB

    “boomer logic”?

    I’m calling BS on this.

    This has nothing to do with any kind of logic other than the mere expectation that you get what you bargained for. eBay has figured out a way to make...
  5. Re: EBay works Perfectly NOT! I prefer LFPF FS/WTB

    Sure, he had a loss. Just not in the newly constructed ebay version of law. EBay abrogated the usual laws surrounding these transactions with their terms of use. But of course with the seller in...
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    Re: Headache from Fixer Fumes?

    You might look into making or buying a vertical tank for your fix. I made one from plexiglas that worked pretty well. Its about an inch wide. Very much less surface area of fix exposed to the air....
  7. Re: Schneider Super Symmar 80mm XL status question.

    Would it seem safe to buy a clean lens and expect it to continue that way?
  8. Re: Schneider Super Symmar 80mm XL status question.

    Thank you, Oren.

    I forgot to not rely on the forum search feature and missed those threads, but I guess that means that I did correctly remember a problem with the lenses.

    So, how’s the 72...
  9. Re: Schneider Super Symmar 80mm XL status question.

    For some reason I remember talk about the XLs having a particular problem. Sounds like the occasional "schneideritis" is all it is. The one I owned was bought new and was nothing but wonderful for...
  10. Schneider Super Symmar 80mm XL status question.

    I bought one back when they were introduced and it was one of my favorites, but sold it when I quit photography as a job. Over time I have seen comments about problems with haze. Did this affect all...
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    Re: Need feedback for building DSLR scanner

    1. I don’t think you will be able to profile the camera. I’d set it to a daylight setting and provide it with as close to daylight as possible.

    A deeper light box with multiple layers of...
  12. Re: Kodak XTOL Replenished - Small Tanks - Ilford FP4

    Xtol is a great developer. I suggest you use it one shot as it seems your current processing volume does not use the 5 liters soon enough. I really liked it diluted 1:3.
  13. Re: What to get: PS, Affinity, GIMP, ON1, other?

    I’m finally taking the step to Affinity Photo. After literally decades of PS use I don’t have to use it to make money. The subscription model has made me grind my teeth since they announced it. That...
  14. Re: Hasselblad chimney as a loupe on 4x5 LF field camera.

    Corners barely clipped. Its only to let the air in and out as you focus but I have seen some that were clipped way more than needed. Th point I was making is that a big loupe or camera finder used as...
  15. Re: Hasselblad chimney as a loupe on 4x5 LF field camera.

    It is hard to get into the corners or near the edge with a big finder or loupe. I always found a small loupe to be better. A 6X 35mm loupe is my preference.
  16. Re: Warming/daylight filter with color negative film

    Don't bother with the filter and generally give it a bit more exposure than the number on the box. Maybe try 250-320 - that will help clean up the shadows whatever color temp light you are shooting...
  17. Re: Effects of B&W Rinse Waters into Septic/Drainfield Systems?

    I stopped using acid stop a long time ago. Plain water does the job. I'd have to think that an afternoon print washing would put much less chemistry into the system than say, cleaning the toilet or a...
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    Re: 11x14 experiences - please share yours

    Couple of quick questions on 11x14:

    I think there are 2 standards for film holders - one for X-ray and the other photographic - right?

    Is HP5 readily available in 11x14?

  19. Re: Moderately priced monitor - how's the Dell U2715H?

    AFAIK, mine will only do 30 hz refresh at 4K. That worries me.
  20. Re: Moderately priced monitor - how's the Dell U2715H?

    I'll run this off a MacBookPro that probably won't adequately run a 4K monitor and I'm not looking for the latest ultimate monitor, just a solid monitor at a decent price.
  21. Moderately priced monitor - how's the Dell U2715H?

    Specs seem similar (and better) to the Apple but for much less money.
    Anyone using one of...
  22. Re: Lens Test - Fujinon NW 150mm f5.6 vs Sironar-S

    You can find any focus shift (or just plain operator error in focus) by looking at other areas of the film. The scene set-up is at a slight angle to the film plane so somewhere across the film you...
  23. Re: Possibly purchasing my late friend's turn key darkroom / studio....

    Other than the real property you are buying a business that is not a business and that doesn't fit any business plan. You already have a business and a plan. So the real question here is: Can you pay...
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    Re: Grafmatic : Pros and Cons?

    If you are shooting a lot of film at one set-up Grafmatics are wonderful. Especially if you want to shoot fast as in a group portrait. Also great for walking around handheld work with your Speed...
  25. Re: Affinity Photo - a useful alternative tp Photoshop?

    They had beta versions up for a long time. The final release is only $39.99 on the App store.

    Link to App Store preview:
  26. Affinity Photo - a useful alternative to Photoshop?

    Affinity Photo seems like it might be a good alternative to Photoshop. I tried various beta versions and was favorably impressed. I'm not sure as I have not done exhaustive testing but I think it may...
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    Poll: Re: Member forum browsing practices

    Not enough choices in the poll for me.

    I clicked Unified View but that is spread across laptop, pad and phone at any given time. I don't use Tapatalk, because I can still use mobile browsers -...
  28. Re: help needed editing sky separately from the ground

    Old school:

    Select the sky, feather a few pixels, save that selection, copy and paste in a new layer. Use the eraser tool set to a weak value and smallish brush size. Hide the background layer....
  29. Re: Where to Have lens board hole mistake fixed?

    I might be able to help you. Please post a picture of the board.
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    Re: Shooting 4x5 for an architect.

    Finished work.
  31. Re: Copyright - Book with writing & photos (US)

    This subject comes up every year or so on most any given photo forum. Generally the information disseminated is partially correct at best and often, just plain wrong. This thread is no exception. If...
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    Re: Custom machining/threading


    I can probably help you with this.
    PM me and we can discuss.

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    Re: PhotoShop - time to upgrade

    Is there something wrong with your current version?
    (pretty sure not)
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    Re: LF Clarification

    This must be a good decision since more than a few people are stirred up by it.

    It seems a good job of cutting the pie. Some like more crust, some like more filling. And with this new definition...
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    Re: How to clean the plate on seal press

    Probably should always do this anyway.
  36. Re: How to pull develop 2 stops out of C41 film

    It will almost certainly be fine with normal processing. Of all the color films you could have picked, this one is the most accommodating of over exposure. In the past I've shot boxes and boxes of...
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    Re: Help help drowning in mac land

    Is this is one of the blue and translucent versions?
    As written, find a Mac system 9 start-up or boot CD and it will start from that.

    As for the cable, it should have multiple connectors on it to...
  38. Re: Expense and depreciation tracking software?

    Works like what its called.

    You can categorize everything and generate reports.
    Totally simple.
  39. Re: Flange Size for C.P. Goerz Am. Opt. Co. K11

    24 t.p.i. is probably correct. The thing to watch for is how much the threads are worn from use along with how close they were cut to any standard when the piece was made. For a short length of...
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    Re: PicsaStock?


    In the time it took you to think about and write this post you went backwards financially.
    And it won't get any better if you put further effort into this market.
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