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    This is how I work as well.
  2. Re: Should Kodak/Fuji rethink color sheet film for room temp processing?

    Kodak, last I heard, wasn't in the film business anymore. Who owns the gigantic film coating line in Rochester these days? Anyone know? Oren?

    And why don't you think it's a supply problem? Kodak,...
  3. Re: Should Kodak/Fuji rethink color sheet film for room temp processing?

    There hasn't been any R&D done in film, chemical processing, or darkroom printing in decades. I don't think you're going to see any now. Especially not from Kodak, which isn't really in the business...
  4. Re: Should Kodak/Fuji rethink color sheet film for room temp processing?

    You know of a camera with a 5x4 sensor that allows separate manipulation of lens and sensor planes? Please, tell us. I would love such a camera.
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    Re: dilution for highlights

    Not the same result, no. But very similar. Vaughn is right -- the dilution of the sodium sulfite will give you somewhat sharper grain, which in turn might look like slightly more grain, but is not....
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    Re: B&W nature/landscape photography books

    The B&W landscape book for me is Adams' Yosemite and the Range of Light. It's the book that got me into this LF mess in the first place. Second place for me is probably Sexton's Quiet Light.

  7. Re: New here, new to LF, strongly considering a Wista

    One of the most striking (to me) differences between LF and smaller formats is that in smaller formats the lens plane and the film plane are rigidly connected and held parallel. This frees up a bunch...
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    Re: They say to start with 4x5, but...

    In your post #17 above, in response to Bernice Loui's question "Why view camera sheet film, Why 8x10?" you responded: resolution. Without quotes. So I took you at your word.

    Sorry about that. I...
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    Re: They say to start with 4x5, but...

    There's way more to image quality than just simple resolution. But you seem to want just simple resolution. OK, but if that's all you want you're barking up the wrong tree. A cheap digicam and a good...
  10. Re: Scientific reason why some developers causes decrease film speed

    It would take a book to explain it. Fortunately, that book has been written. It's called The Film Developing Cookbook by Anchell and Troop.
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    Re: Strange black blur spots on 4x5 320 Trix

    Dark spots on a positive (print) are caused by light spots on the negative. This usually indicates a lack of exposure. And this usually indicates dust blocking the light from the lens. If the spots...
  12. Re: Precision and Accuracy in LF Photography: How much is enough?

    Accuracy and precision are two different concepts -- they are not synonyms for each other. First thing you have to do in any discussion is to agree how to define your terms. Otherwise, your...
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    Re: Reversal vs negative

    Add to the cons:

    * Very small dynamic range compared to negatives.
    * Very high Dmax which makes scanning difficult.
    * trannies may be WYSIWYG, but WYS isn't as color accurate as negative films...
  14. Re: Now e-Bay wants my SSN and bank account info . . .???

    It's about identity theft. Time for you to get physical token like a Yubikey and use two-factor authentication. That and a password manager might help you mitigate the effects of the constant phising...
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    Re: Need More LIGHT: Should I start PUSHING?

    Many people making the transition from small formats to larger formats feel like this. But the science doesn't back them up. Exposure is exposure and is not format dependent.

    The problem with...
  16. Re: the thread for Kodak XTOL quality control issues

    Excellent -- I missed that bit. Well, OK, I haven't been paying that much attention. I'm glad you were. And please do correct the history -- I'd like to know the complete and correct history myself,...
  17. Re: the thread for Kodak XTOL quality control issues

    Um... this is photography, yes? Kodak got out of that business back in 2011, because of its bankruptcy. I think they still do motion picture stuff, but consumer photography got sold to a Brit firm...
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    Re: T-Grain Developers

    Years ago I exchanged a few emails with Silvia Zawadski and Dick Dickerson of KODAK, who were the inventors of XTOL. They told me that they created it using TMX and TMY in rotary processors...
  19. Re: developing with x-tol - agitation and Films

    Same here.

    Years ago I exchanged some emails with Silvia Zawadski and Dick Dickerson (creators of XTOL for Kodak). They said they created XTOL using a Jobo rotary processor; that it's...
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    Re: Metering Technique...any problems here?

