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  1. Re: Epson has printers with a 'spectroproofer'. Gimmick?

    The SpectroProofer is used in prepress work to insure color accuracy and repeatability. It is not used in printing photos. It will not replace a densitometer and it can’t be used for profiling the...
  2. Re: importing big files into Adobe lightroom?

    Lightroom has this feature already. They are called Smart Previews.
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    Re: ULF Walk-in Camera?

    When I was teaching at a university, I had a student use a box that a large refrigerator/freezer is shipped in to make a pinhole camera. Two people could stand in the camera during taking the photo,...
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    Re: Viewfinder for shooting LF and ULF

    I use Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder for my iPhone. Custom focal lengths and any format can be setup in the app. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
  5. Re: Need To Update Editing Software...Suggestions?

    Link to CS2 from Adobe,

    Be sure to read the warning from Adobe concerning hardware, OS requirements and...
  6. Re: Need To Update Editing Software...Suggestions?

    I don’t think you understand how Lightroom Classic CC works. When you quit paying the month to month (or annual fee) only several things quit working. The Map Module no longer works, because Adobe...
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    Re: Epson SC-P800 & Epson Print Layout

    I have a P7000 and the leading edge requires a minimum of .55 inches. Some of the standard preset sizes have an option for centering the image on a sheet. If using rolls, there is no centering...
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    Re: strange lens phenonomen

    Probably this,
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    Re: I'm looking for a Sinar F2

    Sorry, almost all email systems are 25MB and most major ones are upwards of 50MB. Outlook is the only major email that is still at 10MB. I’m on a Mac/iCloud and my limit is 50MB. It could also be...
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    Re: Printing with an inkjet

    The best I’ve ever read is The Digital Print by Jeff Schewe. He’s also a regular on the Luminous Landscape site.
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    Re: Selling Prints Online

    I use all sorts of cameras, including 4x5 and various digital models (Canon) even iPhones. The majority of my sales are from digital files from various Canon models. However, I’ve sold several images...
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    Re: Selling Prints Online

    FAA makes the prints and will do the fulfillment or ship the product to the photographer to inspect and deliver/ship. The photographer sets the price. The photographer sets the sizes of prints...
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    Re: Selling Prints Online

    I did an experiment several years ago and posted 600 images on the site. I posted all of them within about 30 days and then posted no more. It took about 6 months for the first sale and since then...
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    Re: Selling Prints Online

    I make on average about $300 to $400 a month on FAA.
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    Re: LFP group in Central Florida

    I'm in Clearwater and would be interested.
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    Re: Post Navy Retirement Trip

    Just an FYI, Yellowstone is closed from early November to mid December, except the North entrance (Gardiner, MT/Mammouth Hot Springs). The Mammouth Hotel is scheduled to be closed at that time for...
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    Re: Capture One for working on scanned images

    Photoshop CC will handle 300,000 x300,000 pixels. I doubt your file size is the issue. It’s more likely your computer/hardware issue.
  18. Re: Photo Apps for Smartphones and Impact of Operating System Upgrades

    Making the title generic enough, that someone else can use it in the future for a related issue.

    I have an Apple iPhone, and the migration to iOS 11 has left a number of valuable photo apps no...
  19. Re: LF Photographers in the Central Florida Area

    I'm game for up coming shots and will make what I can. I'm busy November 12/13 and 19/20, teaching workshops. But I'm available weekends before that. I'm good with Sunday, November 6, just name a...
  20. Re: Large Format Photography Collective donation

    It only costs about $500 USD (attorney's fees) to become a 501(c)3 and be able to offer tax deductions to those with eligible deductions. This is only about 1% of the total you've raised for the...
  21. Re: Large Format Photography Collective donation

    No offense intended, but everything on the website for the group you reference is at least 3 to 5 years old. Nothing references the "Jay Dusard Weekend." I'm sorry, but before I contribute or ask...
  22. Re: LF Photographers in the Central Florida Area

    CIrcle B is better in the winter. It's kinda slow until December. It's a lot of walking and no facilities except at the nature center. Have you considered Myakka State Park? Much less walking (more...
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    Re: Lightning on LF - How?

    I live in Tampa (Clearwater) and shot lightning all the time. The two spots I have the best success with, is the shelters at Safety Harbor Marina and the Surf Style parking garage on Clearwater...
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