    Yep. This. Exactly this.
  21. Re: Diffraction. When does it really matter with LF?

    Everything in LF is a trade off. If you open up too far you have shallow DOF. If you stop down too far you soften the image through diffraction. Etc. The bottom line as you'll find eventually, is to...
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    Re: Water seal for jobo 3010

    It's not as hard as you might think -- the drill bit is hard, the plastic isn't, the bit is small in diameter, and there's no serious need of accuracy. A few degrees off plumb won't matter much. And...
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    Re: Water seal for jobo 3010

    If the crack continues to propagate (it probably will), you can probably stop if from growing by drilling a small hole (small as in a millimeter in diameter or so; bigger won't make it work better...
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    Re: Reciprocity and reducing development

    Yes, and this is probably the case for the vast majority of exposures. People tend to think that a given exposure is either in reciprocity failure or not. In reality that's hardly ever the case....
  25. Re: What small lightweight lens for 4x5 backpacking?

    Kerry Thalmann was our resident expert in lightweight LFP kit, especially for hiking. He's still keeping his old website up, but it hasn't been updated in quite a while (a couple of decades?). That...
  26. Re: Disasterous Consequences

    No, not really. Sorry.

    OTOH, you got your first lesson in LF -- the ground glass does not lie. It took me a lot longer than my first trip to fully, viscerally, understand that. Once I latched hold...
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    Re: Tri-X Reciprocity Failure

    I found for my landscape work in 5x4 with Tri-X that I routinely had exposures around 1/4s. This meant with Tri-X that I was right on the edge of reciprocity failure in my shadows (Zone III). Try as...
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    Re: Shot abandonment

    Because... snowmelt! That had to be cold. I hope you were wearing a good jacket with a hood.
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    Re: Shot abandonment

    One of my primary rules is "look at what everyone else is looking at, then turn around and look directly behind you." It's amazing what else is around -- interesting scenes seldom occur in isolation...
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    Re: Shot abandonment

    Feh. I stand corrected.

    My wife reminded me of a shot I abandoned after pulling the dark slide. I was in the middle of a river. Found a rock with room for me and my tripod and not much else, so...
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    Re: Shot abandonment

    Interesting question. You do have an insightful streak ;-)

    I've abandoned many setups. But I don't think I've abandoned even one where I've inserted a film holder in the camera. If I abandoned a...
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    Re: Why not a rangefinder?

    What view cameras give you that smaller formats don't is the bellows between the lens plane and the film plane. So you can move the lens separately from the film, utilizing what are generally called...
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    Re: Light Streak

    Looks like lens flare to me.
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    Re: Resolution Comparison Between Films?

    Well, you did ask for an opinion. Here's mine. In LF, it just doesn't matter. That's one of the major reasons to move up to LF.

    One of the things you get by moving to LF is the considerably...
  35. Re: Are the higher shutter speeds on large format lenses always off?

    Yes. But it doesn't matter that much since you typically can't use those shutter speeds much anyway. In the decade I kept track of such things I only used a 1/125 speed once or twice. Nothing faster....
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    Re: 4x5 Starter Lens

    I recommend that your first lens be a 150mm, a "normal" lens. Yes, yes, yes, I know you didn't even own such a lens in 135 format. But this isn't 135 format. With LF you have separated the film plane...
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    Re: Which lens would you choose?

    If it had to be one of these, the Apo Artar.

    When I was faced with this choice, I bought a coated Fujinon-A 240mm f/9 (inside writing?). The second lens I ever bought, and it remains one of my...
  38. Re: Problem obtaining adequate depth of field with field camera

    Exactly this.

    There are learning curves associated with learning camera movements. Initially it can be frustrating, but at some point most of us have an "aha moment" where it all clicks together....
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    Re: Changing bags and dust

    Par for the course I think. Dust is the enemy we can't defeat. All we can hope for is to diminish it.

    My prep for road trips used to include cleaning my Harrison -- I'd take the Harrison into my...
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    Re: Do we need the mylar?

    I don't have a good idea of how exactly you are scanning, so I can't comment on that. And I don't have any idea of your background, so I'm going to assume you aren't a drum scanner operator. If I'm...
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